CEO of Flywheel Sports talks new book and being one of Fast Company's 'most creative people in business'

ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis sits down with the CEO of Flywheel Sports, Sarah Robb O'Hagan.
20:01 | 11/21/17

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Transcript for CEO of Flywheel Sports talks new book and being one of Fast Company's 'most creative people in business'
We've had to do. Hey everybody I'm Rebecca Jarvis and this is real thing is I'm here live in my office on my couch with a very special guest. Cerrato Hagan Wellcome highway and good to see you again you heard those of you who are loyal no limits fans you've heard her on the podcast with me on no limits talking about your life your story as CEO of flywheel sports your new book well it's not renewing our extra extreme you yeah. And now you're also introducing this new flight will sports bike it's called fly anywhere it's right so it's a bike that people can have in their homes. It's accurate which is. I'd bring new model yes I will only so much a flywheel is about going. Up until this point in going into this studio and spinning with a bunch of other people are rattle you he adds yeah I'm a big change. So it's a great question so yeah we Aaron like 42 studios across the risk for those he's an and we've always been a business we you come and it's boutique cycling and we just out of hearing more and more from now you have most loyal ride as I hope that and I wish I could do it anywhere and I'd take it with me on the diamond. You know you see I'm sure your. Your viewers would not like the fitness categories the single biggest category Nat stories that is like it intends leaving two streaming content. Wanting to go wherever they got a so we're like okay you had a we bring our amazing studio experience into the home in a really compelling way. So by the way guys you can pose questions for Sarah we will ask them here Taylor is monitoring feel free to put those questions. In the comment section by the way if you're one of those people. Like you mentioned Sarah who is downloading apps in the App Store for fitness let us knowing your downloading I'm nasty here what it is. When you look at that fitness category. Not only is it the App Store but Jim's people are. Moving inane very different direction than we were about a decade ago I read a statistic that 55 million people now. A lot to gyms and he was 41 million yeah a decade ago so fitness has obviously become a more important part of people's lifestyles why. That change has come up. A question I mean this this health and wellness boom is happening across so many categories like what. I find really interesting is if he you see it happening clearly people working out but then go to fashion right. Denham is down yet leggings and fitness and add pleaser is growing double digits here it's like a lifestyle shift and I think we've all made. As we've real wise policy that for many many years we went living his healthy lifestyles and it's about time. Really invest in ourselves I think coming out of the recession we've definitely easel people make the shift from what Wright due to invasive things with a good for me as opposed to just. Line and means yes and people are more inclined also towards experiences. Devil and spend and where they do you have money they'll put that towards experiences over. Buying and owning more things under this man. When it comes to this bike it's called the fly anywhere buying rate so the price point is at 16199. Dollars and board just the bike or you can do the bike and a monitor for 2000. 99 dollars yeah so break that down how do you can't because there's going to be a lot of people here that. That's a lot of money yeah how do you come to that. Yeah so basically that the basic bike itself comes fully Bluetooth enabled and want to look cool things about as we live from you know talking to consumers and we are designing it. People like I've already got enough tablets and mile high flight can you just make it so that the Conte comes on my own device that's exactly how we design that so you can putt your iPhone your iPad you can if play it to a big TV which by the way. Is amazing life it. Bring out the big speeches big TV aids head of allies and it's literally like Karen apply real studio which is kind of what we learned today. But we wanted to make that offering very flexible so people could axis that with devices Verity head and then. Did the price point honestly like 6099 when you compare it to all of the at home bikes from those that don't even have any content associated with them it's actually a very very. By reasonable with in the price very. And then this affinity 919 I think 89 dollar a month subscription and you getting this nonstop Conte and an everyday Wear. Releasing sixty classes to you so it's constantly this growing library which is pretty cool. So and that library it's kind of like if you were going to apply will class you'll be adding that experience yet from that library. It's interesting to me so you you have 42 locations in predominantly in large cities and so is this something you think of as places that are outside of of flywheel known where people are going to be purchasing gas. Today we head by the half a million people that have. Written and now I 42 locations right. Now what's really interesting is McDonnell is great reset and there are forty million Americans that fit the same psychic graphic profiles that don't happen to live in the same proximity of where studios asked a yes we're trying to. Bring this great experience to more people who like minded who want to work out with that. And those are proud loyal ride is there are many who'd like they last thousand sacks that. You know I might have a different I'd you know stay in my home in the sub it's on the weekend I like to write this year street you're doing that during the week. There's also your background I think is of particular address to you run a major transformations and companies like Gatorade at Nike. He worked at equinox you worked in Virgin Atlantic west or Richard Branson at the early stages in your career you're from New Zealand yes as people might have noticed as. Listening to you speak. One of the things I think about. Any kind of fitness goals EE it's so much about a cultural transformation and you let these cultural transformations that company is. What do you recommend people especially at this time of year we're thinking about. Wrong making that cultural transformation real for themselves what should people be doing captioning the approaching and now. The great Grecian I just write a blog pat blog posts on how to have a vast Thanksgiving. Pat pat pat I didn't. Like it you definitely gonna play hot as we span flywheel but you work had to give yourself then like ability to god. Angela and screen so you in the morning and then you meet Catalina school of its if you. But its consecration I and such a believe that he of people often who don't have that fitness lifestyle. It's incredibly intimidating and overwhelming it is like I'm never gonna get to that top of that mountain bat. If you just make the smallest moon and the smallest behavior change and one how to realize that is the beginning of habits that can grow into something else. It may be that you just say I'm gonna stop walking for a half hour in the morning listening to your amazing pod cast but the trip. I'd like I don't writer and I didn't revision does this I left like in the morning is such a wonderful time to get inspired listening to podcasts ride and so that might be death on ramps the year and then suddenly finding a month and that hand might extend that a little bit he had might it she ten into a job like it's all about babies sticks and not trying to get saved here too quickly just rewarding yourself making it improvement when it at that so extreme Yale yeah now about babies that yes on the way to the extreme of cool wit with extreme you it's not just a book again and beyond that this movement that you're working on this is business that you're working towards. What do you want people to take away from. That I. All about changing the conversation around what it takes two to achieve what you'll goals Aaron life and I really believe that we've had this massive cultural shift in the last eighty years where. You know festival we Saudi giving kids participation trophies which is candlelight rewarding them for just showing up. And mistakenly. Bite we say to kids you've got to come through college and have a perfect reason may perfect grades not exactly what you passion is being met jot like. Pet fiction nonfiction and fiction and by the way answer grammys look amazing yet. And actually at the end of the day the most successful people in the world as I have had on many of your conversations. People who they didn't know with AMOCO and they did make big mistakes they did have to take risks. May be screw oh in the consequences live from it and and grow and that is becoming. The base vision of you I have he stopped worrying about like I'm trying to had a goal and instead go one of my doing ten. Lynn and grow myself you change the conversation completely extraneous. With examples and cancel who have done that who have overcome. When you think about that when you think about hitting that roadblock and then overcoming. What have you found in your old life as a set of tools that helps you get beyond it's a great Creason because. In the book I have a lot of its checked the head as a sit of tools at the end of how you deal with it. But like it's funny I as head as I write about me the embarrassing humiliating. Exasperating failures Ka fai head twice the legal soul to bad things and I think they have four lap I had Lynn to develop the techniques of Ole miss like. What's the woods that can happen line that's often what I'll say to myself when I'm going into suddenly really scary it's like. Okay we'll have worried dumbest this was really bad that was and I survived. I kind of know I have that confidence that it's going to be okay and that's one of the reasons why I spent a lot of time to do with young people stout in the Koreas saying to him out there and special. If that's unit and failures. He is telling you have failed. It's really hard to think of it as something that's this act and it taking out for ever yes are we getting questions Taylor yet one will listen. It quite well what co one. Wins I know. Gosh I can get but like it was a monument but what I will say is IA I knew an early on in my career that I. The initially wanted to be. And more general leader and I guess that ends up being CEO side made the transition. Two jobs ago from being a specialist in marketing which is where it Mike Currie had been in to be a general manager and that's a tough 681. Whatever function you come up and business. When you make that shift the seeing pots of the business you've no experience and it's a really big shift. But I think once I had done that firm you know on number used that was when I was like okay I'm saddened to get a feel when you made that shift one what did you need to do to make it whit what heading east did you need to make what kind of experiences did you need to have to say I could do this its very creation. I think festival it was really signaling to the organization that's what I wanted today and I think what. Tends to happen and it in big companies and actually even extend recruiters is. People tend to wanna keep your of the box that your read write because you're really get it at Ed like hey I've got a job you know and you have to really wet tied to. Explain why a you want to do something different to that and you have to make the if it to -- acquiring the skills to be reduce sent home you know in my case I remember when I made my fish shift to the GM job at Nike and I had a wonderful Mantilla who was willing to take the bet on me. And it was it that discussion around he is what you gonna really shine he is the areas where you don't have experience and you gonna have to commit. To working really hot to get those experiences and spending time in those functional perhaps that this that is great practical advice how he had. When you when you started making the signaling that was it a concerted effort where you setting meetings re putting together PowerPoint seven the F my vision I think yes that generally useful information actually. And if it was there anyone who is standing your way and if so. For those who might eat what what how did you handle the math. Table are always going to be pretty people who will stand in your way and that will always be people who woods. CEO natural skills say it and want to put you in a place that benefits the mayor for that's right. And so what comes what that is you have in the carriage sometimes to say not like diet she can remain there. At one particular moment in my Currie and having an opportunity. To stay at opt. That was still within pocketing or somewhat sideways that was getting me incident management and it was scary because you live way am I not progressing but. I knew that's what I wanted to do is willing to say I'm gonna make a bit romantic comedy here I'm gonna believe that I can doing it and that apple itself. Great advice and Taylor more questions. What ways. What was. Order. You know to be honest it was a decision of realizing I wasn't growing anymore at the rate that I wanted to so I'd been there for use and I had an amazing team in. You know the business was doing wild things are going in the right direction and I sort of had got to that point where I was comfortable and I will hunt like. Coming to work every day going Wahl and try to figure this out and and some companies here that use you find that leads you to of the knicks role in the next opportunity that challenges you bet for a number of reasons that doesn't exist in that particular company and so. I have often sits of people that it is bid at two distract yourself that haven't done to you as someone who has been fired twice. It's a global fund to choose to quit on your article that is suddenly be towed away if they and so I realize that if I just stayed put and just got comfortable. I ran the risk of someone distracting me and I was like I would be courageous and not let that happen. The bet on the fly anywhere bike is obviously a big yes a very big back yes you told me when she came and we are talking about that a baby shower yes and update its supply. We guess. When you approach a decision like that but obviously it is it's it's a pretty it's in really revolutionary thing I think revolutionaries and acceptable word because. It's a complete break from the original model of what flywheel sports was. How do you think through a decision like that especially for people out there who are running their own start ups and trying to think about. Making big moves in potentially different directions than what they're going in now. I had a wonderful college. He's worked with me for years and he's always say its use in the end have to worry less about making the right decision and more about making your decisions rights. It's a really good way to think about something like as big of a bit as this fight. Our whole leadership team you know we link downs together and we said we've not Donna's the full with creating something from the ground up this is gonna strip test in ways that we cannot even imagine. But as long as we look need each other in the eye and say we committed to making this whack. So many things are gonna go wrong like in different reactions to what we expect but we're willing to keep going until blacks. That's the secret I think and then involves you know you be willing to pay event if you have to have it being willing to unit changed direction but. Knowing that used in the end do you believe this a business out the -- you believe visit consuming need to be sold and you gonna keep fighting until you figure and also it speaks to the team as well yes having that team in place more questions. What they. It. Biggest rescue Maine I think liking anything when year it investing in something we haven't done before you have no idea what the exact outcome is going to be something that is and risk. But I don't think it's. Yeah I think everybody in business today you know I got back to honest out of my Korea. Or six. That we used to likes that the pace of innovation with so much Slough and you'd spend a lot of time. Kind of figuring out I'm gonna make it a basement on the run always our line models and this is what I know it's gonna delivered today you actually have to make decisions with a lot more unknowns in front of you and so. Everything is inherently risky bet by AT think it's more risky to do nothing yet and so you have to tallies so bad that. This is a lot of stuff we don't know that we believe it is driving the business and offering to a greater place and we got to make that way. Yet it's sort of a for a business standpoint to some degree it's the wild west right now high and if you're not in that race trying to figure out what the next thing is an Experian and staying in then you're missing out on big opportunities which. Being nimble and being just a smaller yes company really benefits for sure in this moment in time being a bigger company. It's a lot harder to make those kinds of choices but again going back to that team it zones he. To have the right people on board how under present and cool about the people always stupid but how do you know how do you think about team building obviously culture is a really important that flywheel sports and and walking into a classroom and having an instructor they. You really feel as onboard with what you lot death. May have I think about seemed voting is it's funny like I I believe the biggest companies add those that. Hold on Sid the heritage play as some what I mean by that the people that have been there that have experienced that Janney that can help with guys like. Remained a ground us along the mission of the company was and combine them with this issue in fast growing companies like new thinking new talent you. Idea is because the world is moving so fast you have to have the ability combined so. To me cultured building and team building is about creating an environment that it. Is so strong culturally that it may the villas from its roots but it's able to key. Bringing in use it to keeps that is re mentioning what those receive and where. I really like I have not heard anyone does. Exist I really liked that Taylor one last question. It. Here. A very good hits and my health my ear could. I have not yet we app planning to eventually go outside the US that would pointing and Ashley. Six and where can people Serra fight more about you find more about flat will sports. For those who are interested in the new bike where can find more information so flywheel sports dot com is where you can by the by you can -- about the by you can and sign up to get eventual tours of the bikes so all of the information is there and also. With the extreme you dot com. Is a good place to get lots of great inspiring radicals on how to be the extreme vision news. It is it's a fantastic place ago and the book is also a great and very easy read yet and I'm looking forward to your next one up after added. The exact you'll just you know yeah you can what's the rest again. Is that they are not but numbers have never again Cerrato Hayden thank you so much for joining hands and solid you for the great questions remember you can check out my at this out of no limits with Sarah. It is in the Apple's store or we're average you get your podcasting it's on stitch or radio it's on tune in where you can listen a few days early to our podcasts. And by the way this week's podcast just out today with enjoyment god now for some amazing. I. Welcome back pocket we now makes it much guys have a great day and we'll see you again soon if I don't see it before Thanksgiving. Happy and had beaten him in.

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