Forest Whitaker Opens about Deli Frisking Incident

The Oscar winner says he was "angered" when falsely accused of shoplifting in a NYC deli this year.
2:03 | 08/22/13

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Transcript for Forest Whitaker Opens about Deli Frisking Incident
You in a minor way but still in in a way. Who were accused falsely shoplift. Sure at a -- Shared community in the near the stop with this issue when you're feeling though when that happens when you hear that -- acknowledged I was angered him and and independent and and -- Most of those to stop the office and I think it's nine out of the ten of the stops are where you know they're not the person subsequently don't ticket them where they arrest them so. I think 99% of don't have weapons so I think there's something -- has to be examined. In that area and so it makes you know it's it's it's humiliating thing for someone to come and do that in. This attempted this apartment for me just spurred me -- -- to action it. In this case I talked to them to him in and understood of the what was gonna happen to his own life personally -- these what -- -- -- -- so. I mean decisions to coat -- more active approach to -- have a peace foundation working. In this area and so some we start developing certain programs we're going to be -- across the country and stuff. Cannes film change. People. I believe so. When you allow us to see that humanity. Behind situations people the personal -- this -- Then they knew how do you speak -- of dialogue. -- dialogue -- something can change and certainly when you find out what -- -- -- you believe -- -- whatever means -- -- you can you can -- you can take that acknowledgment. An acknowledgment is the first step toward healing for anything he's an acknowledgment that from -- -- maybe we can come to an understanding. From the understandably can mean we find. Compassion. And then from that compassion. We -- move that into some form of of of forgiveness possibly. Of yourself or someone else and -- we can move to the ultimate witches ghosts of the piece of what the problems and it's like love. Eliminate fear. And had to -- with well.

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{"duration":"2:03","description":"The Oscar winner says he was \"angered\" when falsely accused of shoplifting in a NYC deli this year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"20041342","title":"Forest Whitaker Opens about Deli Frisking Incident ","url":"/Entertainment/video/forest-whitaker-opens-deli-frisking-incident-20041342"}