Removing Native American mascots from sports teams

Amanda Blackhorse, of the Navajo Nation, discusses the significance of Washington’s NFL team retiring its team name and explains why other teams should abandon Native American mascots.
7:02 | 07/14/20

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Transcript for Removing Native American mascots from sports teams
And joining us now is someone has been at the front lines of this issue for years fighting for the removal of native mascots and names long sports teams Amanda black course is today in a member of the Navajo Nation and she is also the spokesperson for no more native mascots dot Ford. Thanks so much for joining us. After years of protest letter writing press releases lawsuits and feeling like you weren't making much progress how does it feel to finally have a teen acknowledged that it's time to change the name. Well let me it's definitely a great moment in our men met every. Meet people have been calling this moment where decades now. So it feels really great but I'm just scary is about. What's gonna happen next with the team cautious why sell. Well they didn't make it clear in their statement that they will leave native immaturity. Any need it means or any needed me out of every brand. The are going to be higher at me man logo but they did not see what the art the you know moving forward and given the team's history. And their treatment needed equal problem. And refusing to listen to less. I mean there is a possibility that they could choose at needed the and got past not a win for us it's it's. It's. A step in the wrong direction. And now for people who are resistant to changing don't understand the need for a name change to begin with explain why the name is offensive. Well let me just think YouTube had. Eighteen when it any other race as their mascot. You had an inlet mystery is typical stereotypical implant them. Imagine what type. Stereotypes that come that imagine that the eight year bands. Around Hollywood long that's her and culture ethnic group. Me it's a very problematic because Liu how come to these gains. Our keep people wearing red ace of arresting an address is mom or spirituality and culture. And it really human rights as is needed or equal at a humans and warn you look at this. And you're also advocating for other professional team name changes such as the Chicago Blackhawks in Atlanta Braves in Kansas City cheese are you optimistic that these other organizations will consider similar. Name changes or do you fear that there's still a long battle ahead. I mean it's only some of them are already resistant to break out late Atlanta in 1980 mentioned that they're not a change name but people in two. Or gains which they'd been looking into we're almost a year now. I don't know what's so hard to understand about our exit that ends. So it sounds like Anita quickly nineteen didn't say they would interior B username. I'm not sure where they're at or that. We definitely are looking at their team lose as well and I just hysterical. To watch into an armored. It isn't racial slur at an opportunity Shari is censored and it. Racial solar. And we even in my case went black course curses pro football. We litigated. And it was determined. In litigation that are hurt it's an answer her so that's been solidified. And there's no reason why it should be me a purple. A city Atlanta Braves have been looking into this for year to determine just how the tomahawk chop his offensive so. We're all ears tell us why it's so offensive. Well to come how hot is essentially. Just Marcin. The genocide of indigenous people you know that motion when people do it's it's it's sits and violence it's that people are. Green into England it treating it like it's you know an act and it's part of it and can't. That made of people it's a grim reminder. That genocide are and ancestors and year. Are in so. Wouldn't you have a stadium bullet people engaging in this audit the it really teaches you feel invisible doesn't need her. And it releases are just a race. And added a lot of people don't know about is a harm and end the into the meaning and bear what do you say to those who argue that using tribe names like. The Blackhawks in the sentinels isn't meant to marginalize but rather to honor these tribes. Well I mean he didn't even doing this are very long time there's no excuse that people should not lose information by now. I mean you would talk about it she you know there's been ways to out. The last few decades. This beaten the media protest at least. So it's bad now just think that some people refuse to listen. And want to continue to see that they're honoring yes even though we can't sit and Amy and that it is not honor press. An additional hose and power of our bullies. Persistent power of their police their voice is more powerful they have or. They'd given more local police and war we're an actual needed people. And that's a problem with ops is that it lowers. Cars are status in this country. In addition to advocating for the changing their team names are also social worker and we've all seen the Navajo Nation hit especially hard by the corona virus but recovering right now while many other parts of the country. Continue to get worse how are people in your community faring at this moment in what are some of the unique challenging challenges at they're facing right now. Yes immediate as it's definitely a buried typical I am right now. Race especially you know on the reservation. Even as well. I live recipe shed and so. You know just learning about my family and when they're going through. It's it's it's buried very hard time and I me. It just goes to show it this systemic racist and that we experience has beat people. Why do we live hundreds of nations why do we live in conditions where we don't have access to clean. Are ready water. Why don't we have access to electricity in some areas. You know why you happy and lease multiple family living in one home. Why isn't that really went grocery store within a hundred mile radius in some areas. And so that goes to show that this the systemic racist and at least in youth our economics and our government. And so all be gets a prime example. And that's why we are being cute so heart. Her own reservations. Understood a man a black course we thank you so much for your time and enlightenment tonight. Randy.

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{"duration":"7:02","description":"Amanda Blackhorse, of the Navajo Nation, discusses the significance of Washington’s NFL team retiring its team name and explains why other teams should abandon Native American mascots.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71765581","title":"Removing Native American mascots from sports teams","url":"/US/video/removing-native-american-mascots-sports-teams-71765581"}