Trump skipping White House Correspondents' dinner for second year in a row

Comedian Michelle Wolf tearing into the president and White House staff.
3:02 | 04/29/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump skipping White House Correspondents' dinner for second year in a row
That a president trump attempting to steal the spotlight from the annual white house correspondents' dinner. The president skipping the event for the second year in a row holding a rally in Washington Michigan. And going on the attack against Democrats and the media. At the same time comedian Michelle wolf making headlines at the podium some saying she crossed the line. Terry into the president and White House staff including Sarah Sanders and Kellyanne Conway both at the event. ABC's chair Paul Mary's at the White House. Residents rob upstaging the high profile white house correspondents' dinner with his own road show by the way. Is this better that that phony Washington. White House cars. In the battleground state of Michigan the president taking aim at his favorite targets we need to drain the swamp. Still fuming that his nominee to lead the VA White House doctor Ronnie Jackson was forced to withdraw his name from consideration what John tested. To this man. Is a disgrace focusing its frustration on democratic senator Jon Tester of Montana for revealing embarrassing allegations about Jackson. Need to vote against guys like John tester that could destroy a man. With innuendo. And we have to be very careful with the press because they do the same damn thing. In the rockets eighty minute rally -- beat the drum for stronger borders and we meet security we need to wall. Even threatening a government shutdown if we don't get border security. We're have no choice will close down the country because we. Trump is president it's not I deal back in Washington at the correspondents' dinner median Michelle will really roasted the president and his staff. Some like Kellyanne Conway were in attendance. And why it's like I don't saying. Imagery other in the one. Hand under that drink. And getting personal about terra Sanders who is just feet away on the stage C burns fat. Ending season that asked to create a perfect Pontiac. Like maybe she's environment that may be an flag. President tram between the comedian quote. Bombed many criticizing wolf for crossing the line former white house Press Secretary Sean Spicer colony that quote disgrace. And X communications director Anthony scare Moochie. Doubling down what happened last night was an atrocity. All right Terry joins us live now from the White House and terra a report out that doctor Ronnie Jackson won't be returning to his role as White House decision. Your sources are telling you now he's taking on a differ role. That's right Tom political is reporting tonight that Ronnie Jackson is out but a White House official tells me he will be returning to the White House but to the White House medical unit. And not as a president's personal physician. Now doctor Sean Connelly who took on the role while he was going to the confirmation process will continue with the president's doctor Tom. Terror Paul Mary with that new reporting tonight terror thank you.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"Comedian Michelle Wolf tearing into the president and White House staff.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"54816608","title":"Trump skipping White House Correspondents' dinner for second year in a row","url":"/WNT/video/trump-skipping-white-house-correspondents-dinner-year-row-54816608"}