Tony Bosch Surrenders to Federal Authorities

U.S. Attorney Wilfredo Ferrer says Bosch, and 9 others arrested "knowingly provided [athletes] with dangerous drugs."
7:35 | 08/05/14

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Transcript for Tony Bosch Surrenders to Federal Authorities
The man accused of being at the center of that Major League Baseball doping scandal that brought down Yankee star slugger Alex Rodriguez. Facing -- -- today Anthony botched turning himself -- to federal authorities. Along with nine others arrested. They were putting these athletes' health at risk. Buying knowingly providing them with these dangerous drugs drugs that can cause serious psychiatric. And physical health problems. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York the investigation called operation strike out. These arrests coming exactly one year today to the day that Major League Baseball. Handed down those suspensions to Alex Rodriguez nearly twenty other players. The Yankees star sitting this season out the story developing now we have ABC's Brian Smith watching -- for us. Brian thanks for joining us we have not heard from these guys. In the news for awhile mostly this case revolved around Alex Rodriguez and other players it seemed like the whole doping scandal -- died down but not today. Not at all today prosecutors. Finally or essentially police rounded up all the alleged co conspirators with Tony -- And let him turn himself in so what's happening here today this was a -- long investigation called operation strike out. And the design was to round up all these folks and charged them with different crimes now Tony bosh and turning himself in. Pleads guilty to conspiracy to to distribute -- performance enhancing drugs. And others he had to give up information on an order to. Possibly get favorable treatment when it comes time for sentencing. But today it's a big win for the DEA and others who have for years been trying to break up some of these rings that supply performance enhancing drugs. Not only to athletes but also the teen -- -- kids. So a lot of -- professional athletes but that's going to a little bit more about how it was accessible. To athletes and college and high school. Well what they're alleging is that Tony bus and others. Conspired together to reach out to these athletes to at levels of certain clinics -- kids -- age twelve to nineteen in certain cases. Get to know the coaches have -- -- coaches involved with them talk to the players tell them Tony bosh and others have to -- since they can help your performance that can make you better. And somehow get these kids to buy these things and then use them and so that was on the younger level on the older level. It was some of these connections through people like a cousin of Alex Rodriguez's who was arrested today -- -- -- Who had connections to certain players and would connect -- allegedly to them to try to supply drugs and -- so this is a widespread organization. -- what state officials are claiming and so you could look at a lot of people being punished let's take a little bit more -- listen from the news conference. An agent in Miami on this case. Professional athletes received testosterone from Bausch. Through injectable shots subliminal trophies and creams. And paid Bausch amounts from a few thousand dollars to over 121000 dollars a month. Folks let me be very clear on this point. -- the Bausch has never had and does not have a DEA registration. He is not a licensed medical professionals. He is not a doctor he is a drug dealer. Bosh is actually sad in some interviews in the past that he actually injected Alex Rodriguez with performance enhancing drugs. So what took so long for investigators to make these arrests or what -- We're doing it seems -- Tony bosh was getting him to turn on his friends and his family members who were also involved in this organization a lot of times when you have somebody like this. And investigators are trying to figure out our other people involved. They will then go to the main figure and get him to flip on others in -- for cooperation -- essentially at sentencing time go to the judge and say take it easy on them. Because he provided information to others the point of that. Is to try to get as many of these folks off the street to get the drugs off the street. And they made a big deal today about how Tony bosh and his co conspirators alleged co conspirators. We're supplying kids that's part of the big deal here. When you go after Alex Rodriguez and others part of the -- they want to send is. Kids are impressionable they are looking at these stars taking these drugs and they're saying that's my way to the major leagues and they're trying to nip that in the -- so what they did was. They took this operation strike out -- they did it long term in order to get as much evidence against all of these folks and then made the big display today of arresting a lot of them. And then have -- turned himself in and plead guilty. You mentioned some of those high school hopefuls wanting to get into the big leagues here -- some of that news conference revolving around bosh and recruiters. The investigation revealed that -- forged prescriptions at the testosterone he needed for his concoctions. In addition bosh and others supply customers including our community's youth. With testosterone ordered from black market distributors. And what -- the co defendants or hit the last case was allegedly one of these market black market distributors. And at times the vials of the testosterone delivered by him or on his behalf. Had only -- pharmacies name on it. Sometimes the -- had the name of the drug but no indication that it had gone from a pharmacy and worse yet there were some vials they had no label. Whatsoever. The players were punished with suspension so what sort of trouble. Is -- especially since he's agreed to. Plead guilty to distributing anabolic steroids -- right now -- in terms of maximum penalties would face somewhere in the neighborhood of ten years in prison and the idea is. When prosecutors step up to the judge in this one they'll still the last for leniency in some ways. Perhaps -- cooperation. So he can be facing a lot less time but. Some -- what you heard there. Could mean that he serves more than just a few months because you're talking about supplying prescriptions and not even having them labeled not knowing where they're coming from. That's -- potentially lethal dose going to a young person. And no one really knows -- it's coming from not only that investigators today talked about there being involvement in the drug Molly that as a drug. That many government officials have been looking. To prosecute people wandering. And try to make an example folks to -- don't deal these kinds of things to kids. So while prosecutors may say he deserves leniency. And get so -- should get something less than ten years of may be in the area of months. The question will be will that be allowed -- will -- judge go for that. Given the widespread nature of this investigation. And how so much of it seems to have been directed to kids and Ryan we understand this is still an ongoing investigation what's next that's correct so now the question is. On the -- side he'll have to -- somehow. Process is guilty plea. Might face -- sentence soon. The question is will there be more information to turnover will there be others to go after. In this investigation it seems so widespread that there may be more so investigators continue to try to get the people arrested and Tony -- to turn over more information. Most likely a lot of these new people to try to bust further rings if in fact they are out there. A story to keep an eye on ABC legal analyst Ryan Smith thanks -- report. To a -- keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starring the story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"7:35","description":"U.S. Attorney Wilfredo Ferrer says Bosch, and 9 others arrested \"knowingly provided [athletes] with dangerous drugs.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"24853847","title":"Tony Bosch Surrenders to Federal Authorities","url":"/US/video/tony-bosch-biogenesis-suspect-surrenders-federal-authorities-24853847"}