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This is how firefighters and seats in. Containment of the I was there it's just to come down here getting rid of the fires fueled you can see how we stop the airline public. The flames. Let parents know what I'm seeing here on the airlines like this were battling did not inspire. Despite the biggest fires with the least amount of containment noise. Are you how they're doing is. The fire just. Here it may actually let him. And right on the road they want to make certain doesn't have any more fuel to continue working right now the winds are also moving the this way so it's called love and admire them liars and it was literally mountain on the hill this morning freezing winds. I'm sitting in these flames women under 61 miles we're bringing in heavy air route out of this morning. Luckily we'll. Maybe it was monitoring. Yeah. And winds rip didn't work hours now we Watson wins and then an up front and then suddenly and are back moving around. Check out miss a moment. Here created. Lying. The fire. In. Well we're here we've been doing it around this morning friend Heidi Ewing. Then don't break your. The fire was backing down. He's. Another came down relying bring down that bears. You back down here. Or Waterloo. Put any flames up the big. Evacuation this morning. But but at the life AM. In fact doing the large part that. An area called upon hundreds of residents had to get out of their bed Manila night when we get Michael. Love the night. It's share your mornings. Where the fire is now. An evacuation Mercer area and last night with the wind to hit those turner right which initiated the mandatory evacuation. Not even stories and then finally came around this morning because those fires were on the way there right now we want to get fired this morning kind of come all the ridge and actually saw the top of the race like going up in flames and large screen went up and playing really really really dramatic now. Riley had a lot of erratic winds. It's here earlier we had winds headed down lay ahead this way and then there was mixed couple minutes later fellows are really dynamics C. But by getting the dozens in the cruising here they're able to tie it all together. Here today. Umpires. How yeah. The bus yeah. Into the intensity he did Sunday and Monday. Well it's been a more active. Then this old. You've got aircraft this guy today is well into something you're not able to do an all day. So we've had ended with the virgin Mary the last couple of days numbered the experience. Smoke so aircraft cannot see. Fire they can't get low enough to make job effectively so with the wind that we. So as you can see we have clear sky and they're able to get the bucket truck fitted for helicopter DC. One of the things that way we've been watching this morning that Bryant who is standing up on a ridge looking at this beautiful home that firefighters were working very hard to protect. You see how painstaking work if they're doing everything they can to try to get rid of any fuel lightning at the fire might catch gotten so even. Moving at break even using the song and stay inside to get rid of lower paying grants it hurt so that the fire doesn't jump when the brass to the street to the house. Brett always was. Strength dividend where it is Friday. Tight with the leader. Came in. We around those structures would be aggressive beginning of the ladder fuel which is at rest your doctor about that takes fuel six fire from the grass. The thrust into the trees constantly getting rid of that since the fire intensity stays lower penalty Soledad back. The name gets right now they're about to put out these hot button and make sure that. This thing is totally stink let's correct these groups saying air. No one here this line. Which of course we don't wanna heated political dream my. So those continues to hear monitor this to you protecting structures. It's fascinating work in the strategy involved in fighting these fires and really interesting to learn about its. Very takes a lot of coordination a lot of hard work we've had crews. I'm and its lead. High stress still aggressively the opposite of unlimited clean he had no sorry sight only. Kerry could tell you very limited sleep feel very limited sleep moment they're still being aggressive. And in their tactics to protect houses and to try controls. And as we watch the winds kind of move erratically this morning you really you really get an idea of YE you have said to everybody you guys had told the home all residents in this area to be paying very close attention to emergency services because these things change minute to minute hour to hour. You don't know what you're gonna need people to evacuate. Absolutely in my safety is our bird. So the more people heed those warnings nonetheless. Risk of like safety net detriment to that. Now here when we're trying to figure it's a thank you heard thank you get a good work that you all do we're gonna keep you updated here at ABC news stick around with us.

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