Dr. Ruth says she's concerned about the 'loneliness' of millennials

The legendary sex therapist on why she updated her book "Sex for Dummies" to cater to the younger generation.
8:45 | 02/14/19

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Transcript for Dr. Ruth says she's concerned about the 'loneliness' of millennials
knows better than our next guest at age 90 and a half, Dr. Ruth -- Dr. Ruth westheimer is busier than ever. Her documentary, "Ask Dr. Ruth," just premiered to rave reviews at sundance, and her book, "Sex for dummies," we all need that one, is coming out in a new edition for millennials. So if you have kids at home, now is your chance to get them out of the room. Let them read the book later, right? When they're older. Please welcome the fabulous Dr. Ruth. Happy Valentine's day to you. Dr. Ruth and I go back. You've been on every show I've ever done, you have been on that show. That's true. Always will be. Thank you. You're getting around. You were at the grammys, then fashion week. I mean, there you are in fashion week. Look at this. The designer of this lovely thing you're wearing, lovely outfit, is Helen yarmack. Guess what, don't tell anybody, don't tell the tax people, but she gave it to me as a gift. You're allowed to have that. It's beautiful. It is. It's small it fits me perfectly. I didn't want to wear it here because I knew you would wear red and I wanted to wear red for Valentine's day. Okay. So the other day, I have to start with a hot topic. We were talking about this apartment -- a house. It was a house. In the basement were a lot of contraptions, let's put it that way. Sex dungeon. "50 shades of grey" in a quiet suburban area. The neighbors were not happy with it. Sunny was furious. She felt there would be a lot of pervs walking in and out and she didn't like that. And they turned it into an airbnb by the way. They were renting the house out to people so they could make whoopie in the basement with chains and things. Leave whoopi out of this. Why are you bringing whoopi into this? Poor whoopi. Let her get better. It's rented out for the next year. I agree with you. This is not something -- I read "50 shades of grey" because I didn't want you to ask me and I have to say I don't know what it is. So interesting about the book -- I didn't see the movie. Interesting thing about the book, "50 shades of grey," that it proves what I've been saying many years, that women do get aroused by erotic literature. They used to think that it's only for men, not so. So I'm all for people to read it, but I would not want to have a room of "50 shades of grey," in my building. First of all, there are children. Second, it does not belong there. However -- Well, they might be -- There should be a place, maybe a little outside of town where there is a house like this where people who would like to -- adults. Yes. Keep children away. Consenting adults. Absolutely. Where they want to go. I don't know -- You consider it Normal if it's consenting adults? Absolutely. Nobody gets hurt. Nothing like this like no for some people if that's what is particularly interesting for them, but you know what, on Valentine's day with all four of you here, that's not the norm. Not everybody is engaged in that kind of sex. If it helps you to be aroused, use it. Keep your mouth shut. Okay. Dr. Ruth, this is a different generation and this book is specifically catered towards the sex lives of millennials. What is the difference, the biggest difference between the sex lives of millennials? When they asked me many years ago doing "Sex for du I said no. I talk to people like "The view." I talk to intelligent people. Then I went to look at theks for dummies on computers. I said, I'll do it, because there are little paragraphs. You don't have to read a whole book. It sold in 27 languages. Now they approached me to say the millennials don't know that's true. Some do. Some of your viewers do know me. Some don't. I said I will do that and I'll tell you what I'm very concerned about. The new generation, they have heard people like me. I'm not the only one, talk about -- I can say it. You did send the children out. They know that I can talk about orgasm, I can talk about erection. I'm a sex therapist, I can talk about what you can do to help people. I can talk about what kind of sex you can do when you're very pregnant. Can you give me some advice. I will, I will. However, here is what I'm very concerned about. It's not so much the issue of the questions that I've heard until now from men about premature jack lags which means that they jack late faster than they want to or women who could not have orgasms. That part has been done. We have questions for you. However, I'll tell you what I'm doing in this book. I'm very concerned about loneliness of the millennials and of older people in our country. It's a big problem. Big problem. And I'm very concerned about the art of conversation. It's getting lost, except on "The view." No problem here. They're not even having a lot of sex, the millennials. I don't see your phone in your hands. Yes. I'm concerned about that. So yeah, going to gear specifically to that younger generation to help them. All right, so this is -- by the way, after this I need tips on pregnancy sex, please. Of course. Privately. You and me. It's a pretty good thing when you're pregnant. So this person says, my partner wants to have a threesome. I'm open to it but is it a bad idea? Very bad. I can answer that. Bad idea. I'll tell you why. I want to tell you why. If he or she or two guys or two women, if they want to have that, use your brain, your fantasy. Do not engage in a threesome because the third person might be a better lover and then there will be lots of trouble. Exactly, Dr. Ruth! Exactly. You don't bring that into your marriage or your partnership. Besides the fact you have to fake it for two guys instead of one. I have a question here. Is the g-spot real? If so, can I send out a search party for it? Joy, you know better because you know me for many years. Yes. Loud and clear, there is no such thing as a g-spot. Because what they have been doing is a tremendous disservice to women. They said that there is a spot inside the vagina if properly stimulated would bring about a fantastic orgasm. And I have had women ask me, maybe I'm not Normal because I can't find the g-spot. Yeah, yeah. Loud and clear, no such thing. Please ignore until we get a scientific institution -- Come on, Meghan, ask her a question. This is so good. One more. I just -- this is not my favorite thing. This is not my -- I don't want to -- This is so good. Dirty talk makes me uncomfortable but really turns my husband on. Should I do it anyway? I'll tell you what, if it makes you very uncomfortable, no. However, if you drink a little glass of wine -- Thank you so much, Dr. Ruth. Thank you so much. Our thanks to Dr. Ruth. Her fascinating documentary, "Ask Dr. Ruth" will be at the tribeca film festival this spring and in theaters and on hulu in may. Say it loud, hulu. Hulu, we'll be right back. Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash

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{"duration":"8:45","description":"The legendary sex therapist on why she updated her book \"Sex for Dummies\" to cater to the younger generation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61078796","title":"Dr. Ruth says she's concerned about the 'loneliness' of millennials ","url":"/theview/video/dr-ruth-shes-concerned-loneliness-millennials-61078796"}