Grammy-winning reggaeton record producer talks genre's growth

Puerto Rican artist Tainy discusses the growing popularity of reggaeton around the world, his new single and his hopes of working with Pharrell Williams in the future.
7:31 | 08/23/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Grammy-winning reggaeton record producer talks genre's growth
And speaking of the MTV video music awards he's not excited we're looking forward to this every year specifically for the performer is. And the gas and of course the nominees so. I have a nominee with me right here to Latin Latin Grammy Award winner record of the year Grammy nominee wind. Car and the for the song I like it and now nominated for best Latin song at the be amazed I can't get enough of Selena Gomez. Corner again produce there. I mean what it he made it feel like to hear all of these accolades have you been doing this for along time but now here you fire. Nice this is still crazy I am still light and just until all of these things like. When I started to lose like to do sending incoming into music this woman it's doing because it was fun. Because I want my my friends that I hit a few good in and probably have artists say and I you're doing the right thing. They're now like couple years related to being these positions where I never thought I would be united instance is this mind blowing. Are you excited because that they like I'm so excited for you. I'm trying to contain and a little bit but I think the enemy exciting with dignity. I really am. Sometimes I need to just light said banking has realizes that he was happening because everything just happened so fast yet that's as they komen and and ready for when things come. That everything is so crazy I'm excited Latimer hum them feel animal and I grew up watching the in the eighties and yes just to be over there and almost idle amusement. Amazing artist could loses life. It hasn't yeah. Another thing that's incredible it is the video for I can't get enough. We have a clip of it's I just on a play a little bit because we've been watching all morning let's check it out. Early. Selling. I. It's just. Isn't as big if the whole live it's a whole mood and we have to that we have to talk about the bed. The bid is crazy and you posted something where you showed the making of it exactly the making. It is Agnes is literally. Huge. Huge bed and you know some people lie when when you see it feels like his ICG. And Goosen and stuff. I want for the people to see and I exactly this is really. Huge bailout it ending on that it. Yemen soul like going into the asset and then again anything because light is one thing from common with the idea with the guys and listen into. What is supposes me the idea for the video they you don't really like picturing you had been as soon as you step into the sending UC everything is real. It's a totally different my mind said. And that looks like it was. Really fun to make a good thing is the fun is video rather than let it it it just felt like cool I we were just like over there with night every artist was lying. Happy in and it was a nice. They needed to do this and this thing is it was just like just just have fun and just some bouncing around bad life but you can ask anything. And at the mayor and his aunt and there you go so. I want to ask you about something because you're looking at this report one of the producers Victoria she showed me this report that came out and twenty teen. And it said that Latin music is more a more popular John then country and eighty him. So I wanna hear what you think of this explosion and like the roll reggae tone has played an all of this. It's it's just amazing it's something that. We can't really understand I I came in today game where. When the young wirelessly Stein tonight exploded and get out of because it wasn't mainly Puerto Rico and when the store and in. And then scene that is starting to get to other places where they can known what we do what we're we're about. And now they see in that is so many artists that I. And Meyer are looked up to interleukin Aniston probably nice thing we learned music and I asked for us is told accomplishment. And seeing all these guys I keep cushion in and breaking boundaries and Walesa. This is stages that we were never there before like Vivian is something that we never Maryland. We need done I probably die young kid thing is only guiding they couldn't and I compose the lead when these things in now and this low life. There's more Mars led to keep going they keep looking at as and we keep life span and all over the world and to see where we are right now it's something that I never imagine and hopefully it stays like this thing keeps going and keeps Anand. Because it's been using and that's all we want to do you. He's music like if people own dance to your county your beads then it's ridiculous. You literally worked with everybody I think we have a list of all the people that you've. Worked with but who's left who else do you want to work with. The oil and there's so many people that I worked with that I never thought that I work live and but there's still like a lot more. That I wish that I can like keep that in and into that list and and you know I'm on such a fan of music and the and in the nine weather's like this time but now another one night. There's always somebody. So I don't know if I could give you people from the time on my hand. Is probably more people that I'm like Golda Meir and so to a those guys are. Furl williams' night and it's whose ninth that's a huge inspiration and so I don't know I'm just to be in the studio lieu of him and and and I get a little bit of his. Busy and that that would be amazing for me so than that since it was something fallen from you so I think that's something that I'm. Aiming for an even more more more artists. But I. Yeah I and is affecting give you want that that would be. Makes you say that on the stage at the be amazed A odds until I got out I around. And it before we go I mean so your nominated for and that's on the Selena Gomez but you actually just released a single today. ID go. Though we have a clip of that too. Amazing unbelievable so I think we're gonna play some of it yes season yes. And ambition. Mario you know the brown line and him. Well in England can't handle. Well I mean I assume you thing yeah CNN I mean it's those incredible it's incredible to indecent and you're hearing more and more in these videos now to the avenue album coming out is that. Console among warnings in this like part of my my career were around trying to put mine my vision out there and have all these guys and a war win before and people that have any word did I come together and just like. Made this body of work just. I about and I love it and you're doing it in two languages which is even more crazy. So we're going to be looking for you on Monday. At the BMKs were wishing you all the best you are like Iraq's our airlines and appreciated thanks for being here how and of course you tourists congratulations think.

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{"duration":"7:31","description":"Puerto Rican artist Tainy discusses the growing popularity of reggaeton around the world, his new single and his hopes of working with Pharrell Williams in the future.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"65150769","title":"Grammy-winning reggaeton record producer talks genre's growth","url":"/Entertainment/video/grammy-winning-reggaeton-record-producer-talks-genres-growth-65150769"}