Justin Hartley talks inclusivity in TV, activism, 'Bachelor' finale

"This is Us" star Hartley joined "The View" to catch up with the co-hosts.
6:58 | 03/07/18

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Transcript for Justin Hartley talks inclusivity in TV, activism, 'Bachelor' finale
That's such an ego boost to walk out to that every day. I got to get a hype team to do that. You kind of have a hype team because you're so close to your co-stars and you guys won an award for best sensemble. We were just taking to ava about this. Do you think the tide is turning in Hollywood in terms of being more inclusive because your cast is a diverse cast? We are. You know, I think the conversation is being had. You see things that are happening that are starting to look a little better but I don't think you -- gosh, I mean, let's not take our foot off the gas. That's what I always say. So can you ever have enough of that, enough inclusion, I don't think so. Hopefully things continue to move in that direction. But it's better than just saying -- people saying, well, let's think about it, talk about it. You start to see some action which is kind of nice. So we're all seeing young people rise up and becoming these powerful voices for change in this country and I know you have a 13-year-old. I do. Named Isabella. Right. Are you seeing that kind of energy, that political interest? Yeah, yeah, and it's great. One of the things that my daughter and I talk about pretty much everything, and we have this sort of open -- she has different points of view that I do. One of the interesting things that we sort of noticed together. For me --'M 41. So I've seen things from different sort of ages and she has seen things from one sort of -- she has one sort of point of view that she's this young person. So when I talk to her a lot of times I'm like, wow, she knows a lot more than I do, not only at that age but now. It's kind of enlightening for me. It's wonderful. Does she miss Obama too? I don't know if I'm allowed to speak on her political behalf but maybe. Maybe. I got the wink. I got the wink. Justin, last time you were here, your beautiful wife was in the audience. That's right. Stella, is that right? Krichrishell. You told me backstage that she watches "The bachelor." Do you watch it with her? You don't have a choice. You're walking through the room and this crazy stuff is happening on TV. She's into it. Like these two. She got me into it. It's addicting, right? America watches this show. It's not just me. Very true. That's very true. I'm curious what you think as a man. The guy, as I said, he proposed to two women already in a very short period of time. Now he's got the one that he rejected returnioriginally. What's going to happen? I'm just looking at your face. It's amazing, like, you got to be kidding. I like to have a man's point of view. So I got briefed on what sort of went down recently. I wasn't really aware. It seems like it's a lot. It seems like a lot. It's a lot. It's a lot of proposing, a lot of engagements in a short amount of time. But you know, hey, I wish everybody the best. The second one's going to stay with him do you think? Listen, do you believe in magic? I think it could -- Oh, my gosh, don't protect him. He's a jerk. I don't know the guy but maybe people have different -- I don't know. Who knows. I don't want to get involved in all this. We don't need to get him involved. It's fine. Speaking of marriage, you actually got to spend time filming at your actual wedding venue with your wife for "This is us." But it sounds like the circumstances are different. We got married at a ranch in malibu. It's really beautiful. They have four or five different venues -- I might have gotten married there once. Did you? It's beautiful, right? Oh, my god. Now we have that in common. We're like family now. That's right. Like four or five days later I get my call sheet to report back to work and we're to record to Cal meeg goes ranch on location. It's that scene if you're familiar with the show, it's the scene where Kevin is in rehab and it's that one act that was one scene where everybody started jawing at each other. So that was where I got married. So four days later I'm in rehab. Got to love that. Well, a lot has happened on "This is us" since we last saw you. Yeah. We finally found out how your father jack dies. A fire triggered by a faulty slow cooker. Which I love to use all the time and that's now been ruined for me. Was it a relief finally to get that news out for everyone? That's a good question. You know, it was one of those -- I feel like the whole, you noknow, how does jack die thing became a lot bigger than we thought it ever would. We wanted to know. It's a testament to milo and hoy he plays the character and how they wrote this wonderful story. It's a testament to how milo plays jack's life I think. Everybody sort of rallied around that. It's good because I'm the guy with the loud mouth that's going to spoil it for everyone. But a crock-pot? A slow cooker. Slow cooker. At least it wasn't a cigarette. True. You can't trust those crock-pots. No, you can. I use them every Sunday. I use mine as well. I'm trying to help y'all out. Leave the crock-pots alone. I use one every Sunday. The season finale is next week and we got a sneak peek last night and now it hoolooks like jack has risen from the dead. How much stress can these people take? Leave it to milo to look that good dead. He's like, I was just hanging out aging like this. How much are you going to put the fans through? It's one more week. It's great. That whole -- they did a great job of sort of wrapping up which I think is a huge burden to have a show that carries this much momentum and figure out a way -- like how do you wrap up the season. It's a huge burden for the writers and they nailed it. They've figured it out. I understand you actually went to Vegas because last week's episode was set in Vegas. Any chance to gamble? I did a little bit. I for once finally came out on top, not a lot, but you know, a dollar is a win. What do you play? Blackjack. Whoopi too? Play blackjack. And craps. I don't know how to play that. It's the simplest game in the casino. They're playing together next time. Thanks to Justin Hartley. You can catch the season finale of "This is us" Tuesday night. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"6:58","description":"\"This is Us\" star Hartley joined \"The View\" to catch up with the co-hosts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53584692","title":"Justin Hartley talks inclusivity in TV, activism, 'Bachelor' finale","url":"/theview/video/justin-hartley-talks-inclusivity-tv-activism-bachelor-finale-53584692"}