Pope Francis Parades Through Crowds Ahead of Canonization Mass

ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports from Washington, D.C. as the Pope makes his way to the Basilica of the National Shrine for mass.
15:07 | 09/23/15

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Transcript for Pope Francis Parades Through Crowds Ahead of Canonization Mass
This is Kenneth voting with the ABC news reporting. Live from the basilica. National shrine. Of the immaculate conception right now we are waiting for the arrival hopefully it's. Canonization. Verse here. In the United States here right now it is the humanity. And me behind me here. And the open we can. He. There are. The that he should warn folks. That's going to be a little picked that they'll typically stand. And this signal Rick there are so many people here everyone is either got their cellphones in the year they're raising them. India picture that Mets are signaled. By. Hopefully the role that speculation you can see there are a lot of people here were ready to worse. At a very busy day Heidi. Parade the first papal parade. White House that would Obama this morning. And that's where time people were able to see him. Up close and personal lives of children you can hope bill. I should also met him. On this campus right now university. We understand he. Picture and writing them. Yacht. 500 and we understand and now he is transitioning to the Pope bill. We are where he well. On the facts of the basilica. Where he all's oh. At the canonization. And this. Air eighteenth century. With with. To areas of California. With some. And we're seeing your along route. From may oh. Bill. Which are doing right now in here we'd equipment. Why can't we can't wait so excited. Where you on the river this morning at this does your searching there right here first breast humming again what does that mean for you to. You can see programs then and it's in math so excited just does not suspected. Week thank you so much a lot of dues bombs then I know that I'm through to them as well a lot of people around here. Are feeling those response as we wait war broke France's any moment now we are expecting. Want to see him. Weeks and doesn't hear cheers and you'll look at they'll catch a glimpse of them. I'm on the television screen because there's cameras all around the Catholic university. On and we do understand that he is on the move. Right now. Right now. You're able to see this as beautiful beautiful scene of. And we are looking at Polk France's. And that the probe agree on that Jeep Wrangler I'm gonna try to also get a better view. But to try to see the Pope so many people are literally. Upon the they're tippy toes here trying to get the best view it's possible. CD hope. Frances. As we said he isn't moments away from entering this. Open yard and I know we have a look at him right now IV and waving to the crowd. It would be a surprise if we see the program about. Areas if Wi fi and now I can see you guys. And we wouldn't get the prods Wi fi pic of a child or to blast them through thought and do this morning during his first papal parade in the US. Believe it here. To the basilica. At the national shrine of the immaculate conception. We hear the sounds we hear that the crowds as cheering at the Pope around the corner there. The Pope was able to get a little rats. In the past couple of hours or so after a very busy morning at the White House and then get that prayer service with. Doesn't that bishops. We understand the Pope that she gonna do this. Perimeter here lasting one trying to chat with someone who wound as we watch this scene of Pope France's come around to and I asked him what's your name. Carolyn Carolyn Carolyn tell me. Write it up. It's really exciting. Very exciting from it I want to wait in line for this moment. Hours we got here at 1030. What do you think about who think he's an inspiration. I really think he has. What is he doing for the Catholic church and people in your face I think he went he does is he. He gets such a good and welcoming and warm. Impression. For the everybody in the Catholic to act. You really and let me ask you meant that I think you're itching to say something but it come up there with everybody it's got a standing up on but wherever they can stand to get the best you. You possible. Does this close friends around your senior. Wouldn't it he announced that I think if that means that me. That moment one mean. Inaudible. You've been the Jon hood. Job. Everything you're gonna see a I never thought I'd add that up what's in it again have to make it that day. We'll let it today and you're getting to people who. The first and so much I appreciated evidently get down and try to get closer myself that the so many people where their cameras and their thing in the air. At the Pope makes its way. And there is. And it's easy the Pope with doing by the crown. The Mets and myself to when he didn't break through. And there is. Everyone is yelling right now. It's years that he smiles and he sees the plot at least in these pilgrims who came from all over. Everyone has their camera without this also just trying to take in this moment. If the obviously. Just a large security presence around in the hope. At this moment it looks like the scene there. From saint. Swear. Like we're in the Vatican but we're right here in Washington DC and our nation's capital where Pope France's. It's making its first visit to the US and he is really making a mark. If he filming hit Iraqi People were hesitant to monologue. The parade route to see Pope Francis. They didn't want to stand where they were and get that quick glimpse they won a little bit longer. Everyone who came in here had to go through intense security and to checkpoints and have ticket. But I can tell you that there are more than 20000 people here on ticket holders but they're also people and students from Catholic university. There are people bishops here there are people from all over the country. Who. We're here for the folks refers math and you. Right now he is nearing the end that it is. Parade route here on the campus of Catholic university to tell -- the basilica. He has rounded the well hey there and he will go through we understand a side door to the basilica. And have another moments. It seems that I'm walking down right now because the crowd of actually. Gathering under the programs actually backing out maybe they make. I make another round. And it looked like they are making another round I'm gonna get my spot on the fence here. Every day of and a Coke brands a stunning. There is everyone. Leader of the Catholic Church. Going right by being. Waving. Catching the eyes of many of the people. Live lined the metal barrier hits as the year. Giving these folks want a more. One more Pope mobile around here. There are literally people. Running. With the Pope Francis. I think years and some of these guys. Are that this is the beer every series moment. Note this. Pithy yet more political. As he met with President Obama and talked about climate change and poverty. And religious freedom. And what needed to be done politically. But this has more passable this is more spiritual this is for the Catholics that the School of Law. This math here at this moment that he goes around. And made people take pictures. That that floor then that this war. Their faith. And at the time that they've given to the church and to god. And so we know that there are one million Catholics in this area 76 million and the U last. This man broke France's. If the leader. Of more than a billion Catholics across the world. This moment will be similar to the ones that will play and New York City and in Philadelphia when mass. Will be held in those cities as well so we expect to be the same things throughout the week. As we see this again for your humanity and BofA. So many coming now see the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. So again at that this cannot vote reporting. From the basilica. The nationals. At the national shrine of the immaculate conception. And we have assisting them momentous historic. Scenes here. Where I am actually a total of at all whether. With the pilgrims but Baghdad like. With the gavel it then dressed in uniform. Active duty coast some students console boat soon to pay. That the thing the pro I would dare say there are some people were not godly fear. I just want to see this. Bathing religious figure who had really transformed. The largest Christian. Bateman a leader of the large recently. In this world and so the Pope right now. It's still pounding. Is buried our large campus here at the Velika house the basilica you'll math. That's. It time right now and that's actually not that to start for another fifteen to twenty minutes or so and we know that. Dual lasts for about an hour and a half. Again that I can't motivational happen with of but growth at a it Franciscan friar from eighteenth century. Who with credit where ringing. Consultants to California to many parts of California and so it will go a little controversial that is the scene. But ultimately wanted to church that this. But France's especially to do it here. In the US was the right. So. Obviously that discussion will continue to play out. But this is the moment this today that's what's that many people lords paid me as an alternate to the weather the weather is beautiful today. From we have seventy. I'm nearly 80 degree weather this morning little chillier sixty degree. But we've got a nice breeze going but that's unveiled their right. Bill good especially when you think about the occasion that we're at right now. I'm sunshine. Bill spiritual about it. It feels really warm it was really welcoming and I'm Ed under the cap may put together welcome me that I really appreciated. That's made it right now with them them I say F you a few thousand of my friends. Look and won't you figure from Niger I got to of the high dew melon and as you look at the Pope get out of the probe of bill right now. Just saw him what you saw. At the I'm as I can tell them it's. Just that I got that he can't. Possible I know would mark the mayor can make it a crybaby here I'm grateful. I thank god. We're talking about mother Mary early god ragged and when you see when you stand here and you see the and you know the first time the first Pope from the Americans apart at the the first time in the US what goes through. All I'm sure you I'm I think I think. With that that Slovenia while everyone in this country it's fourth the and they deal. Because it would end to all things though as the peak year. Thank you so much have to ask you as we thought the vote with smiling and waving again I'm be walking through that I do with the with Velika. He loves being here do you del sol. Whole. Host of the what I. Thought that he in. So many thoughts about the boo you know I mean negative views. United America because they represent them what they the opposite of what he represents that humble nature. But one thing. I think you the very odd that an individual and you don't want with judgment though he won but the it would. Com meats which. The points whereby we can all lead to. Peaceful walls. If there. Thank you so much for talk. In Timmy I really appreciated and folks this is just been an incredible moment for me for the thousands. Pilgrims who have come here to see Pope Francis this. There transformative and religious figure and I'm gonna take some of this and I wolf tell you that we will have the full. I candidates in mass right here and abcnews.com. So please stick with us. Because this is something you don't want to mess is doubt but with ABC news reported here at the basilica.

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{"duration":"15:07","description":"ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports from Washington, D.C. as the Pope makes his way to the Basilica of the National Shrine for mass.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"33988680","title":"Pope Francis Parades Through Crowds Ahead of Canonization Mass","url":"/US/video/pope-francis-parades-crowds-ahead-canonization-mass-33988680"}