Nov. 14, 1990: Macaulay Culkin on 'Home Alone'

Culkin discussed what it was like to make the movie.
3:52 | 11/15/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nov. 14, 1990: Macaulay Culkin on 'Home Alone'
Mac is joining us this morning great pleasure to have there. I was looking at the movie ads mean there's movies now starring Costner. There's a movie starring de Niro. There's a movie starring Culkin. That's it that's a natural threesome in you and an arrow and Pastor Wright say that. This is this is the first time you've had a movie big role like this in terms. He's kicked me. What's how long did it take it to me. It took me OX. January to march. You last year earlier this year in its tier school for awhile. In what would agree it's. I don't know all the skip its budget you just know had a near mr. foster's cult. High hardness. Plain and thanks for school player. And us off. Its statement after its. An additional four. And Walt people's army four. Additional strike Haitians. But but not many fifth graders have off Broadway plays. That Ulster. Sustained change. Each morning six. But to be a natural. In this or liked. It it was kind of on what's what's the best part about doing. Some words. X prize the machine. Renter. And the into threat college anxious. Most parties get to travel. Of people. Expose it. Through it is it hazardous as it is for a long time business own. Wheaten ever. Get to be circled. When it its new. There's enough time it keeps things interest. Now what what did you miss you you missed some time in fifth grade. Bristol fourth grade he acts was going forth at the time that you. You miss some important affairs. Non. Saints history and you. Oh it is from January to march he sent to if you pick up on that stuff pretty. How to the other kids. They can oh this school. And it wouldn't change same school. I mean do you play play spore which would you like to do schools the most part to school. Sheen like orange and. Since our initial actually but you get no in the game to Jim you get no quarters could you orders in its. Still beat cult those games it. We actually get you to movies. As this one. And with change ups and Jacobs latter's well actually more movies and cost there. It against more this. Item. Two weeks a move me only. Now when it wears that. Her message out oh and back at you did need to discouraged two in. It's gained about which oh home care about the same place. This. School. Known to. But you got locked. Industry grow up act. Group alike hope that enacted nature can come back exit from our.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"Culkin discussed what it was like to make the movie.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"51176861","title":"Nov. 14, 1990: Macaulay Culkin on 'Home Alone'","url":"/Entertainment/video/nov-14-1990-macaulay-culkin-home-51176861"}