Gabrielle Union on 'Hidden Fences' Flubs and Meryl Streep's Speech at Golden Globes

Actress supports Streep and discusses Jenna Bush Hager's and Michael Keaton's confusing "Hidden Figures" and "Fences."
8:00 | 01/10/17

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Transcript for Gabrielle Union on 'Hidden Fences' Flubs and Meryl Streep's Speech at Golden Globes
Art had been married Jean and she finds out her new gate on the big time morning show has its perks tickle. Date we have sown do you talk to you it's the guy on the left with a broad shoulders we only can. Women are 72% of our audience. And yeah. I'm happy birthday. That's right all strangers. Here have one thing in common they're all born on the same day. So well yesterday. While some people who rely on them up mostly. The truth. Doesn't really your birthday Lira did he is going to be on him but suddenly bills and when that thing standing with you. Fool yeah. Yeah union. The idea some new light streaming hasty London nibble. You know if you cannot act another little chocolate for the chocolate. I'm. Co op a little bird told me that you watch the Golden Globes the up and I aides and that you know Merrill Streep you know how host bill she had against you know ho. And the Baltimore. And does she called him out and a lot of people praised it and a lot of people criticized it I'm wondering when you come out on a like I was on the press I don't have to follow me on Twitter but. I absolutely was on the side that praised it but what was interesting as she never mentioned him by name. She talked about someone who openly mocked disabled reporter so if you worked someone totally knocked a disabled reporter. You would have to pay a bunch and I. Eight. Have every reason to buy out because he openly mocked disabled reporter and it was captured on video he he he panders to hate. And that's what she talked to so if he was not someone who pander to hate he would have a pennies as was but he did as anything as was so. What all he did all she did it was shine a light on what color and I don't should call them out again that's not attacking someone. Yet if you if you work if you exhibits. Terrible behavior. And someone then talks about your terrible behavior. That's not attacking you honey well that's called being accountable for your action happy hour. She's the celeb say it aloud to you should stick to what you you know. Stick to entertain. Honey your reality show if you got a publicist you care about the ratings of the apprentice. You're entertained that's show. You're one of the I don't you know I cannot and kind of let you know she is killing and I like god bless the drop many many times and you know we know her pretty well. She says that you should not listen or watch what he does like that you should look into his aren't. Yeah I I once looked like it was hard suck it grabbed my thoughts. And AM AR. They shouldn't read his mind another black so when he got it right he does it doesn't matter is that just supposed to think that it's not about what he's saying it is good. I don't what they say let out don't watch what he's doing just your lying eyes deceiving you yeah. But you know I probably want Twitter and you were tweeting up a storm during the golden gloves and you were tweeting about that little mix up that happened instead of the big ears and fences it was. Called hidden fences. That's not Ellison goodness me. Well com. Yeah I think it's subconsciously. I hate to say that someone. I purposely like you know Jenna Bush purposely. Marginalized. Movies that were centered in black masks and black excellence. But I think subconsciously there's that on a level that some people just long. All. Movies about people of color in one in and one a group. Movies about women in one group audit but what that does it is diminishes and marginalize. Marginalize is the the the excellent. And then work yet I'm just I'm you know as somebody who reads. These things and messes up stuff oftentimes as a possible that should just man was that. Well if it was just one because it it was just one person to what I had I went I went. I went and that in my cell lining there's so many no no I'm just saying you know sometimes people want to say something and they say the wrong thing might he might. The same inning yeah I get it but. It went so deep say. OK so. When trying to screw up when you screw up or when you screw up and was going up the same kind of thing because it happens occasionally. Should we all be looking into stiff was going up because it's a deeper space that small but sometimes went. No one screwed up the movies that. I working no biting screwed up the road you know I'm. I'm trying to figure that black camping in the name of the movie that won and time lineup and in and out the other one and lack of black you know. If it was that I mean it would abandon a clash up of all of the movies are blacked out I just think they. They got over excited and wanted to say some thing. I think there and biology said a lot about. What their intentions were yet Jenna Bush is a heartfelt apology which was widely accepted by the cast of baton figures. And then Michael Keaton non apology. Spoke volumes I think and no one has except that happened to. I wanted to Allentown and just as I wanna get to be married same time super excited about the fourth season premiering tonight. And married to. Email has not successful broadcast journalist who's who's really on top of her gains achieved this struggle but some big changes in some of what. A little about it where would we could get antsy for she has lost her job. I think cable news. Because she you know she pushed the story of her niece's. You know police brutality and racial profiling situation that ended season three and she she what will Harden paint and lost her job. She lucked up and got a job on I don't warning means entertainment program. I'm starting to the bottom she's not at the anchor desk she is you know she's a correspondent she's trying to work her way back up but she's completely humbled. She's and she looks she's looking at New York as a complete respect but her love life with her relationship family. And with her career and it is so good that I got to see issued any. I didn't want will be one of the reasons it's so we do some steamy sixteen yeah. I wouldn't care without. Yeah thanks to Dwayne Wayne yeah someone in the teens probable that's nineteenth not a win win and I'm coming. Can you go to at a time to have baby listen I just wanna prep you wouldn't eleven be surprised I don't handle that we don't. It at what we're filming. I don't waited until shortly before. After he's treated us out but then when it's time to actually watch the show. You might no one wants is yeah. Why because some of being naked and simulating sex acts why and it I feel comfortable might use them. I haven't done that exact. Yeah it's not. They Caitlin Upton you know confused joy and doing women and handed it and. She's at an event. And good want to mention eleven also a new action packed movie sweet land so I wanna make storks. That we want to thank you for being here GAAP real union her new movie sweet lesson and ears on January 3 easy read and you can see her and been married game with all those steamy. Scene tonight in every TV night on ET.

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{"duration":"8:00","description":"Actress supports Streep and discusses Jenna Bush Hager's and Michael Keaton's confusing \"Hidden Figures\" and \"Fences.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44682315","title":"Gabrielle Union on 'Hidden Fences' Flubs and Meryl Streep's Speech at Golden Globes","url":"/Entertainment/video/gabrielle-union-hidden-fences-flubs-meryl-streeps-speech-44682315"}