Rebirth of drive-in movie theaters

ABC News’ David Wright reports on the comeback of a slice of vintage Americana, the drive-in movie, and how social distancing is creating a new demand for the venue.
6:39 | 05/16/20

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Transcript for Rebirth of drive-in movie theaters
Remember those big screens outdoors of 125 cars pulled into the stardust drive in movie theater east of Nashville Tennessee is it was transformed. Into a full on concert by country superstar. Keith Urban the special performance was from doctors nurses and other emergency medical workers from the nearby Vanderbilt University Medical Center. All able to enjoy a night out. A safe distance from their cars or pickup truck. This is a trend we've been seeing a lot more of the all but extinct drying and now making a major comeback due to social distancing measures. And not just for concerts are David Wright has more. Did go to Texas ducks drive then recently featured a rom com parent how. Unique to these troubled times a classic girl meets girl story. Except for a major plot twist on the way to the altar. And sent home to rotavirus forced brio Lindsay to cancel their wedding plans. This was planned bitty. The guests quarantined in their cars just before sunset social distancing. Meant neither the father nor the mother of the bride could walk her down the Ohio. Yeah. But they could be there in person you are here together today. In front of the people that love you most. Saying yes to each others gathered safely along with hundreds of friends and family watching on the big screen as well as smaller screens at home. We were able do you do we get our likes being her people that an eight or its grammar he. Ladies. Seal your lip balance with a kiss celebration. Complete with its own noise maker. We're really sweet lemonade out us really brought. In the fifties there were more than 4000. Drive in theaters across the country now there are fewer than 400 left. The drive ins are having a bit of a revival right now the perfect balance between the wish for people to gather together. And the need for his social distance these relics of the baby boom era I'm. This means so much to me in the car crazy cultures celebrated in movies like Greece and American graffiti. Are enjoying a Renaissance if I tried it George screen of the crash you know as Indians. They keep part of mentioned Ali the pandemic is bringing us back to the future. The novelty of the drive right but as Marty live flies discovered. Space time continuum as a way of circling back great Scott. There are new drives and it's popping up you did show back to the future and there's a Delorean parked there. That you shouldn't somebody rock up in the glory. Unfortunately. Doc brown. And Marty were not there. But there was a local car car club that I invited to to come out and one of the members out of glory and source says pay cut now what do you'd about spot he says. Well I just hope their let me end I did due to anybody who turns away a Delorean from back in the future. Fired yeah. Impresario Michael Silver built his in Pensacola Florida he's an event planner there are spring break is usually big business for him. So when the pandemic capping all my guys who are seasonal workers and and the business who's a seasonal business. Who have been waiting you know since our last season for the new season. When educator and there was one day when we lost a lot of say close to 200000 dollars in contracts. And wow okay. Even after he got the idea to open a drive and it took some convincing movie theaters can't exactly claim to be essential businesses. Finally got the local fairgrounds on board. To less host the event there we've posted the event and we sold out our first week. Of showings. In advance which starts that was twelve showings in my career promoting I've never Sola that many shows in advance or really. At all. All. They were really hungry for someone to do the rest he and his team. Built from scratch we called windows no touched entertainment so people when they come they can actually scanner tickets through the window. We have completely to go to recruit terrorists were we deliver the concessions directly from the concession stand to your car so all the spots are numbered we actually hired a professional road striking come become men and striped Beattie strike the grass area for the fairgrounds. More than a thousand miles away in queen creek Arizona drive in movies helped save a family farm yeah. This set theater once roared did you make it up out of scratched. No it was in theater. We have a large open field out here about forty acres and screen. There. Now we didn't he do. Kerry Schmidt said the screen was already there for other events. But this is the first time they decided to show movies there. Yes. Right then movie has been and huge for honest people love it. And it is to kind of helping us. My militarily and trying to keep them the armor around it now allowing us to do something nice and I'm people out of their house Zell. It's working embark ways I think it's a great about Latin. As with those Iowa farmers in the field of dreams. And people didn't come. Making mission up farm focal point for the community in a holy away it's now. It's jet and maybe there's something else here Jude dragons have always been particularly well suited for creature features. We started doing like plain old drive in movie ads previous to and that's been really cool Bob old. The giant Gila monster and the creature from what would go in previous show and to really set the mood for when people come in there. Really well. Under threat from an invisible creature what better place than huddled safely in our cars ready for a quick getaway. Or. In Brea Lindsey's case. Happy ever after ending. David Wright ABC news Auburn New York. Our congrats to them and thanks to dean.

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{"duration":"6:39","description":"ABC News’ David Wright reports on the comeback of a slice of vintage Americana, the drive-in movie, and how social distancing is creating a new demand for the venue.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70716845","title":"Rebirth of drive-in movie theaters","url":"/US/video/rebirth-drive-movie-theaters-70716845"}