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12:10 | 08/26/13

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Transcript for AFTER: The VMA's
The video music awards pulled out all the stops -- got back Katy Perry and the reunion everyone was talking about in -- and -- and it was of course. Miley Cyrus overall the show didn't disappoint the stars were out in full force and -- funniest surprise this eager to break it all down for us. Is Shannon -- from Spotify entertainment editor Lesley messer. Who was -- Watching it live all night long to see guys were -- and watching endless. -- let's start out in saying this is something that was kind of left up to the very last minute when they wouldn't say granite. Read it is could be room now with instinct reunite at the -- and they did yes. But they've popped up -- Justin Timberlake. Very loan performance. And -- perform for what was it about fifteen seconds. If you -- yourself and gave -- -- -- on the -- and if you looked up the win their present -- -- wouldn't -- it is very very great I think still the big -- -- hit a lot of people are talking about this morning the day was very fun and it was probably as long as it needed to -- to be honest Bennett and it happened -- Justin -- like this city performed this very moment -- songs. And I gotta say I think he's still the house and it. -- he is hands down the classy as performers tonight because they listen pretty this let me think again and I think -- -- -- Jackson's amazing and I think he always pulled out a great performance but to hear all of his songs. It sort of means you remember that he has so many hats and that he has been relevant her. Over a decade now and seeing and -- -- thing. Need everyone's inner teenager kind of come alive everyone was really excited -- I -- I think that wasn't the point. His performance but it was really nice to have annual what's great about JT is he doesn't feel needs him to be at the time he doesn't have to do anything risque -- ridiculous he just does what he does best which is entertaining and that's -- -- did -- -- fantastically and when he accepts awards like he was accepting the Michael Jackson and got video and he he's so gracious and self deprecating and it's so refreshing -- -- -- people get up there -- general rob or I love what do you think it I don't deserve this I'm gonna take time anyway yeah yeah name which is which is very sweet and his parents were there and he gave them -- -- he gave his grandmother not when he accepted. The award for best video later in the show and he was also very gracious about missing in acknowledging that they were big pot of his successful history -- speaking of parents in the audience and. At a time not Miley Cyrus. You know we're have combined with the neon yellow -- thing I -- an inning inning then -- the plotting something my hands. So that you know you can see why -- conceded he had to he had human usual wardrobe choices that -- today. You know basically it's -- that question is. You know what happened why it seems you know what we want to let her of the -- -- -- where I -- well she you know. -- at this point she's getting older she started off as a Disney starring think everyone. Remembers her catamounts ten very very cute and she's trying to -- that it -- she's. Trying on -- looks she's cut her hair she's running out she has an amazing body she's not afraid to show that -- and I think what she's really trying to do is tell the world. I'm not that little kid anymore I am an adult I'm engaged. And I'm going to currently taxed to prove -- to you. But if she's -- -- sends mixed messages that because she's got. That Katie bids -- and then she's sticking her tongue out and clicking so it's like a trying to tell us that years shedding the that this the young bill image with a Teddy is and you aren't doing reminding -- -- -- and -- -- which is you know the new word of the moment she was working all night long she has really. Over the top. Tell us what really over the top and it it. It was sort of embarrassing and I think -- Visit the photos circulating on the web today of will Smith and and his family and they are only reacting with his look at other shotgun Horrow which. I think -- -- -- of -- -- -- 120 point five million tweets I mean she is getting the buzz out there for better or worse I don't I thought it was all anyone wanted to talk about just. What is she thinking what is she doing what is she wearing began. Jack has -- -- -- we're talking about it which I think was the I think it's a shame that she -- -- still the focus from Robin thick because he was really AMP PM the most nominations going into the showing up for nominations he didn't didn't win any of it. He came -- in this beetlejuice and spy kids drank eight -- -- was very sexy and yet. -- was with them Miley Cyrus didn't dancing around him and time great -- any looked a little taken at the. I supplement and I think I mean I'm sure they rehearse but he -- I was like this didn't happen in their. And nowhere during her. -- -- A lot and and I friend actually text ads tell me but. She thought -- -- Paula Patton his beautiful out here -- -- -- audience. Rain. OK so you know we talk about that normally lady got that we mentioned when we talk about out -- that she didn't disappoint. She several of them. What did you make of her -- and she. I think you should have -- nominated for anything that -- -- made up for it I think just assumes the big show I think you and I -- it's fantastic she's always entertaining and I loved the way she changed the -- people that backstage to change costumes between songs -- -- -- She changed costumes by talking during -- -- -- out. I had -- sued -- for for being kind of crazy and doing something different. And image -- if she looks fantastic her body was incredible she's come under fire for gaining waits in the last -- -- also ahead. A really bad issue with their hit it. Image he had surgery and she came out looking fantastic in that -- show. Bikini not many people can really pull off the clam -- McCain -- issue -- cute phenomenon that she -- -- I think our coaches. Sitting in the audience and currently you know shell top -- little tiny bottoms. We're sort of thinking it's -- anyone can get away with that it's her and she'd like you said she looked -- -- evening. And it kind of love. That she gets everyone into it and she makes it -- today. A fun experience every line because you know it was glittery and she changed her hair and changed -- make. And it was a real performance disease that if you know is that there was doing at the -- and and I think there was some confusion over whether that was. Intentional on her teens they actually had some. Regretted it later is now -- if it really was people in the audience. In the stadium doing that either way it was kind of -- I had -- an -- highlights. Throughout -- the start when she did the red carpet -- it's hard to remember what she looks like she transforms herself so easily. And saw her in a very simple black final dress right. And shocking for car and and the -- life and but everything on the live -- you do you guys think that this is what -- look like on the stage. An ambulance that of course not -- you know that's what everyone's come to expect to actually come out on stage looking back that would have been a disappointment and doing. I have to think it was sat because of the title of the song -- applause yes she laments you want it to -- -- -- -- the -- as you know what I found variance meaning throughout this. Was. The fact that they can't. And TV kept showing them his ability in -- famous celebrities and maple loops so insanely -- -- -- -- Like exchange rate hearing Miley Cyrus performance and he was -- -- looking down encouraging Leon and a Rihanna -- completely underwhelmed by absolutely everything that thing I have to say one moment I think that brought people together -- -- but more and yet you know his anthem is just moving in the audience really I think tried to support that. Tell -- about. Announcer really really nice thing and actually and it brought a little bit of customers and it's a really great songs -- loved me. Mary -- Have such a beautiful voice and it was nice to hear some. Some real singing -- rather than being distracted by crazy performances and crazy Constance. -- -- that. Performance I was really colon and Jennifer Hudson -- in which was -- bit of surprise and she was fantastic as always she music. And obviously she's lost. At -- -- economy watchers she's really open about what that's been like for her. I -- to see her -- and and how beautiful she left her face was just glowing and but it could have some bumps up. So yeah come on -- Dre who created. I'm so let's talk about some of the awards -- Well. Basically the biggest winner of the night was smacked -- Lauren and Ryan -- they took him three woods including best hip hop video. Robin thick as we discuss didn't get any which is a shame because I thought he had the song of the summer. But and it came -- nominated and he did he did he have boy was up before woods. But the best -- of -- somehow went to one direction for their song best song and rest is -- -- and that was surprising to me because if it's humane groups on some analysts like a city that Robin -- -- lines are tough times. Get lucky I think if you ask any music critic music review -- they would've chosen one of those -- but here we're talking about. An award that is voted by the fans and one direction has something like 864. Can zillions and ran younger body fat little boat race -- so again and again does -- mean girls. Few days went and that's what -- into the innings this is all about still a lot of people love to know what goes on behind the scenes. Actually we had Snooki you help us out with fat -- she's got a photo diary she did she all day long kept little photo diary concede she's wet. Her fiance AG on -- pounds she took pictures. With their little boy coddling before she got ready to go out I just again our readers and viewers. A look at what it does take to get red carpet ready because it's normally these stars weak outlook -- As gorgeous as they do. And it works you know there's work that goes into -- -- Late you know I lady got or Jennifer Hudson or act Katy Perry -- -- it took me ten now is to them this way. Joining -- I -- You know speaking of Katy Perry how can we not mention her performance she closed out the show. I was -- her ankle the real you know. He -- to Brooklyn right under the other breeds there in hand. I was -- and I and we were talking a little bit before about its refreshing after seeing. All the glamorous red carpet to see someone with her hair and -- and and just looking -- of he's having a good time and Katy Perry is so good that at making everything look accurate list and having fun with that and to be under the Brooklyn Bridge -- is such a cool way to end the -- night. And I thought it was neat that the whole show was bracketed by the two. Power women -- -- -- Lady Gaga setting the show venue heads. Katy Perry bringing in the finish tonight I thought that was pretty classy -- and the close Taylor Swift is also thinks and to make up for the fact that she wasn't performing maintenance and TV. Should pay everything -- and I didn't play if something would happen on things that was mildly significantly if -- -- that their head and they feel. When containment can't hear you can't say I'm okay and may never Harry styles. Colors and -- hoods. Well ladies thank you so much for your input that we like to hear from you on matters like fifth and -- -- can head to. -- that for more dish on the B and.

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