Inside Marvel's 'The Punisher'

The cast talks about the new Netflix show.
22:08 | 11/06/17

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Transcript for Inside Marvel's 'The Punisher'
Although it and inside marble. I am Mike Rothman of the lowest on black and Walt Hickey who is giggling over in the corner and I don't think we've ever been this excited to have to welcome to guess this show before actually mean that it John doggedly but. John Bird doll and Debra wall from the punish air very highly disputed series that we are excited talk about. Atlanta I'm approved use I know by the way that she a but until that Alamogordo clip first of a basic look involving UT guys and then we can talk about the cities. Or other things. Can think up these men these that would that you occasionally get to them that you don't get to do that. But look I. I can cost big confusion I community bulletin was weaned on board he could think my fairly Clark could the what I know. A law. Vaguely last of them really like watching them watch the clip was the best thing I've seen only. Here is paying but. Who was over the release of emotions that he would think that. I really love her man I've been really view I really do she's like. You know just because she's feasts the best him and my favorite person in. Scenes with so. But I think it's it's equally hard to ever vote of us who watch I think we both had this is real. Unhealthy healthy. Sensitive. A dose of self loathing it's Gdansk. It's tough it's the well in the blueprint that you heavily willful Wall Street yeah John summons that. But no it I've seen six of us it's wall has to. Which is such anti. Truth it's in the ways. But it's really really good and a lot more emotional and I and I expect in an election of seething seeing their bills is too. One to get to jump in immediately we spoke accident inaudible near you said. You talked about how important what's the stance without this care to tie and also getting into the mindset can you elaborate on that and he knew he took this character really seriously. Yeah. Yeah I mean it's it's it's the same it's the exact same mean obviously you know. Look I think he's been around for a long time he means a lot a lot of people I've said before. The comic book audiences. Can credibly. Passionate. And intelligent and IK anything what you know mean did they you know matters and not toss you know it matters to us to win and. You know so much of the the process of speaking in comics involve so much audiences imagination and so these characters really live in that imagination and there's a real. Sense of ownership which it really respected I think when you UT character like that. Who's this iconic comic book character in you awesome couple that with. The residents that he he he has in in the law enforcement military community which some to take care enormously seriously and the the fact that that. Punish your skull has as emboldened people for whatever reason they've. Want to have it on their body armor when they've they've gone and fought for this country in times out of this country it's something that you just. Sit aegis you wanna get that right in and and and you want to honor them in and I think just the process of of of doing this is. You really want to honor every iteration you want to honor the fans and and I think by doing. He yachts after really make it Euro and make it make it super personal and and see. I worry about it all the time. Yet in the character frank castle is it's hard and it's always hard you throughout history through the years that that it's been adapted I kind of want to talk relic in its current contemporary sense simian like. A heavily armed. Superheroes gets out a lot of wounds in the national psyche a lot of things of this country's endeared over the past. Months eight years and I just wanted to kinda get inside does have a that's how did you how do you adapt the story in a way that's kind of sensitive to those. To those and who have been affected again either guns or just kind of violence in general since the story tackles. Look I mean I'd I think he use. Who you go head on yeah I think you go head on in I think I'm not. Look at I think. Art sort of the best thing that that art can do is be a mere two society and reflect what's going on in me to ask questions forcing us to ask questions not necessarily try to answer them I think. One thing that the show does. And you know and in in talking it to Steve I'm not even sure whether he did this on purpose or not Steve's the writer but I really think that. There's nothing preachy about this show and I think that all sides of the argument RRR sort of explored and it. And look you know mean that let's let's be honest we put off the premier the show because of gun violence in this country and now the night before we premiere there's been another. About it it you know there's been 900 gun deaths since Vegas you know it's. There's clearly an issue we clearly have a problem and what we need immediately I think is some some open dialogue on it. I think. Here are supposed to be polarizing years of post him. Relate and be repelled simultaneously and I think you know part of the instinct thing of bringing Karen into it is that she is fat. Conscious cited and that's tightness has to be have to go to death and violence every single time is there another way to do this and that. Every single time she gives him information. I have to know that. He's gonna use that however he sees fit and I may not agree with Bowden the conversation is what's important. The tensions really fascinating and I love 011. Really great park boulevard at this oozes into it a lot of ways it's a story that grief nay necessary that any any side of this camp can understand. I think so I think that that's always been something that's. Really important to Steve if he was really important to the guys from last season. And and I think it's very much there in the comic is you know there's a real cost here. And and in pain in an and violence it's it's there's accosted and and you know absolutely. I've never been 12. Try to go out and I'm I don't necessarily believe. In acting you issued think about things like heroes and villains I think I've never won its ally lionized this this guy would have wanted to do this is is sympathize with him. Show is paying show the costs and and and and he's a man who who lives in and in an extremely dark place. And that's tried approach that. You know honestly. We course covered superheroes for sometime now and we always we've talked about. The evolution of heroes and villains and and they think this in this day in age best characters the ones that don't fit into one box the other. And that kind of like balanced outline in tow that line which is. Again it's great that you two are here because obviously these you mention that yours consciousness it's really actionable to see that. That chemistry between. Him. Not many etiquette Miami Karen's past. This one of and we saw Hershey someone out there are Nazis and I but I delightful that's what they think she's I would say you know Karen wearing a costume of the skies as much as daredevil or or pressure is that that. She have to say hey I'm pretty smiling blonde don't look too deep for 'cause there are things I'm capable of I don't want you know about it. I think a lot of the connection to frank was that. If he's a monster than small mind because I did the same thing nine. Did it once and place we're gonna finance. I did not among them aren't that we do know that it. But god I think it back connection was very much that why. IA on a deeper level can understand his pain and the instinct I mean he wouldn't that in the thing mean frank but. He can't be fully mobsters. And. I am I look talk about caring too because I think. That's an in the marvel does almost than anybody else is having these and with H Madani that's in the series two in just these these leading women that are. The furthest thing from likened to handle the stress which is really mission is C. What's happened lightning like taking you know cold this character that's really. Thing modern and it's a it's a good step to getting you know where you begin. I hope so I mean in all these all these conflicts were and but gun in a different era when women in stories serve different functions so for sure. We want. Karen and Amber's character and everyone you know to be really. Modern men and true to who we are today and I think so much of that has to do about taking women down off the pedestal that you can't just how the Madonna or horror you have to have. A complex person who was capable of both great. Good and and great people. One thing that as I love about punish a kind of coming up now is that. In many ways he's going to be deconstruction of the John or to begin with if you. ED kind of original. Stories the stories that superiors of vigilantes or you know fun guys and costumes who say they pallid band net and I think potentially easily it'll always like it kind of deconstruction of what happens when people become vigilantes and deconstruction of that I guess. It coming out what. Maybe ten years after communities. And just senate after so long after this Lou superior Renaissance that kind of saw in in the field. How is a kind of been almost as a reactionary character and telling the story. As a reaction. I act. I think. I mean look it's it's it's not AEU you know he's he's he's. It's a really unique stories looked at it that way I never really looked at this as as as part of the marvel universe within mean I think what we've seen of him so far knees in the Netflix shows and in there it was he's tune in on mr. There'd of the season to you know you really see guy whose whose unhinged whose whose whose reeling from this unbelievable he traumatic event. And everything every breath is in relation to that it's it's it's he's a man on a mission he's. Let's find these people that are responsible for taking my fee and we for me. And let's. Murders as as do that that's possible and that's that's a very clear thing I think what there. You know really trying to ask in in season were the publisher is you know when that missions over what happens next and and to me from from you. You know the soldiers that I've spoken to in an and the people that I've gotten close with and that have been so generous with with with the opening up to me. Especially people who who have dealt with real real trauma from combat and real trauma generally. It's usually went on a mission in the middle of a fight. You're training kicks in Kenya and and you know how to handle it and it's actually serve a respite it's it's actually sort of there's there's there's a piece. But it's the moment afterwards when you try to go to bed at night when you come home it's when he gets in distance from the guests are dealing with your life and I think that that's what there. You know. I think that that's sort of what they're trying to approach with this season we do in that. In the missions over so I don't know that is the question but I obviously it's as a points extra on it to them. If this is a revenge tale and subway some for frank once he's avenge. And he's still are not satisfied when you absolutely perhaps in. And it's mentioned a mean there's there's I don't. When a state too much of that thing could it was against this line and I'm not I say I know they address I mean there's obviously that the the counseling this those episodes in the sessions are very powerful woman that again. I think. That that the sign of a really good modern day. Super hero either tail or movie is not a superhero movie but on like a real story that just happens to have heroes and villains and it. Did you feel that when you're working on this clip of the there's people still talk about the one batch to batch honesty from sales and to. You have grown men crying that that I literally go to the salty discharge coming out of I. There's a lot of I think extended scenes and powerful once we saw one betweens who do you do you feel measure filming in and readings these scripts. I'm I mean go for that and am I'm. You know worse. I think we're surrounded by people who take the work you know enormously seriously and I think every. You you know I think every character in there there's. You know that's their own. Unbelievable story right there I'm in my favor relationship in the day ended it in since I've been here has been with with. With. Caron and my I think that's because you know it's insisted mire of debit work but I just think that you know. It's not. It's not names you know it's not deserving general about it you know you couldn't if you were to describe the relationship I can only describe it sort of in gestures and feelings you know which is snow yes so cool you know and I and I think that that's really what we're trying to go for this. Sort of kind of gray unexplained on labeled territory. In the entire show I think that's like the color of the show it's just great and I dig that. Yet when when when art is dead and you know we can speak from actress perspective it you know some people ask me like describe the character in three words you that's like asking you describe myself that this. I thought it's not fair tax me to boil it down my fat and and actually I wouldn't be doing my job if I were capable plane down that way. It's two mixed in muddled and confusing in all the right ways the pats so clearly relationships. Enter into that same territory. In the religion and I did. I've seen all the episodes of the entire Netflix marvel catalog I had a late start the usually. We get together intimately that they that how what the layers of the relationship with knives like on remember. There you know chemistry together as a breath don't even interactive all gone now it's clear it's this really wonderful little. Turn them the acts and completely and named and labeled which I think is Hispanic and ask quarterly evolving and changing and popping which is like the funniest. Way to go to working hours you know that it because it wasn't pre written by Connell a crater thirty years ago and their fans expecting something. We really do get to be surprising and it can be what ever we feel a moment. I recently taking care with those of the in the pleasures but they saw just how how good guys or any other accounting aggregate I think a lot of. But that truancy creative channel and higher. But that's good and that's again that's amazing to develop that's what as ours you wanted to write create something and there's no labels but something that is Janice. It's something on the screen that people sort of dialogue people arrested draw people and that's a different. Layer to the show that's only wires even lake hyping up now firms for charitable season three. I have I keep reminding them on like I know you weren't there I did a whole season with frank capped well we need to remember her. That this is someone she knows it'll IEA IE you know I'm and all went like we need to keep that alive even in the theaters here. Speaking of the series and you know unit you never said if it's in the marvel series but. Where we see. Karen's going to be and a season three was uninjured and will lose him again in future. And the last were complete had no life again. Yeah don't tell us until we drive them. So you see you're going to be an avengers definitive look at the last guy that's I'll take that that's amazing on that I am Captain America the food and so we. Really Joseph throughout earlier about getting in shape for the role and we have some some. Comic stills of understudy guys that really kind of life. Harkin I think you look exactly like time after that where we're about to like Phillips. Lewis' first of incidents that he expects the spider. Worries that in you can get them again and yes but. And doesn't act as contaminants that the utility yeah would you ever wanna be was never has never beat the cross of Arnold and of Charlie they've they've asked Charlie about and other people would you ever won a kind of crossover with the films and notes that. It's a big. And there's a lot of gray area there anything possible to really make that call would you ever wanna double and that apple. Craziness that is Morrissey is. I love this character it but it was written well I would do it anywhere with anyone preferably with John Byrne Paul. All the time. But ocelot I know it's a lot this I just it's not selling on the hands and an announcement that it's done well. Yeah that's it mean I think we re you know we like the united is fair for me I think Frank's you know he's he. He's really in my heart and mind my blood my bones I. I care about immunized I feel form and and I'm one and done right so you know it's if if that's taking care of you know and and so there isn't there. But that. Spitting image would be the opportune moment to point out that both marble Thomas Arnold Tim and ABC news or both subsidies that Walt Disney company sent in the his deputy did it doing that I saw Johnson reflected its reckoned with but then. Got. View. All the more questions yeah I guess is kind of looking again at the whole world this again it's of its of fascinating story it's at. These dramas on the deficit to separate because the character to. And yet at the customs guess is that the deeds that they do and one not but I guess it getting inside of these characters. Words of inspiration and arguments in the east that's like Americans members and folks who blitzer from makati kind of do little researcher get inside the mind tutors after mr. It doesn't mean that out of okay. You know. I was few weird an interview like to batten who goes for that like this is not something I want a young outline and respectful. I mean but what if you would like me to take prepared. I think I think you're if you're a little more. A little more obvious and answer because lake I'd I mean. I didn't do a ton of research because there's not a 100% in my job is to emphasize equally with character but that's every actor's jobs so. I don't know I mean I I when a shadow the only reporter for a ME II did a lot especially for the punished and I did a lot of research one you know what you. Think that's when things. With certain things happen and telephone and right now. That word what you're you know what the protocol things like that but it. Interns actually connecting with the characters that the job is always the it's leading and respecting that person. Regardless of whether you agree with. I think I'd be good but I'd truth I'm not at look I I think from the the without a doubt the did. The greatest thing about my job has been. Over the past. You know 567 years is the exposure that I've had. Q2 two real vets and and from from World War II through Vietnam through Afghanistan and Iraq. And I've been extremely lucky that. A number of these folks have really opened up to me and and and have I've become I've become enormously close we would with some of them and I I I cherish somebody talking about things. About their life that they don't talk about with many people I I cherish that I. It hate it it touches me like beyond words. And there's a few in particular. My friend Kevin dancers navy seal. Who like I'd gotten on furious as his and I'm very close with him he's been. Unbelievable and not just opening up to me getting me into solution mentality in tune to what. What what what what what happened to be since I Jews about but also it's like to come home and he he's he's he's unbelievably brilliant brilliant writer and he's he's great at sort of taking me through how to. Approach it like an artist you know and and there's an unbelievable documentary about a friend of mine. Tyler grade it's called that which I love destroys me about PT is Steven talking in tier one guys he's delta force guy who suffered a wound. I believe in Afghanistan and soared documents is his PTS the over five years he's unbelievably helpful. You know it's so many more so many more but I I I think more than anything else it's exactly was. Ted said it's it's. You know you know. You know I'm not I'm I'm a father and on the husband. And I love my family with every fiber of my body and I would happily give my life for them in the in a moment's notice you know without hesitation. And I think for me until I understood that loving and really knew it was light love. People way more than I love myself. Can I really understand what it would be like if if they were taken from and that that bad idea. It scared me you know beyond words and that's why I think you know I really want it to its it started to. Create this real spiraling effect in my imagination and it scared me so that's why we wanted to run towards him and and that's why you know it's with me every second when when part. It translates that on both the account that really does mean series is great. Punish about now. Friday were going to stream their rates rise the next Friday it with a fifth. Yet if they go to a lot of people doing all next weekend. But it's the he has are joining us is awesome really wants. For Walt Johnson Debra. I'm Mike Roth who's been ABC news.

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