Alec Baldwin talks Halloween with his 4 young kids (and counting)

The actor sits down with “GMA” to share details on his new movie, “Motherless Brooklyn,” and his growing family.
6:59 | 10/21/19

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Transcript for Alec Baldwin talks Halloween with his 4 young kids (and counting)
studio for his last day. We're so excited to bring out our next guest, talented versatile actor. You know him from "30 rock," "Saturday night live," big movies like "The departed" and "It's complicated" now starring in "Motherless Brooklyn," please welcome Alec Baldwin. Go How are you? Nice to see you, dear. How are you? Why am I sitting between you and him and not -- why am I sitting next to you. Go over there. I don't care. He starts right in. On the ropes right away. Can we say congratulations, you and your beautiful wife expecting your fifth child together. Number five. I love the gender reveal. My wife had them all -- she bought -- these arrive in a box. You'll see, you'll see. And they made all these dolls and they under wrap the doll and if it's pink or blue -- the dolls were pink to tell everybody we're having a girl. Our fifth child is a girl. Congratulation. My daughter Carmen is elated because she has a sister. Five kids and what's the age range? Ah. I knew sitting next to you would be tricky. 6, 4, 3, 1 and now we're having another one. Five kids in 6 1/2, 7 years, yeah. Yeah. We're tired. Every year you do something cute and dress up as a unit for Halloween. You go coordinated. Ten days to go. Any ideas? My wife has it all worked out. Really? This year she showed me the costume and I looked at and go, no, I'm not putting that on. When you see it, it's ridiculous. Oh, but you are going to wear it. Well, come on, yeah. I'm going to wear it but I put in my protest in writing to the Halloween commission. I you try to take the whole family on a statue of liberty tour. Right, right, right. Got scammed and created real What's interesting is my wife, I was -- I went somewhere and I said to her I'll meet you down on south ferry by the Staten Island ferry and she called, no, no, no, I met these people here. We can get tickets and go on a trip to go around the statue and I go, okay. I lived in New York for 40 years and I'm like, okay, okay. Never heard that have. I walk over and meet them and the guy is like, here's your tickets, can you wait in line over there. It's two blocks down over there. And you walk and get in line. Anyway, it's a long convoluted process. I go up to the guy and go, why is it taking so long for the bus to take us to the boat? He goes, well, the boat is in New Jersey. I looked at my wife like -- did you hear what he said, honey, the boat is in new so I think that she didn't know how the game is played here in New York. Yeah, go down there. You wait down there. Down there. Anyway but people called us and said that this is something that happens and I don't think my wife really -- my wife is very -- what's the word? Humanistic. I was going to say naive. Trusting. She wouldn't believe anybody would -- Change here. I don't believe what happened to me but what I think, there's's lot of that then there's a guy -- I don't want to promote anybody but this guy from the one -- the biggest most popular legit boat tour of the statue of liberty and his office calls my office. Tell Mr. Baldwin when he comes down we'll give him a free ride any time he wants. Come on down. That's New York. After 40 years you get that. Hey, "Motherless Brooklyn," "Motherless Brooklyn," set in the '50s here in New York City. You did some filming around your apartment, didn't you? Like around -- whenever people say someone once told me years ago, think Michael fox. When the script comes to him and says open on the skyline of Manhattan, he says I'm in. He says, I'll do the movie because he wanted to stay home with his wife and kids. This was shot in New York and we did shoot locations all around downtown but the other thing is that, you know, Edward Norton, everybody in the business admires him. He's so talented. So smart and he's smart in the way you have to be to put a movie together. That's a hard thing to do. I directed a movie once and hated every minute of it. It's a lot of work, very difficult and Edward is so good at eight and he did such a great job and then also when you call someone to do a film and the first thing you say is, literally, you know, not how much money or the schedule, you say who is in it? The first thing you say is who is in it, they said cherry Jones and willem and Bruce and Edward and gugu and path who is stunning and wonderful in the film. I said I'm in. I just wanted to be in a movie with those people. Above the law, is that it? No. I'm just ahead of it. What's the difference? The law is a rule book we make for the times we find ourselves in. You rebuild the city in my experience the law will follow you and adapt to what you do. A lot of people like to see the way it is. Who are you rebuilding it for. The people to come. 50, 100 years from now, what will matter of what we've done now, what will help people to make science fiction real? The thing I loved about this, the thing I love about this is they always say the same line which is if it's a good movie everybody is right. And if you listen to my character as tough as he is he makes a lot of sense so want to say there's a lot of things he said that are really very smart. Tell us more. I play a Robert Moses, head of city planning knocking down neighborhoods -- like Moses, changing the course of the city and so forth and I'm also the bad guy who's done bad things and Edward has tourette's syndrome but he has a variant not like I always tell meme like Amy pole in "Deuce bigalow" where you thought thank you, thank you. You're right there with me and thank you. Where you say horrible things but Edward is one where he rearranges the words of people he's speaking to so people underestimate him. He's a detective in the New York City police department. Yeah, yeah, that's great and don't pay attention and he's the guy that solves the crime. Such a layered film and great cast. Did a great job.

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{"duration":"6:59","description":"The actor sits down with “GMA” to share details on his new movie, “Motherless Brooklyn,” and his growing family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66414074","title":"Alec Baldwin talks Halloween with his 4 young kids (and counting)","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/alec-baldwin-talks-halloween-young-kids-counting-66414074"}