Cheerleader suing school over backlash to her kneeling protest speaks out

Tommia Dean joins "The View" to discuss why she believes officials tried to stop the protest.
8:23 | 09/19/18

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Transcript for Cheerleader suing school over backlash to her kneeling protest speaks out
pi [ cheers and a they risk a fierce backlash.kennesaw steit cheerleader Tamia Dean claunished byhe scol and loc O after E took a ke, so she's ghting baby taking em to court. Pleaseeacheers andppe ] Thank you B . Mber you fr her cheerleaders T knee during the nationalhem to protest police brutality during kennesaw snirsity footba game. Led to your decision T kn? Me at leg ey kill and the many agasts by police officers, it just- I thou it was crazy that many and it right for minorities to have to walk around a be terrified every singlay and police offir and not W how should I act, what I do it burdeno have T wk right L. For me personally, hav family one of my brothe or one of riend's brothers.u don't kw who cou B next. It became personal T me because I have brothers and I have my familyld NER wt myfamily to F the people that was unjustly killed. So, you know the rst dmt states shall law abridgi the freedom of speech or height of the people to peaceably assemblechool react? Well, the first week after, it W pretty quiet. There wt real much talk. But then the second wk, the morning of our next game, there was anritten by the with what we idn't think itan. He thought we W illinformed teful. Pr just aot of nasty things said about then it picked up bec mor people saw thecle. Then the following week we were an O. Ihoance that's Ni then I realized we weroing to be in the tunnel when the them played. Th though ymtayed in the tunl for of games and later eventuly letack on Bau the university of Georgia didn't agree with what Esaw did S they let us back on the were eventually let BAC on the field which was . Hat W last year, right? S. Thisrll five cheerleaders triut again and only one of th made it. You were not one of them. Atle suspicious. Yeah, just a little Did they explain anything to you? No.ound out O Twitt and Instagram that we didn't make it. They just postedist. Didn't getexplanatio how did they pl themselves? Later on an article H it was because there was a lot of compion thisear and just didn't have the skills. All four? Ye The one that made it tell them a the O that madeit. Theyn't really do anythi to her, because was so led. I mean out of all five us, she has the most ls. She dave a L of skills. I thin's really suspicious has the most skills and the oldest, so I think it madeore nse. Made they arease better. It'srobly been a tough year. Ah. I don need to tl you. Come fro mitary families and this issue has vided people. I think people are going to S in theirrs onhis issue. My question is ho we M past it? How do we start talkingo each other? W start listening? How do we start learning from oneanother? Because I O passionate about forward on ts and ning from people like you. Do you thk we nee to do as a CNT to getanywhere, to real Hink we needhave respor both sides. Right now ne is really have respect T other side. We'rnd of lik I'm set in my own ways. I inf an open convt and everyone felt free a open to really discuss how theyelt out the sue,hen we could at lgree to respect each other,be not understand it but I think you nd to at leastrespect eac other because eventuly if you rct E other you will UND other. Have youhanged anyone else's ? That you've talked to inourveay life. I've peopl tell M they ecause you would grough all this, itt really Ben issue. I never ass disrespefuhe litary. That is what throtest is's abouttandingp for police brutality against minories. Ny of myamre in the military. Iould never wto respect them. It's honorab what people do in mility. You'ring entry whicis amazing. They're fighting foreoo protest. That's rit. Applause Shat one me time. Say that oneor time because that's important. That is really rtant. Realsay it one time. They are, in theit they're fighting F us to have these rights and for us T able tot. I think, Y know, we are peacefully protestis could be a fiasco. People could be burngngs down and stuff like that and TRE T. By putting hand over your heartnk thathows respect to the military. You never want to disrespect people in the military. now T gave you certain Reas -- they gave a talking about your skill VEL, F making T team year, but T msages thatetweene Cobb couy sheriff, Neil waenhe state representive, earlea hey were pressuring ksu president remov you fro the field. En wte I just got offhe tone with H about the patriotic eerleaders knling during the national anthem. Assured M that T eerleaders will not be on the the usa. My go O Tse liberal? Are a few aren't R typos, they're typos. You' former president,f direors, driff Warren and representati earhart S or ts you constitutional rights. I say bravoo Yo hayou. [ Applause you're suthem for emotnal distress describehe emotional that you expienceduse of this. Well, when Y seeomeone Y those type of things about doesecome ssful. Yo worried a don't know how they're going ti taught tld put out on article obviouslyause wonk that. I've always with Ver and'm O medical toe kind of be as bad buts tuation hpeith the added by the words they saying calling never happed again, at adds stress, like what does that an. Sounds L a threat. Ah, itdoes that's what I thght. Add stresso you a you're constantly on edge because you're constant W about, okay, is something going T Happ to mew, or is it not. Initely credit migraine. I had to get an uagef mecine because they were bed H was hng so bad. I definitelynk it add a lot stress. Tamia's momole isn the audience. I just W to ask you, comes to you and says this is what we'reoing to do. Were you scared? Initially, yes, I was afra for meld base she doesn't Sak outlltime. As a parent I was extremely proud bause any time your kids do anythi you're very proud. We're all very proud opl we rched out T the parties involved. They saidy're unable to commentndingig andy representative earhart onlyponded toumerous complain from his constituents he didotesponse to of anyone. T Dean. Thank you for stand up. We'll be right

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{"duration":"8:23","description":"Tommia Dean joins \"The View\" to discuss why she believes officials tried to stop the protest.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"57936799","title":"Cheerleader suing school over backlash to her kneeling protest speaks out","url":"/theview/video/cheerleader-suing-school-backlash-kneeling-protest-speaks-57936799"}