Man Celebrates Bachelor Party Alone

Robbie Chernow celebrated his friend's bachelor party in Chicago alone when weather stranded the groom and the rest of the wedding party.
2:50 | 09/07/15

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Transcript for Man Celebrates Bachelor Party Alone
It is time now for of the mix and of course bachelor parties are always fun when you have. France. Meet some of the turnout what you knew he had to get to turn upward the so this. One guy was heading to Chicago from New York City with all of his other friends who were celebrating bachelor party or another friend. All of his other friends took. Different flights affected what the problems Chicago he ends up in Chicago all by himself haul it. Heat and let it stop them he ended up going to the bears game by himself undecided at like. Post all the photos of them doing the different stops at. They have flat tall cement the bears stadium that's bad. He does looks set to send in the middle of millenium park just kind of hanging out all alone he says it was a creepy until like one family member this woman told her and her daughter. Some talking to the guy who's all alone by a candidate. There are finally. His buddy the broad bats the bat there are arrived. Reunited and reunited and he was a Latino and offer all. Art so this is a little growth there is a man and Cambridge Massachusetts of the MIT has not showered in twelve years. What she believes that there is no scientific basis for showering that you strip your skin of good bacteria what you showers that we keep does. It's just raise this healthy bacteria all over his skin. He says that keeps them clean he says he got the idea to do this. What a woman he was dating once upon a time asked why horses rolled around on the ground yeah that's pretty much what they're doing I'm gonna venture a guess that was by the last one. It was the last debate that because Javier that a shower of gobbling up the got its get. It's just a note of advice if you see him on tender support to the left back in the kind of the 49 dollars if you two want to live shower every I and you're sort of smiles and married. BO perhaps there are talk about the sort about Tom Brady because we are just my country today number you. You you remember this sketch during the hold the flee gate. NFL hearings that horrible sketch what. You know not only that we have all the wonderful means that resulted from it now we have. Fashion. Now you have just get mr. that is now. Just tearing the country apart now why this is on the red bubbles website and it's so bad as and awesome they now have. They the leggings Horry. With the additional women's items right after items under the venture death here as well that's a man decided this be a good idea because no woman right mime they does. End of usually right about anyway. To act quickly want to get to this the puppy to dial back didn't hold admitting that the value bagged vomit Perrier around. In a plastic bags with candles because well why but we don't know why that's happening that we figures but yet it's very cute.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"Robbie Chernow celebrated his friend's bachelor party in Chicago alone when weather stranded the groom and the rest of the wedding party.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33578937","title":"Man Celebrates Bachelor Party Alone","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-man-celebrates-bachelor-party-33578937"}