SpaceX Demo-2 astronauts wave goodbye to their families

NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley say goodbye to their families and leave for the launchpad at Kennedy Space Center.
3:36 | 05/27/20

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Transcript for SpaceX Demo-2 astronauts wave goodbye to their families
It is certainly a big day for a lot of people. But all eyes on a two NASA astronauts Hurley and Bob Benton. Currently awaiting liftoff in the dragon on top the 23 story tall rocket. And Lindsay we saw them earlier today leaving the operations building that famous walk to a huge applause from the assembled staff and this is one of the traditions. For launches here but it Susie seals all those two astronauts come out. You notice this was gonna be much different you notice those spacesuits and those big smiles on both Bob and Doug spaces they're called. The dat. By NASA both of them are dads both of them also married to astronauts which is so cool. And then there was this moment right here where they actually got to see their families just before they took off to the rocket. As we mentioned earlier Cady Coleman is with us and apps running Katie you were telling me before the broadcast this was unlike anything you seen because. Astronauts could not get this close to their fear was just before one. Really changing and it used to be back on the shuttle program you would actually say goodbye to your kids under sixteen. No weekend had a time and the time the last time you see them as the day before waving across a big giant Dick Dixon says the Kennedy Space Center. And so it's it's pretty need to realize that you know they're they're going to stay listening to say goodbye to their kids right then Aaron almost taken with them. And you talked about how launching is the most dangerous thing you do but it's also the most thrilling trying to convey the magic of this moment for us. I think is as a regular human beings it's hard to believe that you could actually wake up in the morning put on your long underwear and your space suit a space suit. Walk out through that same doorway that we decide Duggan and Bob stopped and and and then be on their way to a launch pads strapped into a rocket and the under way to space it just doesn't seem like something that would happen to real people and I think most of us feel that way too and yet that this day hopefully is gonna end in a very different way and they won't be on their way to space. And Katie so much of this is so new to all of us you we see them there and and and they're sort of book coming into the Tesla before they take up to the rocket. And we also noticed an incredible moment once they they shut the doors. Of that Tesla because as we mentioned earlier both these astronauts Doug and Bob are married to other astronauts as well. And and they were able to talk to their two sons they have two young sons and there are all that if you're telling me to sort of understand the magnitude of this moment we saw those virtual hugs and then now they sort of walk around their yep Megan McArthur and Karen Hamburg who's a retired astronaut. What what do you think's going through the minds of those wives right now under. Heads to quit. I also I think it's generous of them to share this moment with fastening and say it's a private moment and yet. They're generous enough to let us see to it and it makes us all realize that these are real people that are going and I heard that sentiment talks about truth Stumpf people from NASA people from SpaceX it wasn't about. You know this demo to launch it was foreseen and Bob and Tug in the space and Bob and Doug have families. Yes NASA of course partnering with SpaceX here and you definitely feel the X-Factor you saw that when the astronauts walked out and you saw that with the suits there's Elon Musk right there. We can't ignore the mask of course this is a different time we'll get to all of that. But you take a look at these space suits they were designed by a Hollywood costume designer. The team's checking them for any leaks and testing the communications systems bisons were formed to their bodies and founder Elon Musk meeting with the astronauts right there. And then moments ago the men arriving at the launch pad. Looking up but that rocket is a big it is a big rocket. But what a cool moment taking the elevator to the top and then finally and trained the dragon space capsule.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley say goodbye to their families and leave for the launchpad at Kennedy Space Center.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70911638","title":"SpaceX Demo-2 astronauts wave goodbye to their families","url":"/US/video/spacex-demo-astronauts-wave-goodbye-families-70911638"}