Chelsea Clinton weighs on 'inappropriate' Ivanka Trump question, new book

"Anyone who works for the White House should be expected to answer any question about the White House," Clinton said.
4:11 | 03/06/18

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Transcript for Chelsea Clinton weighs on 'inappropriate' Ivanka Trump question, new book
We are back with the author of "She persisted around the world" Chelsea Clinton. Yay. This is another "Hot topic." Last week, Ivanka Trump told a reporter it was inappropriate for him to ask her about Hur father's sexual assault allegations even though she is a member of the administration. Is that a fair question? Anyone that works for the white house is expected to answer any question about the the president. The white house's policies. Practices. So, yes. I do think it was a fair question. That's where we came down on it. Being a mom inspired you to write your new childrens a book. Called "She persisted around the world." It's a companion to your first book, "She persisted." It's about 13 women who made a difference globally. Tell us about it. I was so just struck, humbled, inspired, to the response to "She persisted" by little girls and boys who came up to tell me about their favorite stories. I wanted to share more stories of women who really inspired me and changed the world. And so the product of that is, "She persisted around the world." I wanted to highlight stories of women who made a profound difference in the arts. Science. In activism. In sports. And I'm just so excited to be here. It's so good. Let's talk about some of the women in the book. There are 13 of them. One is J.K. Rowling the author. Why? I picked J.K. Rowling because she has a remarkable story of persisten persistence. She does. "Harry potter" was turned down a dozen times. For her, 13 was a lucky number. The 13th publisher said yes. They then kind of gently encouraged her to go with J.K. Instead of Joanne. They were not sure if little boys would want to read about a boy wizard who was imagined by a woman author. Wow. Today, the "Harry potter" series is the best selling series in history. Yeah. So, she persisted. She was living in her car at one point. She was living in her car. Working in a cafe. She spent five years creating the Harry potter world. She had to do it before work, after work. She worked in -- subway stations. Just where that iconic scene of going to hogwarts came from. Oh, yes. I love Harry potter. And I love her story even more. What are we doing to our boys if they would think something like that? You couldn't -- I'm sorry. Now we're telling them you can. Good. You also wrote about soccer star sissi Lima de amour. When she was a little girl in Brazil, it was illegal for girls to play soccer. Until 1979. She had to admittedly decapitate her Dols and use her dolls heads as soccer balls. Her parents finally got her a soccer ball. She had to play only inside and only in secret. Oh, my gosh. She went on to be the first great female soccer star in Brazil to wear the storied number 10 and today, the Braz Brazilian women's soccer team is the best women's soccer team in the world. Wow, wow. I just can't believe this. Chels circumstances before you go, take a shelfie with us, please. Oh, for sure. My arms are not that long. We'll do it at the break. Thanks to Chelsea Clinton. Author of "She persisted around the world." Members of our audience are going home with this wonderful,

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"\"Anyone who works for the White House should be expected to answer any question about the White House,\" Clinton said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53558813","title":"Chelsea Clinton weighs on 'inappropriate' Ivanka Trump question, new book","url":"/theview/video/chelsea-clinton-weighs-inappropriate-ivanka-trump-question-book-53558813"}