Joe Biden opens up about inappropriate behavior accusations against him

The presidential candidate discusses concerns about his age and explains how he'll handle the public given recent controversies.
7:26 | 04/26/19

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Transcript for Joe Biden opens up about inappropriate behavior accusations against him
By then you're just talking where the break about the importance of moving this country to future. And that it's been a critic that you free Kirk. People criticize you for of not representing the future. Saying if Joseph Biden he's too old he's going to be 77 come 20/20 the president this morning he said. Joseph Biden makes me appear young and vibrant I have a lot of posts tell us and I continue to bring the table but love your response and that the critique a couple of I. Look. If he looks you'll need Viagra compared to me I should probably go home. Look. Everybody knows who Donald chapters and the best way to judge. Me is so watch CF. I have the energy in the capacity and didn't assist assist you know this isn't this a Shelby business you know aren't thinking jail where. That's the first time I've ever been referenced that way by anyone else. As usually. Known the other hand hyper Joseph what you know offended terms of the future I think that. What I'm dawn noon. Foreign policy what I've done in domestic policy. You know -- I remember being criticized. When I wrote a buzz here's what act that was to follow what we're moving too quickly what are you doing. Or when I suggested that we directly engage the countries in Latin America is not our backyard it's our front yard about the future. When indicated that we should be. Taking on the thug in and blow to that you moved. And independent movies in Serbia when he was killing people and genocide I when I look and well one of the reasons why. I'd want to president. And I I references indirectly when mine decided not to run last time because my boat my boat my son. But it was that there's so much out there think that what this next generation's gonna have enough truth to see. We're gonna do everything from make fundamental change in curing cancer. And alzheimer's diseases these you're at your kids are going to be flying across that American a matter of less than an hour and half free rent from Padilla. Subsonic cared 20000 miles I mean there's so many things considered change he. And you see it every day more slowly change in the next eight to ten years then Hindus have the last thirty to forty years what you do one term. But no odd. The paper this way they've I may end up if I get elected we have a one term. But the idea of committing not to do want to look. IE here's the deal. I think it's important. For people it's a legitimate question to ask about my age. And same question was asked to me was old enough when I got elected aged 29 before I was you know old not to serve. It's a question whether or not to know hopefully. I can demonstrate not only were they just come wisdom and experience that can make things a lot better. And so almost look that's for you all decide not for me to decide and a. Let me ask you this. You've also been criticized abouts. Your interactions with women. Seven women accused of touching them without their permission while they didn't say it crossed the line. In two sexual harassment they did say that you've made him feel uncomfortable. And many have been critical about how you've handled it since the accusations even speaker Nancy Pelosi says that she said. To say I'm sorry you were offended is not an apology. It's I'm sorry I invading your space now you have come out and said I get it. Especially because we're in a different time now or in the meet two miles up from movement. But are you sorry for what you did are you prepared to apologize. To those when. Here's view I. Have to be in everybody's be much more aware. Of the private space of men and would. It's not just remember primarily room. And and I am much more cognizant that but I am so like for example. I actually thought in my head. When I walked out here. I mean. Do YE. Adds we're friends that's highly. Well I but but but I have to be aware of it so I have to. I have to be more cognizant that we ought to mark a woman or man has a right to safety they will respect now this is not MySpace and shouldn't have to say now. I shrivel or re better but I have never in my life. Done. Anything in approaching. A woman that has been other than try to bring so I'm used to what are your staff was. Producers Yurman who were not sure who for his backstage save our number you're the only guy last time UW walked into the audience and talk to people. I'm used to I think it's really important we listen. I think those who elected officials importantly listen and understand you people are going through. And what they're concerned about let them know that you know and so I don't think that's old fashioned or no I think it's everybody. We we should be doing. But I have to be more careful. They're walking even including well whether I sit down next to somebody and it's not invited to be it is said to himself. That's why responsible I have to be more more aware and it's totally legitimate. For someone not to have to say no no don't get in my private space. It's my job it's my job to read no no. This is space day. The world wants B invade. But I hit him but anyway I think it's legitimate and I think it is. And tuned to two it anyway I but I don't think anyone's ever said. That I invade your space in a way that was designed to do something. Other than. Making him feel comfortable but not any we have reduced harassment during the break I accept that but ample apple set we'd like an apology. Well look I how. I'm I'm really sorry if they. When I did in talking and trying to console that in fact they took it a different way and it's my responsibility. To make sure. That I bend over backwards to try to understand how not to do that meant to pull as a wanted to Sam sorry that I didn't just place. So maybe your space I mean I and I I'm sorry this happened. Our own but but I'm not sorry in the sense that. I think I did anything that was intentionally. Designed to do any wrong or be inappropriate it was inappropriate that I didn't understand. But I I took I assumed. Look I was. Monument. But you know what to there's there's also so many people that. That in a woman of need when they needed consolation when they needed encouragement when they needed a hug. Have been happy to get back from Joseph Biden who turned his grief into that it's ready to step that is well yes. You know you're going to be addressed the show and leave a lot more to talk to about.

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{"duration":"7:26","description":"The presidential candidate discusses concerns about his age and explains how he'll handle the public given recent controversies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62657688","title":"Joe Biden opens up about inappropriate behavior accusations against him","url":"/theview/video/joe-biden-opens-inappropriate-behavior-accusations-62657688"}