White House: US to fall short of President Biden’s July 4 vaccination goal

Plus, Indiana University students sue over the vaccine requirement and concerns grow over the delta variant.
6:11 | 06/22/21

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Transcript for White House: US to fall short of President Biden’s July 4 vaccination goal
Today the White House announced that the administration will fall short of its goal to have 70% of adults at least partially vaccinated by July 4. The head of the White House called that response team says the country has reached at 78%. For aged thirty and up but it will take a few extra weeks. To reach that level for Americans eighteen and older. ABC's medical contributor doctor John Brownstein in ABC news reporter and clarity. Are here to help us break this down and doctor Brownstein thanks for being here. Thank you recognize. This and according to the DD CDC as of may 22. 80% of people 65 and older had received at least one dose. But only 38%. Of people aged eighteen to 29 why is that. Well you know this is amazing data by the CDC. You know it really puts into perspective Biden's goal on a said he wanted all adults. Not just people over thirty he won it people over eighteen to get at least one dose by the fourth of July and that is not happening. With the CDC survey found was there about a fourth of people. That age eighteen to thirty. Who had no interest we're never gonna get the vaccine and that about another fourth tour in this week and see approach they want more information they want to see how what works for other people. Doctor Brownstein so far sixteen states and the District of Columbia have vaccinated Lee 70% of their adult population of at least one dose. You look at that guy distribution though is that most of those states you know up in the northeast. Other states that are not there in other parts of the country with the lowest rates down in the south. You can look at it in and look at it politically or culturally how do you look at it when you see the geographical divide in this country. Yes I you know you're really seeing survey tale of two countries right now their search the bottom ten states are hovering around 30% vaccinated this is almost self is mostly right leaning. Com and even if you look even at the older adults are still about 20% still not been backed an inch and be with large pockets of our backs and people that is a real concern for surge says this is a lot driven by access you know their vaccine deserts across this country and mostly concentrated this opens its like Alabama and Arkansas option but it's also because of confidence we know that terrorists still all big push back against this vaccine partly because they're waiting for authorization and partly because of concerns front side effects seeking. The venue also be charges of conspiracy theories police and pseudoscience. This this sort of nick how do you you know you can't tell me what to do so there are so many issues at play here but to move that needle to get about 70% mark in those states is in the incredibly challenging. And and it current trends continue younger people won't reach the same level of coverage is older people by the end of August so the Ben what as schools charge reopen in and people start to. You go back to work. Well that's a big concern has as John mentioned that delta variant now being 20% of cases in the US. This is a wildly transmissible virus now that's gaining strength in the US every child under twelve. Is unprotected people with the burden you know compromise or unprotected. So as we move into fall I don't think we're gonna see younger children have access to the vaccine until later in the year so that does become a concern of schools now keep in mind schools tended not to be home of big outbreaks. Because they require kids to Wear masks and to socially distant. But I do think you're gonna have these social gatherings sports things like that that could really be a problem later down the road. And duct browns do that what are for all living kind of chapter one. On the pandemic where wild strain if in fact it was a guest. It what is the dominant concern and you we we're now looking at. And that delta very it is now 20%. The cases and ends doubling every two weeks so. How big a concern is that. Given our vaccination profile right now and what it's going to be going forward zen was described. Yeah yeah are here and has struck it well there's a real concern about delta bearing right now you know its most transmissible even at this concern about delta last you know it wreaked Havoc in India receives fees is surge in -- change this is among you know partly partially vaccinated people so you know while the situation US is good receipts cases and hospitalizations and deaths drop option you know I worry about this sort of sense of false but you know security that we have right now option the delta is scary because it is more transmissible each it is potentially more deadly we're -- you know you'll surges of cheese is where people are getting push severe illness much more quickly than we are with your original I hope bare inch and so because of this concern and also. These vaccines if you're not fully protected need you also of concern they may not offer that protection against delta the we've seen with previous starts all that being said she is that this puts more pressure people get back saviors I know that you'll be seeing cheese is dropping we don't think that the vaccine is right for you but ultimately if you don't get back say Burgundy head into another polish potentially a summer fall search that will likely lead to unnecessary deaths. And actor Brownstein Indiana University students are now suing this school over its vaccine mandate I else out of viewer question. On Twitter about this asking how can a public college mandate of vaccine. When it's not fully FDA approved what's your take on that. Yeah I get this question a lot is that something that is turning into a large debate and I think essential argument is that these vaccines are experimental so hockey sports an experimental vaccine on students but the reality is these are not experimental vaccines they've been -- has that they are safe and effective and I think -- as what people have to realize this authorization. Would not have gone through it the FDA didn't know that these vaccines were appropriate to disseminate to the public so you know we -- schools are demanding vaccines for things like blue measles -- so it's not surprising that they would push for -- now of course are gonna have to make special concessions for various cult status or religious exemptions and in that Jesus due may have to socially distance -- -- -- but I really have to emphasize that the underlying impact of -- itself is far greater than any risk around the vaccine didn't just -- how things -- hammered that point home over and over there. All right doctor John Brownstein and clarity pray to Hattie both thank you. Thank camping so much.

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{"duration":"6:11","description":"Plus, Indiana University students sue over the vaccine requirement and concerns grow over the delta variant.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78427540","title":"White House: US to fall short of President Biden’s July 4 vaccination goal","url":"/US/video/white-house-us-fall-short-president-bidens-july-78427540"}