Naughty by Nature’s Treach and daughter Egypt talk ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’

The stars of “Growing Up Hip Hop” talk about the explosive new season.
20:59 | 01/15/20

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Transcript for Naughty by Nature’s Treach and daughter Egypt talk ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’
It's Candace millions ABC do you and I'm super excited because I have an icon. A pre. And it got me I had the wine and only tracked from not and I ate dinner and minority and be from what I don't know one. I had his beautiful and very talented daughter Gigi. When her. He adds so today we are talking about does and I say it's is just a local override his reality. Docking theory he called Rollins hip hop and it's. Amazing because you really gets giddy greedy with the family dynamic relationships. Of course. It is every Thursday night and tone on the moon Mamas and grow Aaron yeah. Hashish at. Apple. 9 PM eastern standard time. Is so weak CB we see me I mean clearly this is like the fifth season that we uneven thing is a wild and trying to. Catch up and there's so much to get into. But foremost I do to talk about the fact of reality TV and just how in true that is how I managed with banging. Some degree you are lulled him of of that now bin there hadn't gone through this process. At what your first thoughts and what are they now and are you lag. After this these non. When I first. On reality TV images I've. Now allow its bomb it was I was always kind of ready for I was ready to his on camera I'll is Emma. Yeah well you loved being in the spotlight every one. Who knows me knows them all places like that and I just kind of adjusted to a really quickly because I was like at I was nervous of course because I'm. I was on camera and on and now had acts. I had to be myself aisles like him. Arnold a six day but now that I've been doing in. It's not as is not. As attitude the thing like it's not plea for seven cameras on new all users walking getting out of your bed in his kick in this cameras all right it's more. It's still excellent life he is not taking opinions and is still a great platform and beyond because you gets see. How much people do grow it's like when you go PCs and you get to see what used to go to them going in nine knowing own truth and you know home. How every comes again in May ninth. And end track to ask you the same question I must ask you is that how you deal with good now was there might get to see which in Dolan. As social media exists. Everybody has an opinion on how do you deal is back as a dad knowing that you can handing your own obviously but like when it comes year child it's a whole different scenarios on how do you deal with that dynamic in reality TV. EA yeah I mean. The I don't dubbed do worst part about it is like you see days like if you see. You're you're you chow heard any reason all going to stoke. As you was apparent when the cameras they did bagel the day lousy let them do that when you have to see. You know I mean you still. Aren't apparent you like not let them handle they own so but is still you was like you know let's talk in Orleans LA who. But you know this might. You never want TO UUQ school that they have a fight and I don't fight in which you love that calls the battle with an okay. So just is that Voinovich and is being intrusive is like Matta knew regular. With social media it's Ellen everybody business anyway so we're reality shows. You really is is she is yeah Rome and org will go production in the real stories. Moving now we we have to do is jump into this season and so much is going on with everybody who the public clearly. We're here to talk about what's going on with you and your love life I mean yes you are drinking age now. I mean how do you fish. OK the other doesn't call people like did they allow all known all it was like he hasn't on beat me I had known him. I don't send. Well I and that type of person that does not lights Russian I do want an all planned out I wanted to be or treat someone it's as if it as a and B. I'm I want to do with the right way and I know rushing and says something that no one's ready for is never the right way I just know that people Wear out worried. I believe people are wary to lose me. And their weary x.'s Simi grow up so fast and they got on just like rushing him but my parents and no. Whole truth kind of meat eating and they really do you see even if they don't see everything behind closed doors the east they'll know. Trust mean to say when. When I say I'm happy in mountain area and am really being respect that comes most treat it like the worse half. How can this man because you don't need a very distinct character to say bullying what do you see as the yet as I am I agree could be watching on time and he's just like man like. I really do wish that people can release looney says that's him. Congress not him he's not used he's not an opportunist he's had. If he was one there are signs innocent people believe I'm not seen but now I've in with. Not where they and chants even do that to me because I sought report happening in. You can see how people are in their energies and see what they're really after its only and it's it's hard to just explain it but it's month Ian. It's and yet people have been wrong I mean you're living with someone every single day's scenes on them and someone who knew Whitman. Ace it's kind of hard hide something that. You Medina and and you get to being an Al of the arson and leave no there. And I just promise you guys that and it's not arson. Pieces and I respect. Dad but dad. Let's be on his bold new AM mom had some reservations in the beginning and has a let let let let's talk a little bit about that where where you guys today now that time has gone by and are you a 100% on board for this. Yes Tom. Bottom line is what what was shaking it began and was a houses Hammond. Yo you know you're doing a low. Where is this fool you first though you already know into my economy Ambac. But no one industry and everything else are we to see all. They was gone on not even ask him. It seems she's seven as she Montone. So when army and I might remain calm around me let me do is leave along. Didn't rule won't. So by the time all of has gone on in TT were in the relatives in must sign. She too young he's on my you know hula. It's horrible oh. I don't think so Nina talked to me. When they all cause down he came to me. When he came might not know modular seen and from you know no nobody I think is rightfully. Amazed door he like that's my baby girl Liu. When it in the home got the known CM and that's us month debut and nobody's on know him better and she's on. And that's hard decision. And she wants the know why he this is not the royals and they're fix marriages and violence we give away I love Monday before being. For knowing what she wants not being. Stupid now being is all opening gave Ian and open naming things he knows who she dornin is why have our some would definitely. Me. Now you know IILA. In course that's that's why I'm bands I can make a great worried that I feel like from what I've seen your mom has now warmed up to ham and cheese. More open in my mom's honest the vaccine under. And see in the beginning Blakey as actually going to. Evaluate a person in your gonna see okay are you where teen at my town that she's everything he's at. Seles a sleigh. C accident likely he might as it's got to see it that's action Ellis it's not because what not shown a whole. Other relationship and Alan okay. We giggle at them like. CO it. He'll play on praise you mile island Greenland last month saying if you let Arnold. Little about people who he would see how I am unlike. I'm not leg I am I am I'm immunized as Imus any moment like I'm crazy at the thing I am. And I am and right if you and doesn't need. OK I mean and then their people back in tribe but I was seat you if you're not here I'm not only last if you don't be. Asked. Well what I can say is that you know both of you have your own thing going on in the midst of all of this relationship. Drama as they would say. On the eve of a little bit about you in your career because you know it it's. Like I'm curious as to what dad has to say knowing this industry because clearly. Sort of in I guess is just my opinion be hard. You know what his business is light. And that is feared child involved in the has been black as you are you know you this artist and and it created it and making music in doing great names but I'm sure your parents always have their twenty fast as I think who's at that point I've feds aren't used so how does that dynamic work out. From what you know a new areas would use data her. And do you feel like. Yelled this is kind of a tricky situation because. I need need to really be in this biz. Years every Turkey on Industrie is foes snakes all the rats. They could come in you to deal out they mouth and was on tape was totally different so we did as is Ryan highlight you know. 95% of an issues common sense sentinel sound right in name right. And the relationship. And your professional and your business anything houses like fear and now this so we raise our key existed no comments is above anything else even that we say some Soviet Tuesday as analysts my heard boom you know what you write you know me is not not. Listen -- that's eight cut bone won't you'll have no say so about now we all is is a trial so if you know that. If he knows that ended their own bosses don't they learn how to do anti paints that way if anyone does come to them with any false eight music and he said because that's why he's as ninth by. Thank comes as Christine noted. Ease of he I have to learn to become home Boston and Knoll went on getting into last night never signed anything without. And professional look and Allred saying someone that's completely out of the Lou not involved at all saying and is doing it. Union come completely Unita made sure that you Lang. Every aspect of this business so that you can actually win meeting yen. And and and that's really what did that mean you grow up hip hop but you also are hip hop in the sense that you gold duties. You know our culture it is an experience and kind of learn in down the hall as well yeah. Well you know it's interesting because clearly you know you're better I Condit ended game so you know you have to be interesting to its is seemed to be in this if in the family and to meet their child a -- seat. Kind of things play out as well let me on we have this a lifetime biopic that coming other as well. Which you know is on some pepper but also year and act aired germ now Howard is going to be playing Yule. What are your thoughts about this I mean you know everybody always has an opinion because Dublin's stuff comes out you know you're like. Alan going to be about. Did I may not his son off for Boca that's seen what was depicted in me news and it was. Based on a true story we when you hear that that's when you know as a whole lot of solace and it made them low final potter Gumbel. News you for the Meehan drama sells us like the best pace of the best season NN news or dead drama season in. And that school's vice of their tastes and think it is used them so I got. Thrown into a situation like dead and is like. Our lead to play out hopefully people know me and people see Eli all right of this was that type of stuff how did they still it's what's when he years after the divorce. And still have that cool relationship there that was the case. You attorney still hang in now way Ike. That bar. Yeah he's that. If you don't clearly we'd love their narrative when it comes from ours does that the filtered troop on the if you can have if you can take that picture what would look like would you would you want. Were you open the decree. I knew at that island and Avant Sammy all the mean that something that it and now we can see sort of that the dated biopic on on Wi fi mean to have grown up get up like if that was to be in the. I know the way because it was like realities. TV popped up. It was like you've never looked aged you know what I wanted to do music acting and be out. It was envious when it popped images. I had of a taste of reality by the couple's therapy were my wife is now so. That was the start of so it was like wooden I never stated none of Kenya show. As I've never even allows them be applauded isn't among order actually warming. I wasn't reported reasons gray. So when I seen nannies united daddy wanna online this year. More hasn't sentences to this side of things. I know her whole thing out the union family and all Latin ball home but I mean I SA alike with social media would a thing as you rather have year's storm either way you're atonement gain the world telling his army and it's. What a biopic if you guys were exit. This I may only be delaying my body you can't organize and now. In the audience can be good yeah. Island Islam be more based on the true story but it's who stormy in the base is. Country store ice ice that audition and I would I'm not playing in mind on the mom or anything in the movie that I am in the same guy at M and a and the I I am in it for not because this is going to be the. On though you may plea among the nom I'll like not mountains exit. This time. Of year are we looking maybe 20/20 one you know we look like twenty want okay two. One excited about that and I am also excited that you know when you look like they mr. united that he does obvious he's its icons. 2019. Mark the thirtieth anniversary of nodding by an ages debut. Album. Now. And I'll. Milestone mean to you looking back because it's kind of like I just as a way of like just racing and you don't even think about it. Exactly what I remember that thirty years ago that was a flop album that was new stab willful resorting Bonnie -- so we had album on bone on the wreck is that basically. Said on the show. So that was our whole degree now as our whole learning process how all year we got hit with a 52 fake out. Lee guys who they robbed as would've been in school how we. So after you know flee via the management Queen Latifah Jack camp and he trained as socialists now when everything and BO bosses so hats off the flavor unit the queen mission. He did as in we make in a browse related don't. Yeah absolutely. And you know interestingly today it was revealed that one of our favorite that they are thinking about love BI GD you know this is New York. Has been inducted to the rock and roll hall of fame. We know you recorded with and can you give us some a year favorite memories of big he and kind of just that the whole air you know I mean. Ma'am when there was me big rock man who was ninety's everybody was was it was tight everybody was anyone beaming proudly when know about big oil anything. He was a column meeting a big way have you and it's ditches now only ages wanted to dope is who have adorned. Boy that he was. Family man he was about his clay is about as surrounded Manning loses green movement missile. Yen after me in obviously to pop was. And doc. You know Al already is a hall of fame and you got started to grow and he's promising full are lots. Did you as a blow me a militant comedienne has so he the we laugh more than we did anything. He films as soul is lack of society and who you are and you look at the tattoos and jewelry for his you know and personals demise until you sit down wedeman C like we people fill me and we are hostages ended up being. Rap game and everything else op personalize them America's school weakness on of you get to see some mighty and everything you know use the colosseum in handcuffs that image promenade in house but not Nolan. And he really was like who manages US news' it will people. And you know as part of growing up and it prob we like and they mentioned you really get into the your careers and everything like that so let's about the music in kind of what's coming not because. Now you move last year with the makes detour array. The night many years on blogs yeah. Debbie Gibson Tiffany. Exactly and in so what's coming up for you guys now I mean you don't. I am trying to figure out how long gold this was filmed that if kind of get us up to date with what's going on. I believe you have something with Ice-T grave. A year Ice-T and on tying Brian this call equal stand is the film so. Has come and now we south and distribution a thing like that for now so we turned it to holly hood who. Hey yeah is. And I've been making music I just had I had Oakland onto those like the last couple years it is in. We're gonna love blaze nine cents healing plant on in in the studio is ready like Ivan you know living doing because I've always been missing and I never I never come in and be about I never saw myself as even though my parents out museums like. Matalin and I never. Up myself as one and let Sam. News of rampant now rapids is saying that all U zero evidence Langley news. I'm very fillet 'cause when I was because Sam residents meanwhile was losing my voice and I was and a light. Really hurt by that because Alice everything in the am and what am I gonna do if I can't seen I'd love to seeing it was like. I wrap his leg Yunnan and Friday you you have. You have ethylene. Whole you have everything you need to become an egregious one not to. Bob thing missing that blow away hip hop Ainsley try that don't be afraid don't be afraid not to all aspects you can do. And I did and we've been making music together and individually commonality music ideals that the about the amount he has is. Is his name is somatic ample somatic the medal on utes who we at this champagne genes not okay music video I'm come out with a music video for my songs aren't time. And you can expect the song million Mueller and good man and meat and it's apt to be. Well you know we we don't want him on a family affair needs and it early in a couple of people that you might know from the fund yeah. And in the I mean yeah. Him and you eat that. Yeah. Iraq panoramic. But what the CNN that I know parity between the Monroe does yeah I don't know whom it o'clock PM and the Easton and you. And we'll be any legal have to see what happened is that both the balcony at the local time on that and so you have a really Murray's William remote. Are taking anti anything that may be happening tomorrow on the minds of the bill with the dollar she. I can only just saying that you'll you'll start seen. Well you know that the proposals coming. I can't really get I cannot give up so much as Ali don't want him as. Does not you have the staying at seats at the hot and ready. And continue watt as in mountain. Public plan I'm on my job mono ambulance Samara Barre de. At 9 o'clock PME depends on the we've seen the Emmy second ad. EU on the island I am you can't bank he answered. Excuse me he adds her early in his client nine in.

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