Google Earth Recovers Stolen SUV

Seeing something odd on a Google Earth page, a man finds an SUV that was stolen in March.
2:55 | 09/25/13

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Transcript for Google Earth Recovers Stolen SUV
That makes everybody are so yeah. Mubarak -- works right you're able to essentially travel around the entire globe without having -- just a couple of clicks on your computer. I love story that has links to Google Earth comes up which has nothing to do just traveling around -- -- -- -- apparently who was on the water because he was taking place and he used to hunt and -- -- but he thinks -- fighting illegal should house on this farmland to go check it out he finds an SUV there it turns out full circle he -- -- the sheriff's department. They've stolen car out of the -- the car was stolen SUV that was reported back in March. They pull out of -- -- -- today. Check it out. This happened in Mississippi and rightful -- Corner frightful carnage at but it looks like a -- would put it there so obviously lords and help with everything but. Did a happy ending to this story and so very -- checking out Google Earth was able to find Natalie any legal shooting hours and that might be you have to be -- as -- -- -- yeah pretty. Also you know -- this is -- interesting technology story the iPhone 5 best came out as that fingerprints censored on Lockett has. You know they've been put to the test soon enough apparently it is work now with a -- -- It has worked with the people's toes. And the latest one is with. The post. Men and women have used their sniffles successfully to unlock new. -- -- I don't realize yet many -- that I don't know at this fingerprint technology at all that reliable all right so essentially it's amazing tonight. They've got you could if you want to use your -- and hasn't said in the meeting our illustrious sandy said this twice. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Also if you think about it and the like are are AP's better producer Amanda said that is the most convenient way to I want your vote in Iraq now -- there is no doubt I'm clearly an important. And women -- -- -- done at the beginning -- they think. -- -- Texting while driving is a problem all of that country but here in New York State it is completely illegal not allowed not that case everywhere himself. In order to curb this problem there are still about 49% of drivers who still text while they drive -- The governor the governor of the -- -- enhancing the governor of New York has decided to create -- Stocks. It's gonna cost nothing to build these places have a lot of times it's just going to be. You know rest areas that are already there it's -- -- sign it says something that aren't that great idea parking area when mild grade I don't text and drive -- -- dead -- -- Apparently -- This is awesome dropped the video the latest prodigy he's Elton and he plays the piano though he's got up and Johnny started so easy here's all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The.

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{"id":20365600,"title":"Google Earth Recovers Stolen SUV","duration":"2:55","description":"Seeing something odd on a Google Earth page, a man finds an SUV that was stolen in March.","url":"/WNN/video/google-earth-recovers-stolen-suv-20365600","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}