California University Launches Marijuana Institute

Humboldt State University offers programs dedicated solely to cannabis.
3:12 | 11/28/12

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Transcript for California University Launches Marijuana Institute
Another is a state college up in northern California that has an interest in new program schools opening what they call the Humboldt State institute for interdisciplinary. Marijuana recently. I've never heard of Humboldt State before but something tells me it's about to become -- harder to get into that Yale. To the -- is organized lectures and research to study how marijuana relates the topics like economic geography. Politics psychology and sociology at the probably just that a plane. Ultimate frisbee or something. This believe that the new wing of the school has already been built and we have -- it looks -- stuff. I don't know if we need this we already. Have a college research institute devoted to marijuana is called college. You -- I read that humble -- was opening up marijuana it's gonna happen. After -- jump to conclusions I know -- -- lot of -- -- their choice soon they're student body was budgets donors sitting around listening music event. A little digging a -- website called college west dot net it's a site on -- students from various schools give firsthand accounts of what it's like to go to those schools. And this is the guy they -- to speak about Humboldt State. The last time I think it was a campus. Is that musical instrument liberation committee. And are kind of motivation was to you. To abolish a law only she could not play musical instruments in the -- environment. And that we were successful in getting our room. So the -- ceased to exist. There's really -- in part and I'm comments and it -- serious. Oh yeah. It's apparent -- durable goods. Is down into. Marijuana research is obviously getting a lot of attention and admission is competitive you get in the school you have to fill a lot of very rigorous drug test but. As -- preparing kids for the future goes if you're a student looking to get a job right out of college it does look like a good school to put on your list. -- -- -- -- -- -- Would you like to -- Then apply now into the humbled institute for inner disciplinary marijuana research. And prepare yourself for a low pressure career in such exciting field says dog walking. Snowboard -- pizza delivery occupying Wall Street addressing this to vodka -- Living in -- -- and selling friendship bracelets and they truly -- Olympic swimming. Just listen to what -- students have to say. Two years ago I helped to organize. She charmed circle so don't just sit there -- out of your mind. -- the humbled institute for interdisciplinary. Marijuana research now it will be wasted time. I can't see the home. -- disciplinary marijuana research and higher education. TV business. Drum circles just organize themselves.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"Humboldt State University offers programs dedicated solely to cannabis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"17826544","title":"California University Launches Marijuana Institute","url":"/Entertainment/video/humboldt-state-university-launches-marijuana-institute-17826544"}