John Boyega on 'Detroit,' 'Star Wars' and living the single life

Boyega talks about working with Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow and returning to 'Star Wars' on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers.'
16:23 | 08/04/17

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Transcript for John Boyega on 'Detroit,' 'Star Wars' and living the single life
Sometimes when a black guys put in the position of authority. Other black eyes and they like to see when you out. It is I'm not supposed to tell what to do. We have these conversations. We do them in stages. Stage one. Witnesses. They do suspect. When student. There are no statement no impeachment from form. Then Wednesday edged him. Hears us back. Hello everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn will we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's a movie now. Which I love the cold Detroit. It's set in 1967 during the Detroit riots but it has a lot that say about how we live now. And my guess today I guess you know him if he did that little Star Wars and it's continuing to good. But in this movie this is a different John way so different John Blake a welcome thank you want to see you again in terms of Detroit. You play in a real person yep tell us a little about this guy well. Melvin Disney sees. Casilla young man he says trying to go from like for two jobs one of which is that he's a private security guard this course we still. He is an inch of very soft spoken and an means well. And on the night of of the rise he decided to go out and and try and help. But unfortunately. Truth and several altercations and being witness to the horrific events that happened the adjustment. People into the story in and something chocolate first agreement so it's. It's it is a twist of fate for. Well it's incredible because what we're seeing basically we're seeing a lot of bad behavior from the white cops yeah. Oh this Algiers motel incidents yet these seven. Three young black men are killed killed nine of them were beaten yeah. Two white women are completely tortured during this time that what's going on in your guy is saying. Look maybe I can be a calming influence on this powder jet comes right a me for me. I am speaking to him it. You don't wake up in the morning then you know decides finds itself in that situation. It's a decision making is that we think it has to be very very strategic he knew that he's presence at the motel. Could perhaps waive the police force at the time modeling that about. At the same time he was kicked out of that scenario in that situation and ended up being one of this when the victims and well he does he get proxy. Heated yet now as it and we're doing it now you head him. You had not only Kathryn Bigelow directing you and mark all writing this script yet if you head Mellon disputes to talk to again agree with him. It was it was amazing because eats them. Well to do that that's a bucket of of information. That I can get but also. For me as an actor is always good to know that the real that is if it's cool we view. In what he in the mist and seeing. And he was he was fine we've seen and he would teach. Gave me complete trust an infant you know you have access to media and questions but apart from that you do you. Wouldn't do you think Kevin below is the only woman directed ever win an academy for two. Have you approach working with are on a movie. It's no different than other directors that you world I mean. To me what what stands out more than that its use is the fact that she has a unique style and purses achieve that mission relaxes direct them. That means it's enough essentially to work directly because you know. She's good to get this bash something special forum from this performance. And something that she she did you know at same time I'm hoping to change the fact that you know. About the need to do image raids that fantastic but there's just to see purses style. Catherine has is it's so unique. There's a scene where you've been interrogated by two white police yep and poor Melvin is is basically in this place thinking that he's done the best began and they're treating him like the enemy via. Yep and Big Bang on a table like that yeah. So is that something that they did spontaneously in one take. I had come. No idea what those two great acts as we're gonna do in that they paid them tougher would have them out of the room. I left me in that interrogation room just for a good few minutes before they came in when they would come in they'd still be extras behind them. Moved around to see if you know this was fully operational police station. And and they came and sat down and and and they already have that planned the kind of like. Good cop bad cop you know kind of thing going on and I impacted enough I didn't know how they would then approached each each take. And every take was different. In terms of Detroit what do you know about the Detroit race for said 1967. Why did you know about all I knew about the this the situation in the grand scheme of things and knew that there was. A rise of based phones systematic racism athlete was two to me. And then I doses than you about the various attempts to to keep the peace. I knew about this that the media's involvement and waited which they twisted the story but I I'd I knew nothing about. This particular incident happened at the outages Mattel and most of us didn't. British or not. We we you'll have to do you and over recess to kind of get off so I think you could each day find Americans who have no idea either. Yet again he's so it but Bo what what's great about if it created. Offensive both of unity like we until or kind of get down to this week's session know exactly. What happened and something that we we did and we will will fully. The facilitated with good paperwork could reset and and it's is that behalf Heidi documented. So there's a lot that the law I'll pay it about since I just. Enough. Ninety. Yet and you know now and then when you see the movie two years saying well I see a lot of this reflected in near the bed we haven't changed much and yet we see the same headlines. We don't. This is a very sad thing to have to experience. What you growing up in South London Ewan. Yeah Patrick peck of yes upbeat they did he want to yeah that's that's what it is that it had did you experience racism like that going. And I've never experienced. Racism from the leaks you need as as a significant thing on my experience but definitely from civilians from people. Several different situations in and opened its but look this stuff very tense. Time to meet any country in which has been huge influx of immigrants he he. They they would have faced some form of racial tension in and month that a mom came from Nigeria. And and we moved around a line and in the continent and some areas we we were what will wife before we ended up in south. I remember when and the first teaser trailer for forced to wait it came down yet and you with the women you -- storm trooper takes off. In takes off that helmet in your Cadillac. Yet and there were people the Internet trolls who would say what's he doing beings don't. Through here and asked to means is you know we. We have to base in which we know racism is trying to use the kind of played down there and times and they youthful that you play in the black cod were kind of stuff. Which I get you that those arguments by the Dave that the prime example that is a very specific unique. Black experience regardless of you'll you'll state regardless of its success he'll always be if you abuse through mind you oh your black and the way we Wi fi Yuba. It is Woody's when you were here laugh it didn't happen in a movie hadn't opened yet now I said. Got your whole life's gonna change he did it yeah it paid it to change it did change but. I mean I guess at a time. Everybody had an opinion as to how it was going to be to me the strange thing is have still been able to me and pain that. Assault force field around my my personal life. In an offense that I still get the goods and persons school. And and human shall pianist who physical my friends and you know. You don't get what amazed by anybody handle all the time and when I think this book is not is not to that to the point where around. Where Congo out like it's is actually strained I think because most people see me and then say. Not copy sometimes that is going knows that one thing do you like doing is you know one that the AM. But it's in my life from going to be jetliner could have come back from the state I'd. I go out and and and angered some late night subpoena feet below them and I go in my pajamas to them PG. He would just like. Dot com if you wouldn't do that and it's the best thing and if you like that it's accurate visible because of what you do. Me try not to engage them in a conversation about how you can't be. And like most most people just Steve me he had my accident and that is not the guy that is not. Can't. Yeah that's just the brunt of do you do TJ he's trying to. Likes them and went at a driver was here he fit in these bills. It is if year old boy who always system every morning good morning Kai -- ran really well and he says but I am not coyote ran and the kid got. A cop she walked of course you yes they had it it. I was in the airport line when time and l.'s. Flights will lay and I had this this new chip making go came to Meehan said them. How we shall act like have you healed and I'm might be talking about it looked up and her mom was like. Along with the shift means you think you go into a fight of color and you look like they've with Scott and -- fine and I'm even up and just like OK great good it just it touches the kids' differently. So you what all the cards the kids and a lot one to say you have to play into that have to related because we do you when it's an adult you know maybe two different always the boat unit they'd take it. If it when they want to take a picture with you or itself the lord. It is different names different things. A large number of people just comments when a quick. And and say congratulations. And keep it reasonable but not related to him ways nice. But c'mon you know you've now this movie came out and we're gonna get the last jet and number. Women are probably throwing themselves at. OK oh come on you know you've got to have people that just buy them off. You know well how do you that these women down. When I used to what's interviews with the liberty news they would be given this question and they go the or nothing's happening I'd be like yeah right right. It's actually sure because of the what the schedule you can't keep I mean most of us would mean. I'm gonna be like you know you know consistent could you run a fly in the you do landed somewhere else you can't. You can't keep pups so he had her mom just lines and single. Like heard that Ryan Johnson you're director unless tonight a gives you a lot of hell about things I taught him to the not to you on Twitter about taking too much time on I've worked so much I would from stalwart. To Detroit. Where from Detroit just Pacific rim and the oil from its agreement what Schick and state to him. And then I decided to take a week and a few days. Right messages means for toward us polls saying get get back to a wage. All of a sudden I have like with the folds five's go and you about what do we have them reviewed. You know I was so fed up. That you and and that you were always at and twenty when he says and do you get in this at least the last name. We're giving away too much given away while eight. Has to be a little anger on my us point. From this movie you can tell me we so often he was. Kyle with windows to yes this kid it was right he was worried you. Wasn't the best of the best of qualities that meanie you know he was not great he's Boston I let with a bank. Well you know. Breaking out a pilot and and shoot up a peaceful trip was between that. You know for the damage to its habits of the first order what kind of stuff so it kinda what really happened. To you it's understand. It's understand always. But there was a lot of things that happened since that Carrie Fisher we lost yet. Yet that was stacked there is mean anything to do it we have many scenes in the India in this one coming up we we would feel what she refused and the engine that is if that they won't say motive me get in the someone. The cloth than the goblins. But if the kind of go away to see the path and I'm great I'm your dreams of company. And housing material at a fund out. It was as if it was strange. Strange scene felt like everybody in the cost just wealthier on the world's. Which cited for a break but it didn't lie. Yeah I mean this this movie does. Fins or in the and very. Amazing way she's seen she still kept alive in this. To confuse in the huge in this Rupert said well I mean. If filmed and somehow conveys immortality somebody Star Wars certainly and Daria no day off the alarm going it's still going to be somewhere and it. U. They elect a grip on something with something. C'mon do you just he used it have a blocks. Brian little is elected Mike Myers in the that he wouldn't give you anything I gave you good few things get me my spot peace as a war. He's not correct its taxes though because we know and I can see him again. Happened that he has so that he is he still call you went and why can't they actually yes. Very highly of it she emit. Sheila message saying much appreciate it basket. He's cool and vocalize that much about what his and emotions and I love it because I love being in the guy Lewis said. That kind of makes everyone's fees the tough guy in a different way you know and Harrison would we would be will keep you would he went back to you. Are you just loved and I. Rate base cash. Get this care. It. When I font Ryan Johnson left I asked them to do what you voice. Was negated it was harm a horrible just horrible right you know it's kind of went on to keep places in you do with the overall. That's pretty good it's not an angry Cuba and and this this she backer is about thirteen years old Villa currently in high school. And he lent. So he's much more sensitive O'Keefe is yet he's so many agencies who aren't so we end as always and song yes what have you prepared for me today. One of course you don't have a song I bet fit had a song. We'll comes from what we're never gonna find out where he came from. What a Walton. Of their goes yeah me just move that is a positive in what's just been split with shifting. It just did what who is he in weird to be come from what would he be listening to is your butts. What are you listening to school I am listening to about a lot home Watertown because I went and visited Detroit the Motown museum in Detroit. When people are if you gave me a slice of adept ABC. Easiest one to three. Ray me ABC. 23 maybe you have meek. By air and left the field right now. Thank you man am always great to deal.

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{"id":49032977,"title":"John Boyega on 'Detroit,' 'Star Wars' and living the single life ","duration":"16:23","description":"Boyega talks about working with Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow and returning to 'Star Wars' on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers.'","url":"/Entertainment/video/john-boyega-detroit-star-wars-living-single-life-49032977","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}