James McCartney Proves Talent Runs Through Your Blood

Paul McCartney's son debuts first album, reveals some inspiration came from The Beatles.
7:01 | 07/31/13

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Transcript for James McCartney Proves Talent Runs Through Your Blood
It's -- not -- pain. -- seems to me it's a million paying. Lyons dean. You can say he's got it in his -- he is the son. Of Paul McCartney and is doing what apparently runs in the family he is out -- its first full length album and on his second leg of his US tour taking its time off the road. To be with us here today James Carney thanks for stopping by today congratulations. On -- this is this is -- mixed audience that a couple years in the making. And income from so that -- so it's titled me you know at a -- a couple of places that you wanted this to be. I care deeply personal expression so. The I mean you know it was just kind of and cool -- from -- just like in my simple. Small. Soft. It's fits nicely in the names I thought and that's what we've been then instincts. And so like. So the dentists helps compromised and -- gain influence can states. Honest and done. He's been going crazy all over the country guide. We were talking earlier almost like 9000 miles of enlightened terrific -- -- -- Well that's wildlife 151000. Like. So. I regret that you had said that as a musician you need to a fault that you need to constantly change and and create. Yeah so what -- -- -- -- if you if you come out with anything that's about you that you're constantly going through that discovery process. -- yeah I mean I would meets in Washington the like. Yeah it's good news is live flowers aren't -- us on meticulous -- and members of both of his life votes -- on the analyst. What about willingly or America obvious we hear other obvious that you're -- went from city to city and think this nonstop and -- -- doesn't mean it's. Sound -- it's a glamorous lifestyle but I was in -- that kind of miles and you put in that kind of work. Do you get a chance to reflect. And how your music is being received by audiences. Might change. Strive to keep -- music control -- run stuff holds. We look for for inspiration on and I don't you know bands like -- of The Beatles. Every -- everything that it could be as you have to say happens. You have but it is still. It goes. I think they were in -- you replace a little but I mean you can. Here a lot of the sound -- a lot of similarities because we're very distinctive signature to. Yes -- life or intended and blues against the so what's next -- next. I think in some fun of another problematic. Yet in and just. And singles and just you know the usual stuff and these are stop that you gravitate to a genre that you particularly speaks to you. Just generally rock and roll but I mean I guess I like her -- child lots of stuff like classical music you know like and we'll all sorts. If you're sitting down and the privacy away from the press away from friends of America haters have -- guitar with you what would you play. When -- play. Made many blues. I mean that's played trying to play everything but I mean. Blues thing one of them just in many smoke containing -- something cool. -- Just becoming just becoming -- with the sounds. -- Anderson -- him some. We'll continued success obviously huge enough that you need anyone hopewell -- for that division. Clearly got elect or forward looking it's called me we appreciate stopped by -- -- would you might play us out. -- -- -- Quote we apply this is -- -- in my constant. Very. -- big news. Me. I can't -- a little. -- -- -- -- Name me -- -- -- -- -- -- -- news. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. Let me. -- -- -- Okay. They've created. No. Peaceful. So maybe I'm saying is -- Save. You know. Shannon and news. Yeah. -- Okay. And.

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{"duration":"7:01","description":"Paul McCartney's son debuts first album, reveals some inspiration came from The Beatles.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"19822215","title":"James McCartney Proves Talent Runs Through Your Blood","url":"/Entertainment/video/james-mccartney-proves-talent-runs-blood-19822215"}