The Policies: Representatives Nancy Mace and Marilyn Strickland

Representatives Nancy Mace and Marilyn Strickland reflect on the racial reckoning in America. Plus, the congresswomen express their different views on gun violence and immigration.
7:20 | 04/14/21

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Transcript for The Policies: Representatives Nancy Mace and Marilyn Strickland
Our senior congressional correspondent Rachel Scott has the ladies when Rachel. George good morning the house is now gearing to pass this package. Stepping into the role of congressional correspondent. Yeah yeah. And being the youngest to do that security be seen Rachel Scott ABC news Capitol Hill. And in describe of the. Tell me about your last 100 hours. The last limiting hours. Cream. And bouncing around watching. He's seen. Over to the US Mexico border and asks I look up this morning in Texas now we're ending the day here but it has been hearing loss in 100 hours. Yeah. On the very first flight at headed to Washington State today when he was spent some time in the district of congresswoman Marilyn Strickland hundred. A little if this morning. Some kind it. But I'm here I'm on. Here this is your that it was this say. West and east Tacoma on. In almost spring day. Peter. Yeah. Yeah. Lot of people that I know are here especially African Americans and it Americans. Because of the military lot of my friends I grew up with three of their black cap and me is lacking for me in black German or some black and it was you know something yes but some combination of something. These are like two of my dearest friends they're taking a look at I have a very very deep history and mothers meant when they were at the bus stop. And her mother starts speaking to my mother in Japanese and because my mother learned it when she was at she answered the conversations. Over bankrupt. And for fifty years. It. For. So Erie district stretches from the city and now we're in Trenton black rage. And we're here and see Billy frank junior national wildlife refuge in just a really nice hurt and the tenth congressional district in Washington State. It's beautiful color here it is it's gorgeous and it's even more gorgeous when you know the trees are fully leaned in everything that's really nice. So much of our our conversations have been focused on the Asian American community in recent months seeing this uptick. In racial violence. Do you feel like Asian American community has the last out of the conversation. About racial justice and equality. Still I would say they when people think about racial justice and they think about hate crimes. The Asian American community doesn't always come top of mind. It's happening right now across America fear and anxiety. Heinous and brutal attacks against Asian Americans what's really being done to stop and. Where were you win here you found out about this shooting in Atlanta. I was at home because it happened on Tuesday evening I think I just got something over my new CE. But deadly shooting spree at three Scott as he made people were killed another here's the attacks may have targeted the Asian community who. EC so fun now can we go again in America gun violence and what I worry about you worried that gun violence and mass shootings have become so commonplace network known them today. And that brings concern about reform do. For a lot of Americans it feels like we go through this cycle including Iran and over again where it's a mass shooting and we have this conversation about gun violence and gun reform but we actually don't get anywhere well here's a deal Fossum players aren't gonna cut it anymore because there are more guns in America than there are people. And so having background check to doing common sense gun background checks. It's not taking anyone's rights away that it may help prevent someone who shouldn't have again from getting. Congresswoman you are the first female graduate of the citadel in. And that the cool thing for me today was missing all the other women that are on this campus. Think about when you're here. It's pretty amazing three years ago this man has and I graduated from the citadel and this actually the first time I've been back on campus since I was born and congrats. I do I ask you about gun violence and he has you're just on the heels. I think less than 48 hours how we're there was a shooting. Not too far from here in rock count. How do you address. Backs gun violence in this country. When were talking about gun control these issues when you actually kill black and you read the legislation. Oftentimes it actually would never have prevented the violence is intended to you learn that most states. All other information on criminals their databases are all over the place. There's not a single. Database we can go look up some of criminal record whether it's this state law enforcement division counties municipalities or assistant state troopers. You name it they don't talk to child if just 20/20 when he shouldn't have to. Wait three days to find out excellently with participants for the find out in the next. And what they're not very good team president Joseph Biden wants the ban all us out Michaels is that the answer other's gonna pick up a different kind of rifle. Realistically. Is it something that can be done the beacon incrementally make those changes that would make it small changes can make a huge difference in this conversation. As one side or the other there's there's a lack. A common sense and conference. List of priorities for you were in the month of march we're nearing eight let what are the priorities for you in the next couple of weeks. In the last few weeks you know we had passed landmark legislation we pass the American rescue plan. We passed deep throw out. Which protects people's right to organize form unions he passed immigration laws that allow dreamers to become citizens and allow foreign workers to citizenship. We passed and violence against women and so there's so much work that we're doing it as much needed. And the 170 congress is going to be very very assertive in trying to roll out legislation because we know where people are looking to us because. You want in the order and a high school drop. Today. And you elected representatives crazy rain and it sent crazy I have a hard time believing that. I came from that spot so dark and a hat and hope for the future. And look at wearing today and it's it's incredible. Coming up. Looking ahead to the future. Decades on the line what do you hope that your legacy. Is going to be what did these women Lindsay do next.

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{"duration":"7:20","description":"Representatives Nancy Mace and Marilyn Strickland reflect on the racial reckoning in America. Plus, the congresswomen express their different views on gun violence and immigration. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77053435","title":"The Policies: Representatives Nancy Mace and Marilyn Strickland","url":"/US/video/policies-representatives-nancy-mace-marilyn-strickland-77053435"}