Eric Stonestreet on the final season of 'Modern Family'

After 11 years on-air, the actor playing Cam on the show discusses its impact on the country.
3:13 | 05/22/19

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Transcript for Eric Stonestreet on the final season of 'Modern Family'
with a naked baby-sitter? My assistant right now is Tyler put your clothes on. On your Instagram you have a new hairstyle called hiatus hair. I think we have a photo. You look amazing. I always wanted that hair doo. Why? Look at that. That was the hair I sent my friend who was a professional wig maker. They made it for me just so I could pick up my girlfriend from the airport looking like that. Was she into it? Not at all. I said how do you like the future? She said huh-uh. She was like I hope you enjoy the present because it's soon to be your past. That's funny. "Modern family," long time. We just finished ten years. We'll do 11. Next season is our last season. 11 years on a sitcom is -- Amazing. 11 years anywhere is a long time. Whoopi would know. Not that I'm complaining. Haven't you've been here 12? 11. We're so fortunate. We're so happy and thankful to everybody that watched over the years. Thank you for watching. We're going to do our best to say a proper good-bye. Our writers, Chris and Steve and the whole staff will do a great job. Do you believe you left the country less homo phobic? I believe we have. One of my favorite tweets ever was a screen shot of a conversation a girl had with her dad that said you cured my dad of his homo phobia. People came before us on TV as a gay couple. There will be couples after us. There's no doubt we've had a good cultural -- It helps. We're proud of that. People who don'tnderstand why they don't like gays and they say the mailman could be gay, the butcher, anybody, my teacher. When you get to know a person, then you get less homophobic. That was the goal with Mitch and cam. We wanted Mitch and cam to show America they can make the same mistakes rain a child that anyone else can. It's really important because now there's this push in the country to keep gay people from becoming parents. It's not a good idea. Not a good idea. People that want to raise children, never take that away from folks. There are plenty of children that need homes. Loving homes. That home can look anyway it needs to look. Absolutely. I've met so many wonderful -- in Kansas City the other day a gentleman came up to me and thanked me for helping his son be more relatable at school. There are good people everywhere. Doing good things. Thank you. You guys do good work. Thank you. This year marks the 20th

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"After 11 years on-air, the actor playing Cam on the show discusses its impact on the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63208909","title":"Eric Stonestreet on the final season of 'Modern Family'","url":"/theview/video/eric-stonestreet-final-season-modern-family-63208909"}