Wife, ex say relationships with Richard Pryor riddled with violence: Part 5

Over 45 years, Richard Pryor was married seven times to five women. "The closer they came to him...the more ugliness they often experienced," said biographer Scott Saul.
7:33 | 01/17/20

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Transcript for Wife, ex say relationships with Richard Pryor riddled with violence: Part 5
I definitely felt that Richard was my soul mate, love of my life. That's why I married him twice. Richard Pryor had seven marriages to five women, two of them twice. Richard Pryor fist wife was Patricia price. And then he married Shelley, after Shelley came Deborah, after Deborah, me, and then after me, Flynn. And then me. How many times its that? Richard Pryor and women. So he had a lot of women and a lot of wives and a lot of children. He was not alone in that in the entertainment world. But he talked about it. I really am trying. I really am trying. I'm telling you, I'm Trying, okay? But it's hard to wake up and see the same person all the Time. He said you have to wake up with the same person day after day. So really what he was addressing was the kind of boredom of day-to-day living. Richard had a hard time knowing that and living a kind of, you know, existence that wasn't a party every day. The night after he was married with Jennifer, he knocked an his lawyer's door and said, I want a divorce. The following morning. That was because Richard felt that it was critically important for him to conquer you. It was a game with him. It was a sport. And then once you gave in, well, now the interest was very much less. It's a result of what he was exposed to in Peoria, where you grew up in a whore house, and there's lies, there's cheating, and there's all of those things in that world. What he seen there impressed on his mind his thoughts about women. So it's complex for Richard because he never had the normal kind of upbringing that all of us nice middle class people had. How do you grow up liking women when you're born and brought up in a house of prostitution? I would think that you would think that every woman was on the make or on the take. I did. Some of the mistrust he may have had with his wives of women he was with was as a result of what he is exposed to but when he was exposed to it, it was in Peoria. His mother actually ran away from the brothel when he was only 5 or 6. Because she didn't want to be part of that life. What does it do to a kid when his mother leaves when he's 6? I hated her. You hated her. Yeah. I didn't understand why she'd leave me with them. Richard could not trust that betrayal wasn't right around the corner. As a result, he betrayed people. As a result, he punished people for real or imagined betrayal. Pryor tells a story in his live in concert special about getting arrested for killing a car, is how he puts it. He was mad with his lady and he shot her car -- -- With a .357 magnum. And it seemed fair to kill my car to me, right? Because my wife was gon' leave my ass, and I said not in this You ain't. No, lord. You leave, you be driven' those hush puppies you got on. If she had just ran down the driveway, she would have got away, but the fact that she tried to get away with the Mercedes, wait a damn minute. Then the police came, and I went in the house, because they got magnums, too, and they don't kill cars. They kill . It was so funny. The timing of it, the sounds that he's figured out to make, and now watching that you're thinking, his wife must have been terrified. Because he had beaten her, so she was running away, so the only car she had her hands on was the Mercedes. In terms of his relationship with the women in his life, I think that the closer they came to him, the more ugliness they experienced. Just as he had lived in fear when he was growing up. Richard had a simmering rage all the time. It was just something innate with him, like a genetic defect. He learned from his childhood that love was tangled up in violence, and he never could quite separate those in terms of his relationships with women. The Mack really hit home for Richard in the sense that it was about a pimp. She is fine. I'm fennished, but I'll let He found himself immersed back in that life, that pimp life of his father and his uncle. Ya' know what I mean? I'm talking about players. They ain't no playas, I'm drunk. You know what I mean? It didn't go well. When we came back to hotel, we had no money. So he decided that he wanted me to go to the Beverly hills hotel and find a trick and bring home the money. I tried. I mean, I got in the car and I drove to the Beverly hills hotel. And finally I decided I couldn't do it. And when I drove home, Richard was enraged that his attempt at pimping me did not work. He had been drinking courvoisier. He already had plenty of drugs in his system, and he started beating me with the courvoisier bottle. And these are horrible moments. Very damaging moments for the women who -- who wanted to love him. He learned it from his father. His father was not only violent with women, but his father was violent with him. My father was scary, boy. I'd piss on myself sometimes when he'd call my -- Richard! I think it was very easy for him to -- to strike out without thinking. And then he was always contrite and always sorry. He fell to the floor and started begging me, mama, help me. Mama, I'm sick, help me. And he passed out. But, yeah, I fought back. I was one of the ones who fight back. They say about domestic violence, that the women who fight back either end up leaving or killing. So basically, I you know, I had to get out of dodge. But I understood that anger. When he could channel it was when he was brilliant. And I had a fight with my father one time. You know, wasn't exactly a fight, but I did the best I could. And he hit me in the chest, he hit me so hard, my chest just caved in and wrapped around his fist. And I held on to it with my chest. I would not let it go so he could hit my ass again. And everywhere he moved his arm, I was hanging on. Like this. You know that the path to that joke was painful, and the world is laughing.

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{"duration":"7:33","description":"Over 45 years, Richard Pryor was married seven times to five women. \"The closer they came to him...the more ugliness they often experienced,\" said biographer Scott Saul.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"68341766","title":"Wife, ex say relationships with Richard Pryor riddled with violence: Part 5","url":"/Entertainment/video/wife-relationships-richard-pryor-riddled-violence-part-68341766"}