David Letterman Announces His Retirement

After more than three decades the late night talk show host will bow out in 2015.
3:00 | 04/04/14

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Transcript for David Letterman Announces His Retirement
Are you start -- with some sad news fans of late night David Letterman after three decades the host is stepping down. But remain the announcement on last night's show saying when his contract is up -- doesn't -- -- he's calling it quits. Letterman who will who. -- 67 years old this month says it's time to retire he told the audience that he called CBS president Les Moonves right before the show. I just one reiterate my thanks to and to for the support from the network all of the people who have worked here all of the people. In the theater all the people on the staff everybody. At home thank you very much and what this means now. Is that Paul and -- can be married. Finally there. -- reaction and it is flooded Twitter even President Obama weighed in tweeting there are more than ten reasons David Letterman will be missed. And he might be a competitor but Jimmy Kimmel had kind words saying David Letterman is the best there is and ever want Ellen DeGeneres said it's been -- Credible 31 years television won't be the same without you Dave. Now the question. Who could possibly fill the shoes of David Letterman we'll tops -- is apparently Craig Ferguson the host of the late late show which is on CBS right after Letterman and it's produced by Letterman's worldwide pants. He reportedly has a clause in his contract that gives him the right to replace Letterman when Letterman -- it's not the name being tossed around Jon Stewart The Daily Show -- contract is up in the middle of 2015. Right when Letterman is set to retire -- how about Conan O'Brien he hosted several late night shows and his contract also expires in 2015. Finally an offbeat choice but it could work Chelsea handler the host of the -- Chelsea Lately she's already said that she's leaving -- shown next here so the timing could really work out. And the agents are on the phone positioning as we speak. And another possible I had an election -- Ahead and play and think yeah all right -- abcnews.com. Is conducting an unscientific poll about who should replace Letterman so far. Conan O'Brien has the most -- -- not even on your own website cannot even. Why -- my mom. If that is running at close Beckett and Jerry Seinfeld a distant third -- even in the running Diana Diana to -- and ally. Tonight he's into the ninety's. If not the nineteen. Moving on -- -- Thursday anyone checked out the Hollywood. Gossip sites saw pieces that actor James Franco who flirting. -- shamelessly mine with a seventeen year old fan now it was reported that he met her outside of the New York City theater where he's performing and they exchanged numbers. This picture apparently taken by her showing up on mr. -- but there's a twist. He turned -- the whole thing may have been a giant promotion for Franco's new film that's because in the film Franco plays. A college who has a forbidden romance with a young students and teachers it OK we're not breaking bad star Bryan Cranston is about to reveal the whole world allot more than his -- -- Benny award winning actor has announced that he's writing a memoir about his life and career and he promises to reveal what he called the secret to life he lived for sixty years officiating hit series that ended last year. Cranston now starring on Broadway as president Lyndon B Johnson the book is due out. Fall of next year. All right next up sneak peak of one of the boys of summer like you've never seen -- before now he's not a baseball player but he was a professional athlete David Beckham -- and they are making a splash from the witness -- hatched this morning modeling you don't underwear collection for H and -- The thirty year old soccer player showcase -- his physique and -- zinc. Posing in those -- swim shorts and more -- wow. -- recollection apparently made quite a retail success for each them. -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"After more than three decades the late night talk show host will bow out in 2015.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23187260","title":"David Letterman Announces His Retirement","url":"/WNN/video/david-letterman-announces-retirement-23187260"}