Justin Bieber Detained at Los Angeles Airport

The pop singer spent more than 2 hours answering questions after landing.
3:01 | 04/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Justin Bieber Detained at Los Angeles Airport
I welcome to your Friday -- We start with a warning to all of America Justin Bieber is once again. On the loose in the US you know when he arrived at Los Angeles international airport yesterday -- was held up at the airport for questioning. Report today is session with agents lasted more than two hours -- and beyoncé has scored another feather in her cap. She's gracing the cover of the time magazine this week crowned as on the magazine's annual 100 most influential people. The singer meantime easiest thing time dot com as the official -- to release her new pretty -- to video. Pretty Hertz is the latest clip from her fitness self titled studio album. That's giants to explore the definition of. -- Stephen -- Blair will take over from David Letterman the host of late show next year just gave notice to his current boss Jon Stewart of the. The Daily Show actually reduces cold air show on Comedy Central last cycle -- -- dying to tell him about his plan. John this is gonna come as something as a shock to you you're ending your show John please I'm. I'm ending my show. -- -- don't beg me to stay all right you see there is no mountain left for me to climb. It's become clear to me that I -- television. There's nothing else to -- There's good bike tours has begun and it actually will be a good bye to the character and he plays on his show called -- says he's leaning character behind. Wednesday he hosts the late show he's just going to be himself -- -- lead character in their -- as it is -- -- but I can't only to see the real -- hold hearings that time. Actor William -- dropping out of the Gregg Allman biopic midnight rider following the death of a camera sits -- in February. She was killed after train unexpectedly crossed the train Tressel were seen as being shot. -- had been cast to play on the net according to the Los Angeles Times. He had expressed concerns about filming in that same spot a spokeswoman for the producers tells -- BC that they're still discussing whether or not to resume production. And they could have trouble finding crew work on the film a FaceBook group called I refuse to work on midnight rider is calling for a boycott in honor of their dead colleague. -- and getting into cable TV the popular talk show -- is launching a furniture design challenge show on HTTP. The six episode series will premiere next year and it'll -- six designers tackling sketching designing and building furniture in 24 hours HDTV won't say whether -- will actually be seen on camera but she's passionate about home decorating having bought and renovated at least half a dozen homes in the past few years. Pretty cool that's pretty interesting can't wait to see -- I love home renovations that.

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{"id":23465760,"title":"Justin Bieber Detained at Los Angeles Airport","duration":"3:01","description":"The pop singer spent more than 2 hours answering questions after landing.","url":"/WNN/video/justin-bieber-detained-los-angeles-airport-23465760","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}