LeBron James defends NFL protests: 'It's not about the disrespect of our flag'

The NBA champion said the protests are "about equality."
4:20 | 09/25/17

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Transcript for LeBron James defends NFL protests: 'It's not about the disrespect of our flag'
A flu. But in a fill the coaches the players. The owners. The fans. Everyone had anything or any association with an affair yesterday it was unbelievable. Rules solitary. Solidarity and there was no there was no divide. No divide even from. Then from our guide continue to try to divide up those people. And what does it all wanna muscles from media platforms. Couple days ago. But they admit that kind of frustrated me in (%expletive) me off a little bit is the fact he's now. He do you support the use the sports. Platform to try to divide us and sport. And sports is so. It's so. So amazing. What would sports can do for every one. No matter dude does this shape or size or all race or ethnicity or religion or whatever. People find teams people find players people flying colors. Because the sport and they just gravitate towards that it is Macomb so happy. And in a brings people together like none other. And we're not gonna let I'm not gonna let why have this platform. To let one individual no matter to power. No matter who. Mpeg that he should have or she should. Ever. Use or of the platform or device. Can we sit up here is say there. I'm trying to make a difference. And can we sit up here and say that aka look myself in the mirror and say there. I want the best for the American people no matter. No matter to skin color no matter race no matter how tall athletic Q or whatever the case may be. Can we sit appearance say that we are trying to make a difference. Because we noticed the greatest country in the world it's Leonard free. But we still have problems just like everybody else. And we have those problems we of the forgot where how we come together and be as great as we can't be at the people. Because the people. Run this country not one individual. And damn sure about him. He does understand the power to he has. For being the leader of this beautiful country. He does understand. How many kids. No matter race look up to look up to the president and not its Pittsburgh. For guidance. For leadership. For four words of encouragement. You don't understand it. And that's what makes me more. That's what makes me more Cigna and anything in there we have so one that's. This is the most this is the number one position in the world. You are literate. Being a further notice is the most powerful position in a world. I don't know of another one. You follow them you know it's the most powerful position in the world. And we are at a time where the most powerful position the world has an opportunity. To bring us closer together at the people. And inspired a youth and put the youth at ease on sand it is okay. For me to walk down a street and not be judged because the color must be in or because mile race. And he has know. Recollection of you don't need repair. We need to get this it's not about the disrespect of the flag. And our military and everybody has made his world free. It is the bow. He quality. And people haven't. Option and the freedom to speak upon things that they feel that's not in just. It's not about the disrespect the flag and I hope. If anybody have any one here to have any family members and a military. Or anybody has ever been in any walks of life to try to save this world because I do not have no family members. But I do understand that this is not a disrespect. For the men and women who have served our world to help us become free it's not about that.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"The NBA champion said the protests are \"about equality.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50081801","title":"LeBron James defends NFL protests: 'It's not about the disrespect of our flag'","url":"/Entertainment/video/lebron-james-defends-nfl-protests-disrespect-flag-50081801"}