Claire Foy on 'The Girl in the Spider's Web' and her Emmy-winning 'Crown' role

Foy appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' and talks about her new film, 'The Girl in the Spider's Web: A New Dragon Tattoo Story.'
3:00 | 11/09/18

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Transcript for Claire Foy on 'The Girl in the Spider's Web' and her Emmy-winning 'Crown' role
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers this is popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies. And my guess they Claire what was he just got. Everything goes she gets when the Emmy for the crown everybody that's seen first man is but thing about Oscar for that one. And now in the grow in the spider. She's just a top. Tent food. Chaser after male predators that he can either strangled destroyed in some way so good for you collect full. There's just nothing if. Like popcorn I'm reading my X. And yes that's that you ought to continue that introduction. If it is oh and doctors and inhibit. Any time I came. But look at all those which as you come which one of these three did I mention is closer to declare holy city. And me I'd recently or have ordered them and it became me some land she Queen Elizabeth really in the tattoo and jacket. On. Yes and I noticed a rise about that passing a scientist we need to get out. But hey it definitely at them I think different facets of back actor deafening. Things that. I sort of want kind of face in myself for things I kind of thing we knew. I'm fascinated by an you know it is always a reason might may act that will they have and having. So your system that schizophrenic the F somewhere in my guess everything. Attempt ever. To seek the right to know. The attic that a high. Unlike too many people who missed it saw you in him because on say. Where I saw. The crazy person. That addition class that's making it what in what was good preparation of this. And fascists in that game that means the kind of made me more in spending by his because I've done enough now with Steven and he was really kind of throw yourself then. Don't think about it in just deal with weapons CNET CNET amendment and a name and I've been very very. As Akram has always very very pat I was always. He knew a general Donald petty comment. Things and then suddenly to kind of case it was like he's got that they guide I'm not pathetic as the face it means it's going to be just rule and in each just dumb and degrade. It is great because you don't lose bets that lenders you play here that have held a lot of time for rooting. Oden she's off she eat on the run and yet it's not time yet. So set this up for as we get the girl in the spiders web is the title of the book that was written by an author who wasn't stiglitz. After you die. But this isn't that. -- I mean it is a case it is based on the on the novel but it's. I think windy but caused the fourth but it was very much. The resurrection of fat. The millenniums Ares was at that pact. I think Friday felt that he. Took same option in the novel but he really kind of felt he had an open the way to resurrect the film. Of because what economic means and he felt he could focus on make a film he wants to make you feel restricted by having to do things that is. Is that because that preciousness of kind of gone because David I constantly invent. Need this whole subject of playing this pretzel and are attractive to. I'm I think I'd always. Love the character economic the novelist and she was someone he kind of jumped how to pay chimney and someone I really. I never read for an immigrant to act like. And say when the meaning of attacked and stays with you and I watched oldest these communities I watched they've been community. Enough to Michael new meaning to incredible work revenue recognized cash. And say when it came to me I kind of was I don't know what else that was investigating meaning understand why was being alienated him again something wrong. I did net I just this IE had an interest and act Erisa and intestines. I'm enough I think and spending kind of studies patients at least in my current. Both of us won't find. Well in the time of hash tag times. Because time's up for a lot of. The men in this movie that this character basically. Has dealt with in her childhood with a father and is dealing with now you know she's kind of an avenger on those people who have been. Terribly cruel to. I getting assassin accrediting agency have been united Massa makes up constant currency pairs of pays to being who she is which is someone who's been the victim of sexual. Apiece. I think that ms. Smith is the nation bay to acknowledge you can bite is off the justice. That she never received he never felt and I feel a kernel to people. His subjects such as these never filled the justices truly sad because personal training. I think that is the content Magee. City if she sees that injustice to pat if she still sees you name. The predator convict him kind of dynamic being paid out that the that the predators never punished she can't addicts and say she goes out how way to. Make a.'s predictions. Alton ultimately feel how they've made the victim you know. And I and I and not pathological he's noise on bicycles and doctrinal moral kind of Guyana man. Just as she can't stop well it's interesting because the super hero she isn't she takes months in this book. It's a some talk that the Howard he's getting up you know then you rarely see that uses the UC character that's. I'm ready for the next four. She's beaten up. A lot what she's doing. Which makes her quest than the movie even more touching. And I would agree strongly felt at that. And the sanction Iran is with is that she's not the nice physically strong precedents don't like she could be up at six foot man that's not seasonal. She's she's doesn't have any kind of I did as you see for human arsenal. But what she does have his speed and intelligence of people that outfit she's definitely brings in over own. Analysts and how will survive is so strong how will permit a will to. Contamination that strength in this area say it's say it's coming. She will be that soaring how way out she would do everything until the last minute and it thing when you have to fight for life I think it means you end up. Sales take a bit more than other people. What's the most fun about plan. I wouldn't this summer up as a farm in Carrick she's not fond act play in and you and all of darkness adult pain and I I laid dying reading joints that the stump while I really enjoyed the kind of planning to fight sequences in the physical visit he. Transforming magnetic on the form I really enjoyed. So when you're starting in this business was that on the stage. I went I what I mean I went in as you know and then on Strom school you. My fast shuffle. Wasn't on the wasn't on the stage it was in deviation UK and then. And then I've and then I went and it and then. In nineteen shin-soo a mix up was mixed up and. I remember seeing you and wolf hall where you and bowl in which I think is great given that you played Queen Elizabeth because. The queen is still with us and and bow in hands like a thousand days right before screw with the edit the book things are going great. You know for you now in terms of the characters or what I mean I mean that I mean. The queen of England is sovereign and mine and I am and it was night and indicated that he had to get kind of done to that fuels. An awesome with that kind jobs so when you're doing so when your plane. Queen it was time to get to meet. Now now she can call he went to clear you know. Season one episode war is anything frankly what you're out what what that. And a and it does that and I'm excited to the past and that. What this is just terrible that she knows who won the naked kids I hope she doesn't clean clean Athens which is but I I have this idea far. And you actually player that way where she has missed shipments oh yes if she does. I did think she has a fascination with kind of celebrity role fame in the way here you play if you British your playing this and then they say. You know why you should be doing you should be playing the wife of astronaut Neil Armstrong who was the. John Holmes gen yet did you have any. You're about doing this playing this person. When I mean it is me what I activities as you should be date don't tell me why should go should be doing much careers might chorus so I'll use it. Might it hasn't got out front like myself I'm amazing agents who are grateful to you kind of off but say offer me options. Things on the table and then use auditioned for the men tactical that he gets it. I'm not slap on the fast man I read descriptions by today Meehan and my actually lieutenant was just amazing woman and say. You went on a notice and friend rating committee. Just astronauts and let him in Ryan informed me. What was she to you when you first approach this. I am what I think everybody coming days the classic story of faster on national wise in the sense that it's that kind of there is who would have to hang him in a way. But I you know I think that come upon that the patient I think the thing about John it was Xia. Rainy. Was amazingly enough story to get into the hobbled these women who've never been given a voice at the time it never how to. Accounts to be hatch Grady that they were portraying something which was deemed to be perfection. And something. It became an election that she there'll struggling and and they with a kind of greedy human. A national side of something which was just deemed to be on things and bison millions of people worldwide and that's something that these people went through that was safety trauma today. Yesterday in the fact that John and Neil authorities obstacles versatility war the greatest tragedy. And then to be. Put in the situation which is so extreme which and we have very few people have been thing. I think that this so much that is what the U and now a drama being made about this and months to come on now. How do you deal. With the whole awards talk situation that comes around things that you've been do. I mean the crown is so much about. Affected everybody not just in England we all watched it here. Being watched it with that you've won the Emmy now they're talking about Oscars you hate that in or do you just pretend it's not happening. Do you deal with it. I mean it's it's not like every day not good noble man hang. -- girls you know not. Fondling your friends from. America should be saying that I'm gonna do that to you. The rest of the interview just an Oscar they're good writer. I think and it's an enemy game I think. That I think the film is incredible. I think what day it was amazing thing he took a huge risk and mystic parade with his and kind of his idea about the film. Say any attention the film gets I think he's treaty changes but anything to do with me all. And it cannot he knew. If so is it so nothing that people respond to what about wave at the same time meaning. It it's not something that icon of flannel. What does the trajectory that you see as an actor in this business that you've chosen to being. The youth ever say to yourself Armand take some time off I'm. What do you do when it's the crown is a beast isn't that T to shoot something that law. What do you do when there's time off and Disco S I've. 3 I am. I'm I'm Sullivan talks about me I'm and say it you know. I knew you often making. I did press minus by as a pretty much backed facts say I'd never read on the apple. And I news going to be hot and it was pretty Hans. Spots sought by reading I was just. Knew I needed time off that's a hack and a a good five months off fox that and I and and you know I think you have to take care percent to have to have as much time off as you do working because of allies. They unit Eastman. So. Here it is you had this run up things and especially with the crown he had say goodbye to it. This would be wrenching to me if I were involved in something like that and then suddenly people were playing my part. Have you sat down with Bolivia Coleman said. If he ticked off. And yeah I would to a camp about Polly to that whacking really may have. And if you before she's not and lovely lovely woman been in talks and I'll. But it's not my pops. As. To be an apt to you have to. If you love acts as you know of other activists and many ninety anyway I don't know in this industry to to win. I'll always liked competitive. I you know to see any reason I'm able to activists announced acting opposite -- seeing these nominal to do I not say. I am. An and the other issue that people would feel about that packed and I think he's wonderful because that means they've laughed at how are tapped by the same time. I in Harris did from. Many other practices that pot the pot of Elizabeth my past has been thanked by many many other women. I'm saying is in the nature of this industry of of acting that EU. Hand that part what you Finnish prime role it could be done again that's that's the point to say I feel and I do. It's not wrenching for me feels you name the right thing and then and I am so proud the same goes on Cassini sitting in that way. Well I'd. Thrilled for everything for you it's going that's really great and this is the first time you've been on the show so you don't know that we and in song. To me dep. And I haven't seen the colorful and musical yeah it's coming is it coming I simple assault caught up hope you've got Alan Brett and they could be a box because you can do almost any cost he tripped a well that makes bad. Yet I could just Fayetteville crapshoot does that thing known I don't know I want. I thinks people when singers come on the show they're the less people that ever wanna sing because they think people will watch them today. He or she didn't sound as good as they do on the recording. But we just regular people we thing. As part of our daily life and way yeah. I live in court in any for of complete on just this median of one. In acting and anything I make everybody didn't it. Olympia Coleman can do it. So wasn't this thing. She sank some really brood. Readings Deedee that I have never heard before but I want to hear more when I'm having getting vehicles. These are my mind from black and anything all that just can't be true someone told that you are major Springsteen. Plan now focusing please. Things Obama you do it wit you. Little antsy that are. On the wrong with yeah I common Tate and contact us them you're Europe acts and we need more formal. And products directly to make end it. It's done. Do you think it's all right now let me out well I'm isn't me. Eight. With that at our ball and was it that are well yes it was then it would regardless if we're all well and yet you. I'm definitely. Going to be there for your first musical onset did he want it to you on that an avid to I got one. Clear that I don't think I can't imagine a legend like Bob Brady that it hasn't been there today regularly.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Foy appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' and talks about her new film, 'The Girl in the Spider's Web: A New Dragon Tattoo Story.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"59057867","title":"Claire Foy on 'The Girl in the Spider's Web' and her Emmy-winning 'Crown' role ","url":"/Entertainment/video/claire-foy-girl-spiders-web-emmy-winning-crown-59057867"}