Friday Rewind: President Trump's Supreme Court picks

Take a look at the top news stories from this week, including President Trump's Supreme Court possible picks.
2:34 | 07/06/18

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Transcript for Friday Rewind: President Trump's Supreme Court picks
So despite the holiday it's been a very busy week of news step busy and we've also given a glimpse of. He Alter ego for ABC's chief health and medical editor here now are happy every line. T minus five days until president from reveals his pick for the Supreme Court that's what happened on Monday president already met. At least seven possible replace. Republican leaders now jockeying to influence his choice and tonight some taking aim at one leading candidate Brent Cavanaugh. I'm 53 year old judge on the federal Court of Appeals and former official in the George W Bush Administration. He's embraced Chief Justice John Roberts edict that judges should be more like umpires it means having an open mind. The willingness to change. A British couple now confirmed to have been sickened by this same nerve agent that nearly killed the former Russian spy in his daughter. Leaving no stone unturned. And counterterrorism investigators trying to zero in on how she British nationals were cuisine with a deadly nerve agent know to check locations in ams very and seven miles away in Salisbury England shut down. This part court dock near where former Russian spies survey square ball and his daughter yulia were seen. Just before they collapsed from the same type of plays and in remarks tonight the British couple in critical condition was not. Flat bread and violent plot for money that started with black hoods placed over the victims' heads prosecutors say the woman in the video of him revealed that is actually part of an elaborate scheme of violent kidnapping and ransom plot targeting to Hollywood actors and actors Stacy McCracken and jealous of them on the we're allegedly attacked another dun did in 2017. Light meal and two other men. Air pistol whipped and blindfolded. Buyers are exploding into every western state there devouring a land and homes this ring violent ranging across southern Colorado yeah. Thousand acres of 63 wild fires now burning it more than a dozen states. All you'll find willing temperatures strong winds can blow drying conditions. You watch us here you're familiar with our chief medical editor doctor Jennifer Ashton but you might not be familiar with her love of Carty be. Do you believe yeah. Yeah yeah. As soon. She's under heavy cuts and Molly wow. She's probably done that dance better than none of them had any of the dance group from going down perhaps I. Allen and purple. You heard what I think the thing I think he should do this accident and I think you should rock the program I like it like that that.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Take a look at the top news stories from this week, including President Trump's Supreme Court possible picks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"56406367","title":"Friday Rewind: President Trump's Supreme Court picks","url":"/WNN/video/friday-rewind-president-trumps-supreme-court-picks-56406367"}