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Trump's first 100 days in 100 seconds

A travel ban, a strike on Syria, Obamacare and more have kept the president busy.
Donald Trump
Apr 27

Trump supporters on what he has and hasn't done

Voters discuss the president's accomplishments and hurdles faced during his first 100 days.
1h ago

Trump in his first 100 days has struggled to seal the deal with Congress

Republicans who control Congress have been busy, but internal divisions within the party have contributed to Trump's failing so far to win a single major legislative victory.
Donald Trump
Apr 29

Analyzing Trump's active first 100 days in office

ABC News' Cokie Roberts and Alex Castellanos reflect on Trump's first 100 days in office.
Donald Trump
Apr 29

Donald Trump promise tracker: Where his pledges stand

A hundred days into his presidency, this is where Trump's promises stand.
Apr 28