Real Biz Gets 'Shahidi-d'

Rebecca Jarvis & The Shahidi Bros. Talk About Shots
3:55 | 07/31/15

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Transcript for Real Biz Gets 'Shahidi-d'
Visiting Haiti Brothers are getting. Five stars all over social media. For their new app shop it's the first social media app that's all about embracing the stealthy on a positive platform. Their goal a legit way to share pics and videos without letting the bullying and and I sat down with John and Sam she he eighty who founded shots lest any year ago with a little help from their friend Justin Bieber. When you're doing is this act called shots which is supposed to be positive explain how that work. Well we built shots because we felt that there's this problem of social media especially teenagers with bowling. So we felt that we who built something where. That you could only. Really share and interact in a positive way you're tech so what does it do you share photos and ideas we'd all I hear from here general. So players can thank livelihoods. Very authentic. We don't allow costs the person running no how no confidence. And we also don't share. Dollars. There's no popularity costs a lot of people don't know this but you get invited people something intermittently homeless organization. That ugly mean what more may go smoothly whatever it but why do you think social media wise why put pictures out if this problem is such a big deal. It's just our habits. I mean this just being grown so much is just everyday part of life and we still want interaction with others especially around the world and then and there's a need for that we and and what shots you can still communicate however. It's personal Justin Bieber and is a big investor how did you get Justin Bieber on board you know we we were talking about being their conversation was. Was afraid McCain. That is what our value. Man some of that and infant like halfway through tonight. Think the war on man you have a huge number of Twitter followers and I was reading an article about how when you that's something out. It gets reach weeded more than anybody else. How do you have any effect Vietnam War and a video from injustice certainly gets a lot more. A friend named Justin Bieber helps a lot it's been a very Smart they know that life about these guys they're actually. People they're actually doing something for us. The other night he doesn't you know we what are we right now from July actually in around you're attractive yet and that's really him you know a lot of deals have people pleading for that might. None of that and we that's always known groups and everywhere Twitter reported earnings and they talked about how difficult it is to read that user pace they have 316 million users right now you have how many. Well last summer we announced this here by the fact. Yeah right so there. How or even a broad that I teach us how EU bildt's. User base when you see accompanying like Twitter which is so massive struggling to build their own music it's refocused. Publicity of the product we had a 102 video couple months ago we actually removed a lot of different features that were kind of barely being used I don't really noticed because. And was so excited about that video would you like to replace FaceBook instant Graham twittered do you wanna beat. The think that people turn to work you like to play in a field with everybody we're not in this indeed. You know replace an evil one are or will be the next. FaceBook or not we're we're we wanted to first. Anti believe it's of. The first anti bullying social work very well number one piece of advice on the north with your mom. Within your idea remember when he's been nice the best vision. And that their vision just remember that initial vigilance we're sticking to and that when anyone's when. Thank you so much guys appreciate it hot shots. You can find it in the apps.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Rebecca Jarvis & The Shahidi Bros. Talk About Shots","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"32815759","title":"Real Biz Gets 'Shahidi-d'","url":"/Business/video/real-biz-shahidi-32815759"}