Sofia Loren Still Turning Heads After 60 Years in Hollywood

Oscar winner discusses her childhood and how it shaped her career and life.
2:51 | 06/13/14

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Transcript for Sofia Loren Still Turning Heads After 60 Years in Hollywood
And finally tonight Hollywood's timeless queen of glamour after six decades the mere mention of her -- still turned heads. And believe it or not she was once told she'd never be a success on camera. Tonight a rare interview with Sophia Lauren. About something personally ABC's David Muller is back with our person of the week. Crystal walker turned heads around the world to feel the -- -- the -- -- people's 1954. She was barely twenty. Sixty years later just shy of eighty and the cameras still -- Sophia -- her newest movie the human voice and -- -- -- that voice this time. The director. Her son in the 25 -- movie attracting critical acclaim. A woman who tries to hold onto -- lost loves. All these years later it's hard to believe someone once told this world beauty she was unfit for the camera her first screen test. He said that my nose it was too long. Out of my mouth was can alleviate and it wasn't positive -- weapons ending. Not little Jennings told her audiences who decide otherwise. Good -- It. -- -- Her list of leading men or whether -- -- lots ones the bottom brands. Frank Sinatra. Film weighing the -- man may handsome and it was a -- day they funny beautiful person. She was a little girl who -- -- Italy during World War II -- with out of father little food little security. And she revealed to us. -- -- -- -- If at any time I have to do something dramatic what I think about it is. That. Should step out of the -- assumed debt payments for -- She just. I was very all quarter ended but they laid her back to the people accepted -- clue who. It able to dance was knew that famous walk it's not that -- It's painful but -- All ways since I was born it's my mother's walker a U local -- of dignity -- will collect fuel the world. -- -- -- -- rarely allows cameras into her home out onto a balcony in Rome. And rarely does she look back she knew we would ask her about her son -- the director who put -- his new movie. But more than a director he's also a devoted father to her grandchildren. And she's noticed the little girl who grew up without her dad all these years later sharing her love of movies with her son. And now -- base. Lyrical -- film that I gave that -- my son. I have -- I always wanted to. And so we choose Sophia Lauren.

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{"id":24135025,"title":"Sofia Loren Still Turning Heads After 60 Years in Hollywood","duration":"2:51","description":"Oscar winner discusses her childhood and how it shaped her career and life.","url":"/WNT/video/sofia-loren-turning-heads-60-years-hollywood-24135025","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}