Take a Tour of a Colorado Marijuana Dispensary

ABC News' Clayton Sandell visits the 'Honey Cellar' in Boulder, Colorado.
14:16 | 07/21/16

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Transcript for Take a Tour of a Colorado Marijuana Dispensary
Had inkling saying no here at ABC news thanks for coming back we were just on FaceBook live. At a marijuana. Grow house in a lab we've got to see kind of from seed. Two. Processing how how it works so right now we're the honey seller were a few blocks away from where we just work. Here in Boulder, Colorado. Justin Lee is the owner here with me and it. Is do you think in the raw product we're gonna see how it ends up right that's exactly. An option. Animus that he saw the processing into the essentially extracts. You see the finished product package made and ready for sale. And you were medical before you were recreation right so how did that change your business. Drastically. But so it could put it that fish. Market. The state. Six month window ahead of everybody else. So. Six months ahead of everybody else which is first. But explain why for example medical marijuana is still a lot cheaper than recreational right by 30% that it exists because excise tax. It's exactly netted a sense. And so as the processing. Medical applications licensees because that's the toughest jobs generated by recreational sales at we'll take its insides and early. How many people work here could be nine people on staff manager publicist and Andrews and bartenders. For you things. Well. So this is room chat live let him as a group and then you found this is sharp. Who works here and that was through check in 21 and burden would hand the idea that management did. Very strict very expect everything around him we have to check horizons on camera you have to between. We have a scanning machine right here that ensures that its real ID. And then here's the bars I hear it and then bars us through there are as we go back there who have. The nameless. Was the origin of the police say oh yeah we specialize. In the they're essential oils the extracts and as you can see I'm. I call you stuff comes out kind of golden. I'm and that's a pretty much the entire road as revolving around so so this question because a lot. Maybe I'm. Things the only way to ingest it is to smoke but that's not the case right it's not god personally. Action trends don't have. Just just like that nicotine patch itself to CN RC need to. Moves to CB capsules the tabloids that that. Habitat then that the higher fact it was a video that's what's the difference between between shifts and it's like what she lives. All of news delivered this. You can just differently and should choose have been. This new national brand start in California there was stable and every shot. We cannot choose this past deals remnants of teachers who didn't really dropped. The drinks from Dixon looks as if sweet best kitchen then announced cookies brownies also touted as. Is there and it. Natural talent and zero all of the affected me what's that one would. It's just most merciless. And then the time's up consistency is a big deal. These are produced in May for example a lot of you have different methodologies if you're going to make an oil and put into about it and they put that anybody might be a difference. Very dosage of T see its roots into the room. Here's some some tough stories about people coming got to stay in the don't know at a desk that's typically while I was a kid you. The dummy is typically injected with the exact milligram test. How do you know that you. Badges you aren't consistent who tests that either that you're getting the same amount. If you this week vs an amount that's a good questions and a lot of I'm taking out an extraction process and we'll bring back then so a lot of this is that might be used to make some of these products are going to be. Possible. And they kind of standard way. Classes you can control and abstinence and even. The processing so. Protesting every single batch contest for my program is heavy metals. It's two opinions C didn't quantify not only currency that also taste. And some of the effectiveness of credit to what are we looking at right here he's here so this is the Tom. To assure the paneling looks over this is really. Different types of fruit is genetic. Ten shows I. Biggest episode moved to us now to injuries and its patents and analyzed and has the fact I'd give me mirror. I want him because of somebody's looking at this and has no idea what they're looking at is this something. You eat this is something you'd put an a dream come in what how do you injustice of this is something. Her eyes and very. I mentioned before some sorts of. Carcinogens. Concentrates. On the shelves is 20% right so it's something we oftentimes a strong. What kind of clientele comes into this the story. And that's. Head I'm this news. That's what happened to show. And sentenced him sitting and as it is I'm. Classes here. And you know in the eyes of the federal government this is all snow. Which is creating confusion and uncertainty for. I assume we're some of the biggest headaches that you're that you're running into. This company is as broad and. Listen I'm. Finishes right that's quite a challenge not exclude thinking it's because you. Have to essentially be a cash business right. Cautiously. Details. Proud to sign up six to seven to ten months usually did notice from the larger commercial banks. I'm thirty days probably constituency. This better. Late night. Ensure that we cannot make it right so it's illegal federally banks are federally insured so therefore they don't wanna. How do you do like pay your employees have you. Taxes how do you took my wallet just. Action I would take my rents and then passed down a story so you might want to contact police nationally he's doing that I used to have changed. East. Deposit large amounts caches. And. And deliver part of the people. Also they will argue deposits on your behalf and they work with banks lose less. It's no good things pretty. Back to allow merchant processing. Actually banking you can see here we have caches ATM and it was just an instance. It is somewhat easier for the guys that can't use about it ever pass that was having an ATM. Jim here. Cassius is now so how do you how you conduct your business how do you plan for the future not knowing. What the federal government is going to do work under this from the circumstances now. Russia and anything within my contracts and leases and while cause me if there's an administrative change that and in the Al. Lieutenant Ken MS. That I. You know a ten year lease in an exorbitant amount. I don't statistic for the whole industry I'm just curious about your opinion you know few weeks ago. I asked the mayor of Denver after you know this problem the panel on sixteenth street mall downturn dinner he blames transients coming through. Brought to speak because marijuana. It was the most upsetting. Pieces of it was the most dishonest piece in his living that's in the last few weeks. Industry has been outraged and all the publications. It's just nonsensical and is the product has any clue at all whatsoever knows that bad behavior assistance she calls an absolute fact of meth and the office. And the best I was ridiculous things I've seen in the daddy didn't even send them. It was this he did say what OK so he sued. The mayor. And vs that he thought the administration's. Help out this problem. I think you disagree and. Through through. Reasoning and how does and that's flat out again for his defense and that's just one problem. I was seven months ago bed and in the newspapers that the marijuana business. One point five million dollars to the scars for the homeless and for the I've have some of that addictive habit in Denver I certainly assume you've got this traditional marijuana community right you have this. Let's look at some samples and then to see the exchange could see a solution. Moment of life. Let live neighborhood soon sue this is. He's the school when announces its. Slipped as is that here so there's an extra thirteen at the end of this team this action at the very adamant redundancy within tests that between. 1419 point 7%. You can see any anticipated exported 75 pounds 14245. Announcement some sort of for the accounts. And and the differences between these urges all flavors when he. Rumors of fast facts packing a time Genentech qualities comes come into play. Certain characteristics and I'm. What can the second entry through my mind. And there was talk about curing food was annoyed student profiles we're. And toasters and. It's a final process and then and they would. So we're decent future in this business movie industry being given all. There restrictions and this local units comes with a lot of people's Obama didn't show. I see here. Minnesota's. Family especially compared to other states evident I really do prefer Colorado I prefer the regulation a lot of people don't like deregulation I love it. There used to be almost as a and and were one of the few left simply because that happened even why what happened. A lot of people have been in compliant in the news if you read over the past few years there's a gentleman people Caucasus and age money laundering tax and Asian. This year it was so good because it really can it really did nullified a back market. Mom and at certain. We can't tell people operating and funding these things and not a permanent economic interest in Colorado just doesn't happen. The federal issues the banking. So far so good at paying gods and it's not so restrictive to the point I can't conduct business is just an extra and I have every. It was of compliance and accounting at night should ask estimate there's always reports he'd say all it. And equipment to count that I have analysis of my accounting for so that members. The first avenue. Another set of eyes and then I also have another piece of software that we established through others. Of transparency software that he is we're not obligated to you is there's one that's obligated that we have these obligatory. And that's called magic in the GRC used to be noticed that they have massive violence. To change the name of and that's. When you license in Colorado Party licensing fee pays for that software. So when you see futures industry in five years. Yeah for concentrates and that's sunglasses because I've always felt since the beginning it was industry that concentrates on essential oils is going to be the future especially for Iraq market. The so I actually think that when you off the plane injured. Take two minutes one of these products and independent action can undermanned Iraq. Just leave it behind you so I think so much for Sharon as a ruthless illustration.

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