Bresha Webb, Crystal Fox and Phylicia Rashad talk Netflix film ‘A Fall From Grace'

The actors discuss working on Tyler Perry’s latest film.
22:30 | 01/14/20

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Transcript for Bresha Webb, Crystal Fox and Phylicia Rashad talk Netflix film ‘A Fall From Grace'
It can't billions ADV body well and I'm super excited because I have three phenomenal women sitting right across from me. Any knowledge adoptions by it's for the sake of lower doing I do want to talk about the wonderful creek golf I. A day bridge to laugh about Indian and T. In comparable miss beliefs are. I so I think you're talking about this film which I did see and I do want to say it is a Mazie. K. It is either Perry first film on Netflix app awfully great. So much to get into because a formal this though bola cold the rat thank. You know happy you know guerrillas' gun acting in. Okay yet felt that form both before we incidents at the film money at all working on a prime. We have them when we're okay right together this the first time collectively you came okay enterprise. And Amman and 1990. Yet an excellent talk to jump into it because first informal crystal played great yet. And the senior faith in the Arab outlets while watching the little lad and all that cited senior around Colin let. Atlanta. And I nominal. I am. So. I do have to say you play great Phil beautifully and the original parents there. And what will like about it or. Year. Idea and notion in the fact that Tyler. Had you would mind for this product because he wanted to do something with with you specifically for awhile. How how did you feel about that idea could be dealt apparently he had in mind something you know with going to be. And make it happen but I have to say that was an average originally considered four at Albert asked to read it. And give my thoughts on his wells I didn't see myself doing it however usually things find a way to you would remember you was meant for you and that it this vehicle is wonderful. Yen and so. Obviously you've you've played this I would say dynamic and complicated character united and of crystal. And keep the I. I think being at that as I'm looking at the story like to let everybody know wouldn't that because apparently jumped into that bullet. That kind of silly question with. It's about a woman who is in a particular time in her life and she's rebounding from a divorce and kind of theme in all these things. To this. What she feels what she thinks that the meeting relationship that the blessing but it turns out to her neck examine everything that shines as sure and it's all three of you based upon added have you ever been a relationship that you follow the blessing to an idiot parents and bang and we half backpack that. What I like. To say I don't think is occurs is a learning experience everything I am learning experience other. Other hello and another in that yet. How does one prepare for this role because again you know you've must draw on some things I feel to really play this character so. Accurately and an authentically. Well for me it's a story about someone loving. And longing and but how she comes about that she's lost. Touch with her sense of worthiness. Which I think makes her vulnerable to predators and that's what I want to women that Watson is to be careful there's nothing wrong with longing longing for love. Because it needs your heart is still open and but don't lose sight of your head that then gut instinct that tells you watch out for the warnings and Sophia ever me. I love being a woman of a certain age telling a story for women of a certain age in all of these various. Ways that I get to tell you know you get to see. An older woman in a romantic situation and I enjoy that and I hope that it resonates with the women of my age. And that a aging gracefully grace coming. I am I why you know they about it with being he's and speaking just. Kind of what it really resonates with its and we also can really and with your care return. To Atlanta and and I. She. I. The defender's office plus she's a public defender parent care plan and she is someone who initially thought just flipped her calling the questioning that throughout the bill passed but. Come around that she will be fine that this is something that she's passionate about Holloway is not. Keep it together around. Between. Only with you know when your client of the great husband isn't it about your preparation for his role and mean you know there are something that you'd like. I'm not necessarily always a legal terminology but he didn't get up everywhere thank you very nice and I am. No clue what. I eighty I high ice I I learned from. You know just watching a lot of you know crime dramas and things like that that I was preparing for when I read the script but mr. Tyler paring also gave me. Documentary that was so helpful and my processed. Gideon's army and it's about the public defenders life in how the balance. You know of their real life in their life. Outside of the courtroom in with their clients in their life. And you know just with their husbands their children's and how it consumes. Everything and celled that is truly brought to it because you have Disco jasmine who is. You know newly married in. Newly finding what she is as a woman and her passion in this profession taxis when she realizes she came in eight to help. She came and push service and the people that she serving our liars in. They're decked their deceitful and she's she's not built for it achieved re ignites a pension of higher the flame and strength comes out of her client grace against or something a fight for. Now you mentioned eyes deceive and I'm not on the Segway feud with this police it was but. I. There. Let's talk about you know she's a great friends agrees and so. I'm about that dynamic in that these first and foremost I lecter character being. She. The thing about her that we don't know yet but I really foundering treaty. Spots when you solve this great game. And that kind of theory is that one who says gulf for he won just allows you to do would you do. So how did you and I and that they question prepare for this role and what your first thoughts on the care. OK. And terrorists quipped let's greet I thought that every character discreet so. When he said that was to rule that he wanted me to play. Now we're back screen my found that their crystal with between Greece I was in. The news that's oh pleasant thing. We have been friends for a while now repeated varieties can. And yet. There are mad meant different as. As my career has continued to date and different avenues always leaned. At Morton. She is a malevolent machines as those nuggets of wisdom and we go. Yes you do to Williams to youth. Now slowly to his eloquent screen. Yeah. Hopman. Well still you know. I think one of the things for me at night that it take. In Italy journey you know we see the leveled the each person on the Kristol your character grief we for her at least I did you know throughout the film and what she's going through wanted to find that connectivity wanting to. To be able to feel like OK I don't X is doing well look I'm world like it's about me and I love the idea that we are. You know taking consideration that there are women. And we need to Galvin. That our base where just because you may have a back on line doesn't mean you can't be. If it's better but hey yes and so. I love that and I think my my question really is that. With challenging or were you do you feel apprehend an apprehensive than any way kind of taking on the used to roll. With the respect of what you know you know this story is points into on the either so many different like. Majors Q your character you know I feel perhaps acted while being warned you know. Air and air. You know taking on such a complex. I'm afraid of something as truth. Am never afraid that because for me one of the reasons and became an activist to give voice to the voiceless so to speak and be as I'm. Getting older is also giving his ability to what has become the invisible of us. It's of that wasn't frightening which is why is it just think that things it did scare me like the loves him. Yeah yes but even wit that. We and I realize I'm telling a story for someone else or I'm them might bring their troops out focused on. Does that thing that always feel I can't afford to miss you. So that gives me something grounded to go. The I know that this has happened to people and what I found fascinating was at one of the screaming. I think people and I think this is a woman's film. Yes but it's a people's film because I had a man tell me while you'll tell my story out there so it has happened to them as well. I love finding that out to you again it resonated with them first in truth I. And it's interesting because already that the screenings for it. As I know you dissecting the reaction he had less astounding people have just gone. Not and Mona is fine and yeah Tyler he commented on this a recent you know social media post about it. Did notice gonna have because clear channel. They'll match it we just went so why and then retold the story. And we did it in five days we really didn't have time. And day. At work schedule for you to complete a. Don't remember what remember that we went to work together. We work together quote by a eighties and it was. Yeah. They. So I mean he. In Chris Lee kind of and I again I'm trying not to spoil and it may have you know January 17 on Friday on that looking eldest on the ball always going to be out. It does say something that I think is very tally does some capacity in chief that the optimal. And it and so when. All the help and if this was a continuation to be involved in the continuation Hulk of them look of. Absolutely anyway and that's absolutely miserable hour when she says this is far from whom or. I think she's saying. Even if there's not a sequel took this. That this kind of thing continues. Right because in many layers to this film we're looking at criminal justice. Yes we're looking and failed relationships. And we're looking at longingly looking at all that we looking at breached. Financial security systems. Far from over I mean that's. This appeared to we kind of thing this is far from over he's saying something through each character. And far from over is something he is saying directly. To people. This is far from over. Because it's not offer because it continues. On some levels in with what happens with elderly people. It's far from Hoover. It. I'm not collected in the world there not Long Island mad man and is bush. Atlantic as it's not but is far from over for even. Our relationship or what happens to us as women as a result of what we journey through it's recommitment to do I knew why you have passion. And that's another thing women championing women. That comes out. This as well we don't see that that off and so we and we don't know with what happens allies and our lives. Not just the circumstances of this story and man accused him. Yeah. He. I love that because this is sexist a perfect tone for what this film is about. It it that you you know that it has a beginning a middle but not really mean that space if it continues on in this is something that you eat it. And so kind of the backing off of that you know when you leave it's far from over youth or hair didn't look at continue with the story. About what you want now will do and having gone through this experience. So with that being said you guys access that I did seeing you. Many places and I want to talk and Segway it's of that. Could feel like we need to have been having a conversation that I have seen everywhere now every. Talk a little bit about just how much I had loved your comedy hour. I meet chairman all. It. I want to be able do you talk a little bit about just some of those being that you're going to be kind of gearing up for I am. Expect to see one chairman and finally get to me what else been you know con I love con. Need excellent my affairs learns and so I have a long and snow that I do. I have a song out called think from your heart you can look up the adamantly Erikson added that it's on YouTube been everywhere but I am. You know I love discovering myself and finding myself on stage in with my band and doing my characters say you know you'll see everywhere. Sell. That time you know doing more harm doing animation Nan Allen. They just finding more avenues to stretch myself artistically. And hopefully I can continue to do bending comedy have a new shell coming out possibly on stars so. People think they know me behind and I think after this film there really start to question. When do we know where he should. She have Muni is she believes she Mary Jane glad we don't. Yes because like day and said there's just so many things that I. Seeing you in an Ivy League want to conduct the UN EU rules because you are the parenting and and handling every everything you ain't touching. Had to literally. It will shine on on be at this table you know in this Tyson is in the film as well Al I lamp and when I mean yeah targets I mean really you know I've never went in a million unit think of my name I want to touch on at two and I have all these things I want to talk about what. Ms. Cicely Tyson. And I mean he's a force to be reckoned with here is he not yes. How interacting with parents think you know clearly what I think matters she is the queens yes but. It's so amazing to see her in this space and being hurt just being there with you do. On that off film the united mean how is an acting with how is that working with parents it's up to. She drops in negative on China president. You know she she it's just to be in her presence is an on. She's very fun in this entire very quickly at an Aggie and she had me she has jokes honey she was joking with me in the scene. You know there's as one part of that scene where she Kate give it away but she looks up at me and asked if she knew. She knew that was gonna start laughing because the way she looked me it was like it put me realize that the movie with partner. Now it's its target that compensation for Neeon I had and I looked at and she. Oh yeah yeah yeah I don't know. Yeah yeah yeah. But it isn't bad policies wonderful. And you know clearly we we see such and a great Catholic come together around three amazing women together. Missed the shot I do want to note that you know. Clearly actually speak. Tony award winner and all these amazing things that we asked active CU here. I talk about just. All you think that you're working on David makes man in engine the fact that you are. Consistently. Being in all these project the huge slimy with all the things that you've done and you continue to do with Broadway. I love the fact that you've been to and here is there and taken over on that then. How do you manage to juggle all these things they aren't. He gets taxed at the calendar. Very good assistant. Who keeps it for you you know in can plot things out. It's a lot easier now that my children are adults. And I'm don't have young children to care for. And then I am single happily single. Not loaned me just sinking. And it is all of these things help. You know. And then there's grease. Tremendous grace. Then. Tremendous blessings. And protection. To move through life and beaten and do these statements and very very happy about his just well and I thought. You know you'd never know how it's gonna. Do with them. And you know one minute I'm good look back. Two decades ago. Who he decades ago. I wouldn't give him the mansion. This time to be do we do disease. It is fair accurate and. You are leaving the this year isn't here right now. I'm living these years of my life I hesitate to say it's the best goes keeps getting. And I have sent to note that your daughter seems to be following in her footsteps she is really giving her Broadway chops on there can be no development impact of regulation. Well now Krista will remember this from that time she was very young. She was always with me at work. Always so she grew up having appreciation for the work ethic on the work itself. This was why she focused on as a China and one day I think she was bout. Ones he shoes for war. Somewhere in through there she said money. I need to piano teacher dancing teacher and a reading teacher couldn't get me those things. And what the shell was asking for was instruction. And I thought that was pretty cool so I studio will look at those meetings in. And she put a sound adored do not disturb. And rehearsing for when I go to a Tennessee album and we should history. And we went backstage and she looked at me she says when he's going to be tonight. New. Moving Jindal in and went to college together. And we're very good friends. Movement and activity where and it's it can all academic and I wouldn't see if I can't goalie. Yeah yeah. I don't agree on and in fact they don't yeah in. And this is very much a part of this very much a part of this because when I went to Atlanta there was a period after the Cosby Show that C. Four year there was no work for me. And George C Wolfe called. To do jellies lasts change. Aaron after that who's in the U it was a work for me. And then can lean on Cong. To see if I would perform in blues and now than risk I have an actress and on the set for once upon a time college and hadn't seen here. For a few years but he saw on stage. Isn't an epic delta. From the Mississippi. All. News she wants. He's. Gotten anything and I'm. A two cents. And it really work again. We will work again to give it used after the but believe it was always act on the food you. She was always there and crystal was her friend. I. That is as she came to map. She spends over Meehan probably comment on news. Wrongly yes the it doesn't and we affair and IE in I know that we talked about the quote this. But I prayed it into respect not over because the company. And regulations on this film which comes out Friday January 17 on Blix I'm op. Grade. Thank you so much for enriching my life with a conversation. Please check it out it's a ball look closer and deathly one worth it okay. Canceling signing off ABC IBO.

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