'Spotlight' Wins Best Picture

Leonardo DiCaprio, Brie Larson, and Mark Rylance were among the Oscar winners.
5:22 | 02/29/16

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Transcript for 'Spotlight' Wins Best Picture
Time now for the skinny and topping our headlines this morning really it's our only headlines this morning. Last night Oscar awards every capping this year's major winners best picture honors of course went to spotlight. Best actress in a leading role went to brie Larson for room. Best actress in a supporting role went releasing of the candor for the Danish girl. And for the guys best actor in a leading role went to Leonardo DiCaprio for the revenue dent. In a bit of an upset best actor and supporting role went to mark violence for bridge of spies. But really I guess the most anticipated moment of the night was the start of the war that would be the moment. That host Chris Rock took the stage the world waiting to see what he would say about the controversial lack of diversity. Among the nominee and as expected to rock can't play any to say. Own wildest craziest. Oscar is to have Holcomb got all this this controversy than normal little. Lad who nominees. You know. And people like Chris you should boycott Christians should quit. Usually quit. I totally unemployed people who tell you to quit soccer. I'm Sheila Miller no black nominee is some of those if say 62 to 63. And black could would did not protest while. Because we had no real things to protest at the time. Yeah. Generated little lynch to chat about who won best cinematographer. Mom like talk about it why not doesn't like new light cotton re honest candidates. I didn't that I didn't. And do what black people every at bass does this have a black categorize light. Best in black red hot I want is. Still warranty racists. Psyched we like you Rhonda. Your not like Kaplan. Good thing taking place and why are all well why athletes are as good of black athletes. Isn't bad fiction movie. A lot of ups and did he get the tone right do you think. I mean there is a lynching joke and there is a Rihanna where joke. It's quite a tone the New York Daily News as we're mentioning said that he went way too far you put him on the front page of it. Needed to tackle it and to stick Ezra totally Chris Rock to deny his way to an eight. He's dead and you probably won't be back next. Did a great job Bravo featured in next to one of the weird isn't the most awkward moments of the evening yeah it was when Chris Rock introduced Stacey dash member her. The actress turned Fox News pundit whose mocked the necessity of BT and even Black History Month has the academy's new director of minority outreach. I cannot wait to help my people out. Happy Black History Month it's. Oh boy yeah since others a bit awkward silence could benefit of polite to plot as soon but. Really the best reaction may have come from the weekend who really really to know that allowed people who just couldn't resist some deadlock. I didn't know it took derby attribute any of us at home. Afterwards the death did take took her blog responding to your critics who charge that she's not black enough saying. I'd rather be a free thinking black and a cookie cutter black who thinks and votes just like all my friends. Who knew that was such a thing as cookie cutter blacks. Well and now earlier and even more awkward moment played out on the red carpet and the Internet a beauty company treated out that they. Had knowing deal Oprah was tattooed. They couldn't believe it was kind of awkward except well as you can see that's not really Oprah. A woman with the tattoos is what people are wing know it's different. Again considering there weren't a lot of people of color of their total beauty knows they screwed up they tweeted an apology dope for a will be and everyone else and then Gayle King. She waited and she had this image of a confused Oprah I'd love to pursue it pick him up hit reacted to the mix up king saying that. We all love what B but. We yell don't look alike. That was great I love the reaction. And I want to remind you that our coverage of the Oscars. Would be complete without discussions and yes we're gonna get to the women later but first big guys starting with shared Lito. Yeah Roger brother who rocked it Cortes and high tech CEO. With the red flower in place of the blue tie accreditation to be exact and next nine year old Jacob trembling. They looked amazing strutting his stuff and a two TDs and he absolutely is starting sapna classic tux. Boy you don't see are his Darth Vader Sox know. Smart kid one of the force to be with him to threaten the threat for snow yeah and tight there are red carpet host Michael strain had. In an eye catching two tone salute Topps. But apparently GQ magazine was impressed how can you criticize his neck tie they did and they said when it comes to it. Black tie events there are only two options a bow tie or no tie it all if you could pull it up hey Michael you can pull it out not Michael looked absolutely amazing.

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"Leonardo DiCaprio, Brie Larson, and Mark Rylance were among the Oscar winners.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"37276078","title":"'Spotlight' Wins Best Picture","url":"/WNN/video/spotlight-wins-best-picture-37276078"}