Researchers rush to fill gap in ventilator supply

One MIT team is working to find a low-cost solution to the shortage of ventilator machines during the COVID-19 pandemic.
4:56 | 04/10/20

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Transcript for Researchers rush to fill gap in ventilator supply
With ventilator is in short supply across the country right now so the brightest minds in the country have set up to come up with a stop gap solution a rapidly assembled team is working around the clock at MIT did designed. A safe inexpensive ventilator alternative that could be built quickly no matter leaders. Normally cost out 30000 dollars each. MIT's event's could be made for as little as a hundred dollars and joining us now and properly socially distanced in their lab our lead researchers Kimberly John. And doctor Nevin Harmon Mara thanks so much for stepping away from your research to talk with us for a moment. I it's great to be here. So first and walk us through you're white you're doing this and how senior design will be ready. Ten years ago in the medical device designed class taught by Beth Ellis completed project in compressing and asks act. Or manual says air as a way to potentially translating people in an emergency scenario in the past is the pandemic. That project ever conceded. But now the calls started coming into Austin students seem nasty. Can we provide guidance we provided information and most importantly can we explain how this could be done safely. So we grabbed the lead reconvenes. On this Friday we built TE some of the most wonderful people at a privilege to work. And we started trying to address is from the clinical and technical perspectives. And so house. An easing that this might be available. One thing I just want to address as that and ended the common myths found that it's under a hundred dollars but that's not something that's actually possible. We don't claim to make a low cost on Slater thank. It's tied with times while also for gun and puts a name out there that's going to be really. Fast enough to meet because it buyers' needs I'm for translators it's deathly not going to be a hundred dollars but definitely not literally thousands as well right. Definitely not thirty thousands. But some are in their thousands range which has a lot let's cheaper and ordered tired Max and and what's the timeline that you think that you might have. Something that's this really raining out. Our goal is to provide. The best recent information as fast as we can ensure that that tax partners in the world can stay La. And take these results are much depends armed. The FDA and other regulatory authorities. Hospitals IRB or institutional review board and how quickly this could be. CE in reality we went and certainly to be within and we. Oh and never know what's science behind assuming he's obviously would not be exactly violators but quickly being able to manufacture summing it could help sick patients in you know would be a lifesaver. Absolutely so this is an engineer in me that use an emergency scenario tourists get a person. But if we can help compresses it and automated manner he can potentially replace someone who would otherwise have to be. Natalie back to net patient as well as provide our level of control so that. To that translation issues actually taxes but the key is to Jews under clinical diagnosis is not simple way to forget but this is really force multiplier to help clinical staff. Ration their translation to those who need it the most uncertain much want to community college averaged ice. And Kim although this is an open source design this is not something that anyone can do is try and make it home and sell them them themselves are filling you mean that kids disclaim really kids don't try this at home. But it through what happens with your design once it's finalized how does how does this whole thing work. Lindsay I love what you said and I guess I would stay hobbyists maybe don't try this at home. The intended audience for open source design it's very large scale manufacturers who have had experience. Bringing medical devices to market who have clinicians work closely with them. So this is very much a you know where we're trying to put the best information out there that people can action on that's gonna make thousands of Iran's leaders that are needed. Not just in the ones are intends. An NN why is research like this just so critical. Well opportunities uncharted territory. As a as a nation as a world so our goal refused to answer the question around and misty done safely and instantly we. A sense that an automated. She and others that are so easy couldn't be done and eighty Tenet. Provided information that people can evaluate within their own cynical communities let me be comfortable doing it and if yes. Then their own tactical teams to take this all hours. So we we really want to be based. In Reese such. Although his fast is fast recently desperate. Well we appreciate your research and your minds and near your speedy. Way that you guys are coming in approaching this so thank you. So much both for joining us we appreciate your time.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"One MIT team is working to find a low-cost solution to the shortage of ventilator machines during the COVID-19 pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70074552","title":"Researchers rush to fill gap in ventilator supply","url":"/US/video/researchers-rush-fill-gap-ventilator-supply-70074552"}