Instagram-famous dog releases new line of toys

JiffPom, the world's most Instagram-famous dog, with nearly 9 million followers, stopped by to share his new line of toys.
3:57 | 01/23/19

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Transcript for Instagram-famous dog releases new line of toys
He's the world's most famous and and almost nine million followers on instant Graham three Guinness world records through his name Katy Perry music video under his belt or Collard. Celebrity friends like Arianna ground game Heidi Klum and the Miami Dolphins cheerleading. So alert the paparazzi. As he's here this morning the one the only. No line. Deal needs if Thomas. Of course the most dramatic peace effort to introduce the best guest of all time high can it assure everyone watching right now that this will be the highest profile interview that ideal. All year all of Tony nineteen chip thank you so much for being here how are you feeling this morning. Jeff you've got some big news here in New York for a very special reason I know I know we're so excited to have you. You know what let's let's calling them back up Heather come I think here. Highs well thank you so much power tying year let me. And if it's exciting we're excited you guys making a pretty cool announcement there's a reason you've Joseph is right. What's what's going on there guy so excited headlines the sitcom sweet light rain and we have eight collectibles. Patents are mostly adds to mystery collectibles and and we had four adorable class that if pomp and brings the homes of every. Every child alive. So right now they are available in over it's funny hearing until wal marts across me and and he has basically all of these beautiful collect. So. Because everybody can't obviously hang out with him like I am lucky enough to be doing right now. You guys can bring home something an almost as a door Obama speechwriter. As closely knit pants again that's her fake. You know proportion and Evans is making him really cute is he really just wants everyone can live actually life. So these are available in wal mart's now is but obviously he's got a big ads ran following. Almost nine million to be exact but while we have you guys here is there something that folks wouldn't know about Schiff. Just from following him on its. Instead a lot of missing go to the age he'd like collapsed crane sand so what we'd that it was beaten each should be incorporated all of his activities that he left San Diego. And hits you like collectible branding. So PC we have one race and it's called the so chips a beach Goer he is as as does most of us an ally pray the party the puppy parties. Just getting. They get it of course you're invited come on over here. So actually have sent home. Really we're treats the I got to get including good bit bigger tell us war. So we're really say it's aware of ten who seeing there just one cent rise and everywhere in outlet. He really gives the gift of always giving it's not just the ones Anchorage as he is. Digital contents to you by this hallway and then every day here at the end with his. Whereabouts when his light is ceilings on the keep it is consistently Rea I love it. Okay I'm not come out here I am to see if it can do a little trick which means that we are practicing as a record breaking dad Danny. Katy Perry when taken for a music video if he didn't you know just just. Just. Sigma stickam up stickam no way Tacoma. Does he get any cuter than that doesn't get any cuter than that could weigh him down dip down this is why that's come over here. Or is this he's the best. Well thank you so much Heather for being here is Victor I feel but didn't get any better there's no avenues and using a receipt. I didn't think he does saying there are Nikita Spain's. Please purchase apple has he really wants ought essentially as much as well I think everybody here deserves line if since we can't keep the real guy applies. He's he's got a lot of stops to make and his New York pressed or anything that's look at longer though. I love your urges the fewer minutes is amazing great look at it totally he he wants I think he's enjoying the south it's good. Good. I write coming up how do you drug acts how do you try next if that's what the world wants to now.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"JiffPom, the world's most Instagram-famous dog, with nearly 9 million followers, stopped by to share his new line of toys.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"60563658","title":"Instagram-famous dog releases new line of toys","url":"/WNN/video/instagram-famous-dog-releases-line-toys-60563658"}