Madeleine Albright warns of fascism in US

Albright joined "The View" to discuss the signs of fascism emerging in our country today.
3:00 | 04/10/18

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Transcript for Madeleine Albright warns of fascism in US
I'm Brad. Actually are and it's wonderful the hobby here madam secretary and I want to bring up something that I know you've discussed before but I not a happy in front of me I would like snow. When you're on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton is that there is a special place in the health for women who don't support one another and a lot of women. Who voted for trop sort of felt like we're shaming mountain do you think that's fair well isn't what I said actually then I have been saying very very long time. That there's a special place it held for women who don't help each other and it comes out of my own experience. For many years where I think we're very hard on each other judges man all not. And so what exactly. I have faith was that I was it was a campaign event and I is the one of the most popular lines actually ended up on the Starbucks capped a ten. And as I started saying it people started applauding. And they didn't hear what I was actually saying was looking at Hillary and saying therefore you are going to the other place. Because of everything you're doing for women do and for some reason. Voted for trap instead ask. No I don't actually I believe that one of the great privileges of a democracy is voting for who you want me as so I respect people's votes. I do think that people need to know who there were voting for. But I really do respect people and that is what democracy's about and that's what your father and I bite on. When we go for instance we wrote a letter actions of president that the prime minister of Hungary. Because of the kinds of things doing there so I respect the way people want to vote. Thank you for clarifying that by the way but who wanted to buy your book yeah so. You write some may view this book and its title as alarm messed good. That's your quote come Nina and you'd act should scare a lot of people are are you actually afraid that America could become a fascist nation. Well I'm worried about some of the steps that take place in the reason that the book I wrote the book is really historical in terms of what happened in other countries and the part that I have to say freaks me out. Is that in looking at Lou Cellini and Hitler. And now what's happened in Hungary and Turkey and Poland and the Philippines and Venezuela these people are all elected. Or they were put in constitutionally. And only in the Communist countries have there been revolutions to put the people in so and then Mussolini had this terrific statement which was. That if you consolidate power by plucking that chicken. One feather at a time. People don't notice. And so it is that those steps and it's the normalization. Frankly at the kinds of things that are going on now. That made me want to do a warning of the attack on the press well and that's exactly one of them and part of it is an aid attack on the free press. A lack of respect for democratic institutions. Try thinking they you are above the law. Using rallies and propaganda I get people excited and even moved to violence racked. Who not respecting the views of others those are the kinds of feathers Franklin wound you know. I don't causing consider running high. I'm okay. I'm radical for her book of fascism and a warning is available now on you know what she called. You're going home.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Albright joined \"The View\" to discuss the signs of fascism emerging in our country today.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54369429","title":"Madeleine Albright warns of fascism in US","url":"/theview/video/madeleine-albright-warns-fascism-us-54369429"}