Political Halloween costume round-up

“The View” co-hosts react to Don Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle’s “Witch Hunt” costume, Katie Porter dressing up as Batman during impeachment inquiry vote, and more.
4:11 | 11/01/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Political Halloween costume round-up
So Donald Trump Jr. -- speaking of subtle, and his girlfriend, Kimberly gilfoyle went as a witch hunt. Clever or -- I found it pretty clever. I will admit I laughed when I saw the costume, and I think he has a real bow and arrow in his hands. It's not a toy. He likes to kill animals. Why would you brag about something like that? Killing animals? He kills animals. What do you think? What do I think? I don't know. Maybe he should have worn a prison suit. Well, the guy -- let me just say -- Orange is the new black. I know. For the whole administration, right? We will have an opportunity to ask them about this next week because, drum room. Donald junior and his girlfriend will be here live Thursday on our 5,000th show next week. 5,000th. Everyone looks so shocked. Why? We have everyone here. I think you should wear that shirt. I don't want to give the whole game away to him. Mitt Romney, one of my favorite Republicans who was rolled by his grandson for Halloween who dressed up as the Twitter handle of secret account Pierre delecto. The kid dressed up as him. I thought that was adorable in a way, and Romney wrote back, you're out of the will, which shows you that some Republicans have a sense of humor, you know? It was very self-deprecating. You don't often see it, especially from Mitt Romney. By the way, he was apart of this whole thing. For sure. Why did he name his account Pierre delecto? That's very freaky weirdo. He has an entire French theme. Delecto? He had it for years. It's weird. Mitt Romney is not going to be Juana deliciosa. Isn't it weird having a secret Twitter account? Look. I grew up Mormon, and you have to have your outlet somewhere. Some people might sneak a beer secretly. His was having a secret Twitter account. Katie porter showed up to work on Halloween dressed as batgirl, and one of her votes yesterday was about the impeachment probe, which we'll talk about in the next segment. Some Republicans said she was inappropriate. So what do you think? Was this inappropriate or fun? I think it was completely inappropriate. I guess I'm a stick in the mud. Really? You're so strict. I am. She tweeted out, taking my work in congress seriously doesn't mean I take myself too seriously. She said to her kids, I'm still just a mom. I'm a mom too, but you can't go to vote on impeachment in congress and wear a batgirl costume. It was Halloween. I wouldn't wear that, and this was the big vote day. This was voting on the impeachment proceedings. If you want to be taken seriously as Democrats, why are you going to show up in that? It's not even as a Democrat. It's as a politician. This is the workplace. There has to be a certain -- It was one big joke. Why can't she come in with one joke? Come on. I don't like it. She was 1 out of 435 dressed in costume, but, you know, things, we have to put them in I think yesterday was the very wrong day. You're all such sticks in the mud. Impeachment day, you have to have gravitas and seriousness. You would not have worn that. I hate Halloween. Let's start there. Katie porter is a fun congresswoman. She's smart, and she has kids. Next Halloween, invite her on "The view." That's a good idea. If we're still here, we'll invite her. You got that, Brian?

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"“The View” co-hosts react to Don Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle’s “Witch Hunt” costume, Katie Porter dressing up as Batman during impeachment inquiry vote, and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"66694054","title":"Political Halloween costume round-up","url":"/theview/video/political-halloween-costume-round-66694054"}