Master Sgt. Israel Del Toro Jr Inspires With Emotional Speech at Invictus Games Opening Ceremony

Del Toro, who overcame third-degree burns on more than 80 percent of his body, will compete in powerlifting and cycling.
13:08 | 05/09/16

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Transcript for Master Sgt. Israel Del Toro Jr Inspires With Emotional Speech at Invictus Games Opening Ceremony
The stories you're about to hear. Embodied that true meaning. Of in victims. It gives me great pleasure to introduce one of the faces of the games. Master sergeant Israel del Toro doing now. Strength faith. There. And I always take care family. These are words I live. These are words semi day it gave me. When I signed up for the air force. House when it do. I had already helped raise my Brothers sisters. Faster it moves in my parents at a young age. I found that I loved much. In the military. I went to Bosnia. Racked. Korea. And bitterly. I finally Sadr family. My own. A son. My own. At this point I made a promise to my son. That always be there for him. I got my orders through Afghanistan. And I told my wife. As you gave an ultimatum. I had to get out. Or we were over. There wasn't the cause serious name detective. Those calls always. That our lab mice grope about as bad. But yet here is abrupt turn three. And Merrill maybe it months out of his life. She's did understand. Why I want news they did. So I headed off to Afghanistan. And today I got hurt house what Mike Jamie. We are on our way to pick out the rest of my team. And we crossed a street. And I felt his intent he blasts come a love side. And I realize. I just got hit. When I got hit. I thought in my family. Me or my wife. We're finally good to get married after our third attempts. By the church. We're gonna go honeymoon in Greece. House teach my boys how to play ball. Something clicks. And I got on the truck. But when I got out towels on fire from had to tell. I try to rob to create. But the flames overtook me. And I collapsed. And I laid there thank you. I broke my promise. To my son. But that's on the LC held me up and we both jumped decree. But my job that has stopped there. Because when I got head. My teammate they were gonna pick up. Got caught in the crossfire. And they're asking for help. They're calling for gun Slinger. Which is me. My call sign. So how to do my job. But what time I got done with the last transmission. House getting tired. And I want to sleep. I had a hard time breathing. I told Bailey my my medic. That I just lot of rust. But my teammates knew if they let me Rask has battled the injured as I was. I most likely were not gonna wake up again. But the way they kept me away. Lester in my every. My son. And it worked. It get me up until the medevac came. And they wanted to move to the helicopter. That's not. I walked into this fight. Someone a walked out. The rebels a little hurt and was at a makeshift. Now it's December 4 2005. I wake up. March of 2006. I was in a coma for months. Today after managing. My wife was notified. Not ever did. My commander harder. And total what had happened to me. But her visa had expired. As yet have forgotten how to get to the states. She called the embassy there Mexico. And they told her there's nothing we can do for you. Which is don't like teammates what had happened here at the embassy. Theory would have hoped for and get her bomb my side when I arrived at the hospital. Even those who got to the states. She had no money. Joni had a hundred dollars in her pocket. She could and access their bank accounts. Just didn't have the card. She and have a Social Security number. English wasn't her first language. Janet lever family. And from vice. And daycare with strangers. The the choice is Carmen had to make up on behalf. Leg amputated my fingers. And other medical decisions. Or hard on her. Where she gave me gee all tomato. She's gonna realize why are want to stay he had. But when I got hurt. She understood. At this point Carmen realize. The military's the family. As you is never left alone. They had her back. The head and my son's back. Once I looked like home. The doctors told me. Told Michael told me that my prognosis was grim. Third degree burns on 80% of my body. 50%. Chance to live. Almost three times. How is still got to be the hospital for another year and a half. Potter wrote a walk again. Be on a respirator for the rest of my lives. And my military career was over. But the box wanted to see. What oath does day. But I very much Toto. That you go to hell. From that day I can't push it. Throughout my recovery. Palace code when I was in a coma. A special guest. President Bush. Had come a visit me. We're near as valid work as I am. This video live. So you'll get an infection I just did. They keep the rule at a 97 degree temperature at all time. And that it when it comes. Has to be covered from head to toe. House so that the president stood in my room talking to me for twenty minutes. He stood there are no. Longer to sound Myer family members did. And he comforted in my life. And its badness. Has that there will be okay. Throughout my concern me. Throughout my journey I never wished. I'd died. That never crossed my mind. Until my darkest hour. When I saw my face. For to first time. I was scared. That if I thought I was a monster. What will my son. Think. At that point I want it. But dairy. My therapist. Always use. Like trust me DT. Lawyer border watched. His just. And two months later. I left the hospital. Won't keep him breathing on my own. I got to go home. And see in my family. But especially. My son. And I walked into the house. I see my family. My teammates. And my wife cost of my son. Because brought it out. That all of a sudden stops. And that fear. Them oversaw what's going to be afraid of me comes rushing back to my head. But he joke just head. And looks at me. That's just copy. I think yeah. And he runs up to me. I gives me the most amazing. Have ever had of my life. They care who is right. All my cell one it. Was as bad. And his bit hard on me. But as some ways it's bit harder my family of but. That is serious threat at what has been injured. I beat the odds. Are like so many others. That is only possible because I have hundreds of people. Who rallied around me and supported me. Like my teammates. Out in the field. Like the medical staff the surge is the fair because. My teammates are raw lead them around my family. And bill. My amazing life. And side. And because of the support. I've been a brutal to conquer all of these obstacles. Like did lead to there'd be an ex Aaron reborn. From these ashes. And d.s plan have made me stronger. Don't stay strong. And finished strong at number the way.

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{"duration":"13:08","description":"Del Toro, who overcame third-degree burns on more than 80 percent of his body, will compete in powerlifting and cycling.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"38986968","title":"Master Sgt. Israel Del Toro Jr Inspires With Emotional Speech at Invictus Games Opening Ceremony","url":"/US/video/master-sgt-israel-del-toro-jr-inspires-emotional-38986968"}