Harrison Ford on his 'Blade Runner' return, 'Star Wars' departure

Ford appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about reprising the role of Rick Deckard in "Blade Runner 2049."
19:17 | 10/06/17

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Transcript for Harrison Ford on his 'Blade Runner' return, 'Star Wars' departure
Let me. There is piano. Okay life. It's true. Here and talk. I'm not here to take you. Yeah. The morning. I just have some questions. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and I think you've been waiting. And 35 years that this movie called blade runner 2040. Starring my guest today Harris and fort who's here. For those of you can't get to see it. You tell you everything that happens in the movie from start to finish zoning here America telling anybody anything real now. That's you know I I people I am really surprised that there's so much. Because about about keeping it quiet he knew why wouldn't you keep it quiet her. If people are gonna pay eighty Gideon. They don't want to be told what they're gonna see they want to sit down. They want. You know enjoy a it. Wonderful sound system. The problem cool popcorn. And letter of forward let them experience it not be told. Well the you're preaching to the choir here why would I do well and I do if I were writing a review benefit here's what happens and then this happens and this is now it and it zip I'd be strong. Well I hope so so. But the pressure you know this award you've been Wired News as being so paired going. Well for that purpose for the through for the value of of the experience. To the audience the only he conditioned that I would put on that is that blade runner in 1982. He became like the Rosetta Stone for certain people not necessarily at that time he. Not over a period of time. Like the roses song it was discovered. You know month and and it but the immediate effect is the is the effect it had. Visual artists. This was you know because you can. Appropriate. Visual. Much more quickly than you can if your. Spend a lot of this story has yet to hear what the relationship. Is of this story here cultures so. But. He would it was immediately had an effect. Filmmakers. People in the visual arts. Pretty amazing. But. We should mention that it can't win this so they didn't need to nobody was going crazy made it did decently. Yeah yeah but it was it was disappointing news tumors to the studio. And then over a period time Ridley got it back in his hands. And and made some changes. There was some changes and it. Some changes you know if you wanna go all of them are very important change and that the narrative was removed from the voice over narration. Which from you know I guess it's well known that I did not so much admire that no kidding you. Asia I think you really didn't like. Well they hold the gun to your head while you were something like what they held up my contract that currently. You know. You have do risk Ridley Scott figured he's been here a couple of times he doses that. You know affectionately yeah Korea this thing you always. Always. Just solenoid. About this character. And I think he's replicate Harrison says the human the great thing about the first blade runner Eric second Harrison says cesium. Harris and those that Ridley is never denied that he's a replica and that's good. That's right well listen if you came to get what Israel isn't it interesting that that that that that. Questions still lives 35 years. Later in people's minds I think it's great and so rarely happen. Well I mean there are options for the audience in in this story a lot of different options and I'm not just talking about an ambiguous story. I'm talking about of the variety. Of emotional. Elements in this film and how much it makes you. Makes you think makes you feel. It's it's it's Rick been good you'll learn to me what's essential about this war and and that the original and this. Is it that it's about thinking when you come home what it is to be him. That's the question you know and none of us know which spoon fed everything in the movies it's all about well. Are these implanted memory means that. These replicates. War. Is this something we actually remember. Sometimes we don't even know. These are existential question. Which through which. Which the movie doesn't really stop to ponder. It just keeps coming. And like life and and you figured out a little bit later but while you're there. Viewers yours so engaged. By by what's happened. And that in the mix of of character. Story. And the visual storytelling I think is one of the incredible things about this Roger deacons. Well did the best in Tinny. Have. Have renewed. Horror. Do you the license on a picture being worth a thousand words and you find yourself in in can act in a visual context. As an actor and has an audience. That does. A significant part of the work for you. And then you get to pick up and build on top of that because you don't have to you have to explain it all. Well. In this movie you are co starring with Ryan Gosling who's playing. Very much. The character very much like the way you play I think you even say that I don't feel I'm on safe ground when I when he referred to things that are in the trailer. In then. I can't be spoiling anything know we know that he's a blade we know reasonably her that's it and that's a job. So he's he's of later so he's a blade runner and he. I was a blade runner. That's right I had is job one season. And he said as he says he in the movie you say what do you want in pieces I've got questions and you. In a very Harrison Ford Wednesday too many questions well eventually this yes. Did you is Brian was he a major. Blade runner freak of the first one even though he was barely born when David that he was through years olds oh when it came after knowing he was twelve beautiful. When he saw him he rented for four films for four dollars and and you want. Or powerful. And washes. VHS. And home. I assume when his mother wasn't looking and and it stuck with him. To a degree and he talks about it made him feel. Didn't tell him. Was expecting. From a movie. Usual. Was. That he would be told. You would by the end of it if it'd been wrapped neatly and a bowl put on top and that was that. But he's it was transformative. It. In that. If left him with more questions and answer not unsatisfying way but if it. Stimulated. Thinking for him. Well without giving anything away so does blade runner Twitty 49. It answer some questions and it raises. A lot more as well. Which is. Is set. Well I would think so I would think so it's not. It's idol IO we'll say that they that. The questions will always be there. And we're all looking for proof of our existence. Really we be on the piece of paper yeah. This is only your second time going Rick death cock to do this but what was it like crawling back in his stance. There was a unique. Storytelling device I think that. That are really appreciated he. This story brought. To you. To him. I didn't have to bring story. On my own back. And so when you get there and you see the go 35 years. Older. In a different context than. You're you know you're on the starting. You're not walking into the stadium. You're on the starting line yup they're just in time and you're off it was kind of it was kind very and the story that I have to tell. Flows effortlessly. Ground were quickly before. And it's on anticipated. And it's complicated and it has an emotional context it just is what it was the based on the hook for me. I won that. Significant. Emotional relationship. With. We figured characters we've fit with the audience. That's what I want to go. Well was had a different experience because you weren't happy camper when you were shooting the first. I was happy enough campaign that's what really says now you fit you never saw anybody more than acts. Well didn't like it was always dark Q was 59 and all phenomenon with a happy understood it's always darkest before the dawn by Anders. Good good then general has has. As as a job need to do and he's got to keep the troops in line. I understand that really didn't give a rat's. Whether anybody like them that's fine and I realize that that some that he was that he was keeping me in the dark about certain ambitions and and he had control of the movie you can and and I thought. I thought. I've I felt okay about them that bothered me I didn't I don't want to direct the movie. I just wanted straight answers from and then I wondered I wanted us to rest in a place where we can work from there. But I and so but. I had a great time. I had it I had a wonderful time as much as you can is as good a time you. As you could have when you turned into a vampire because you've been up from fifteen nights and everybody else. And it's raining all the time I wasn't complain about that. I wasn't overworked or was and it was just. You know it is. Seeking in but what this is I mean. I think it was it was good for me I think it was good for him. But look what happens in the sequel he's an exit produce. And Danny Villanueva is the director. He gave. Demean. His blessing. Told him. Not to screwed up as very helpful as we leave it he who he's. Let it lay like Jesus flying F. It's my yet if you don't screw it up yeah this is there's my full intention for you but don't method but it's a brother from another mother. You know. It's it's pretty amazing how consistent it is. With the intellectual matrix. The first one how old. Home much. It is tends to the visual storyteller telling other first but is its own thing. Do knees made it his own movie and we feel that. But. No we. Who who made the movie. I mean the relationship with the with did he was. The best. The best years that he really is remarkable person and news. And his control of thing works the city it's just. Tremendous and the easy yet just really loves all that but look you've done this. With blade runner 2049 you've done it with Hans solo you know you've crawled back into the skin of that here. And look what they did to use force. It looked like you don't ever have to years you may remember I've been arguing. For human a human sacrifice right you pointed her goes dead since the return of the jet nodded bad well OK but I wanted him I hear I wanted to that I wanted to. Him to reach his ultimate. A moral utility I wonder if this sacrifice himself. For the good of the others and has gotten a mama's got no pop and beat just about half believes in the force and the mythology that's there. So. And and then I thought you know bring on. Bring on the on the younger horses he fresher horses. So I got there are going to ask for it took it took a ticker. It but at the very humble pale and that would audience that you have to note you know if you have to know how audiences. Just love those characters that you helped create. And so with Carrie Fisher's death you know that's. So we've lost princess lay we've lost console mrs. wrenching to audiences that Britain with these. Whatever you work they do. Well I think there were still. Hale and hearty. Mark. Mark Campbell still out there carrying the soaring that. George you know doing it. But live your life you've you've played this night gone back to three major characters that you created in the world to do this. When when you're dealing with your family or your wife did they say Harrison. Here's what we think what you do you did critiques from. Them. Really they no no they're just totally supportive. Minimal number open up about I'm I was really worried there for a about it they would all be saying or don't have about everything you do is great need. Talk that does there's a bus drivers. Wife says you know who. Comment is driving a bus you know we'll work is it would be the plane. Everybody will aviation is as much a part of your life is anything that the way to get there Peters I'll get out of law and it's and it's a discipline and what I am when I. Candy aviation I came because then learned anything for awhile I really wanted to see whether. I could do this. And it's did you start with this later on in life where you very young when you begin flying. Yeah I was really and is 52. You answered my question. It affect some even when you've had accidents in the pint you'd you aren't discouraged. I didn't have an accident you can. The engine rated 600 feet in the air that wasn't my X engine had the accident I stand correct yeah you know airplane headed actually what you love it. I love it you know I'm just try it's it's. You know it's what I was it's a combination. Freedom and responsibility need. You put in the responsibility. To. Know what you're doing and then you gain this freedom. Which are constantly attending to the responsibility. And enjoying the freedom. And it continues to give back because you continue to learn that's it's a no matter what. What you do you can you can always find something that we. In. And aviation. And it gets me. It's. It keeps me. From you know from lay and under a stone that says. Actor in a when I'm when I'm gone I was for me I just wants another another another bit alike actors enough cash aviator. I'll settle for parlors. Which you what she how you described. Offline and aviation is very similar to what you do is an actor. You put in you learn. Discipline and then you'd there and if there's a freedom. And you doing that well so I commend and thank you. So this show and in no you're gonna pretend it doesn't in that way last time here who install it its late Heath. Music that is in your head. To do it look at that face now you've done it before you actually good about it and you know there's this there's couple of songs in blade runner but. There's a Sinatra song that ice particularly. Do you can you do little of that. Accorded it. Three. Snowing in the learning. We've just you and me. Senator move jewel. Loose marine. On to. Then just. Graham. It's okay but we're now Ryan Gosling eat your heart out forget his La La land stuff I could oh La La land to will be story.

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{"id":50301096,"title":"Harrison Ford on his 'Blade Runner' return, 'Star Wars' departure","duration":"19:17","description":"Ford appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" to talk about reprising the role of Rick Deckard in \"Blade Runner 2049.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/harrison-ford-blade-runner-return-star-wars-departure-50301096","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}