It's National English Muffin Day

Check out the award-winning French onion soup burger from Le Rivage in New York City, served on an English muffin! ABC News' Will Ganss gets into the nooks and crannies of it all.
4:24 | 04/23/19

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Transcript for It's National English Muffin Day
It's soothing music at national English muffin David if you weren't thinking about just using your toasters celebrate this morning. Yeah we're taking that typical English muffin and giving it an insomniac kitchen upgrade. Our chief staff correspondent will gain through the streets of Manhattan to find it seems he's English. And all your rattle like getting lots around the world is gone on it has my initials on it that tell you know you're big Dee Lee guy's gun under the big your grandma's English muffin if you're still using butter jam is going to be real. Jelly of this other off the clock and you had it. But don't worry I'm looking you up at the recipes that you can make his next. English must Buffett master. Peace at home. He holds the French onion soup burger. Yelling got nothing on this Moffett an award winning main course from chef Paul Denham yell at Le revised restaurant in midtown Manhattan. So it's safe to say at this point that the English that there is no longer just a breakfast. I have and never considered breakfasts from chef Paul combining the American classic and guess he English muffin is American. Invented in New York a 139 years ago. With a certain should mystic clock. What better way to celebrate thomas' punishment to me with the French onion super I had to include great classic French recipes. Into an Americana. Recipes. A delicious dream of an idea that how could they possibly come together until wonderfully. Well like this pocket so right now we're gonna start off with a pilot who had planned how to feed his famous in New York for them. So just working with clarified butter here because country. We'll. Water I'm not friends but I also love and you butter believe it. Next some salt and chef pulls secret spices then time to grill. Now for that month. I like to do with my hands I can't think united you have to be gentle with him because you want out. Which is trying to get is that nooks and cranny texture. That nooks and crannies textured must be preserved at all costs and Thomas English muffin suggests using your hands were up four. But whatever you do jolts to ease the night. Ruin your muffin no notes no critics. Back to divert put it right alongside the burger. So what's gonna happen here I'm gonna grow the outside of the bond northern toasty inside. Add some cheese and after that melts our burger is ready to go full from the same. Onions were cooked yesterday in fact in any rested all night in that fat and have you read heaped insult paid him again. In that fact wow so here we go we put that there. Onions and some cheese that this stuff. Plus some boards he's they don't have enough she's right there's no such thing as too much she can't. All that do we goodness getting soaked up in that English muffin nooks and crannies month it adds some Fries and we need rankings say why not why not write while lead you to that step van dam in Italy for me do. Back at the part time for the taste tests are eight simple thank you for having us happy national English muffin day three French to toast. Two years. There's Moffett like. If you're like me wanna leave it could lead to the professionals in a Jeff hall and into the revised on restaurant relative midtown Manhattan down. You don't we'll learn English muffin trivia challenge. One aren't that top. Five things that people put on their English the jeans and Delhi yeah yeah the ES com yes there is its. That McDonald you guys got it all from Brooklyn cocoa butter jam eggs cheese bacon I'll ask former. Yeah why what year was the English muffin index at 8930 I have an eight to 69. Seventy 39 at fifteen. Thirty 1880 thought I was close there was an event in New York City very Diego got fat is all bill is the only other person with the birth. Yeah yeah seeds you did and will again why how. You want to tell this Blackberry like.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Check out the award-winning French onion soup burger from Le Rivage in New York City, served on an English muffin! ABC News' Will Ganss gets into the nooks and crannies of it all.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"62569643","title":"It's National English Muffin Day","url":"/WNN/video/national-english-muffin-day-62569643"}