'Dancing With the Stars' celebrity cast dishes on new season

Hannah Brown, Karamo Brown, Lamar Odom, Sean Spicer and the entire celebrity cast of the new season of the hit show talk about preparing for the dance floor.
7:42 | 08/21/19

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Transcript for 'Dancing With the Stars' celebrity cast dishes on new season
newest pros with pasha. We have just revealed the new cast of "Dancing with the stars." Oh, Helling low. Help yourself. So we got a chance to chat with a few of them. Now we'll get to now the rest of them starting with Lamar Odom. A man with many nicknames. I'm going to name -- tell everybody, NBA superstar as we know, the candyman, lamb-lamb, the goods, even dancing machine, that one caught my attention. Yeah. Because that might come in handy. It might come in handy. Do tell us why you got that nickname. I was playing basketball, of course. Oh, really? Yeah. For a famous rapper, his name is Jay-Z. Oh, that guy. Yeah and I was playing for him in a rutger tournament and I guess that's the impression I left on his guy ta-ta just called me dancing machine. As we were coming back to commercial you pointed to the dancers and said it's pretty intimidating. I imagine even more intimidating than that is most of our guests have sparkles on at some point. Yeah if ready for that. I don't know if I can do sparkles. Looking good but I don't know if I can do sparkles. Who is into wearing sequins? Yep. Oh, look at that. Put me in sequins all day. Kate, I want to ask you, of course, we loved you in all the seasons. Oh, yes. "The office." Meredith. Had a lot of wardrobe malfunctions in I recall watching the show. Thanks for mentioning that on morning television. I appreciate that. That is your plan to avoid those on the dance floor? This is the deal. I had nine seasons of the most unglamorous character on TV. So we're going in a different direction. So bring on the spanx and the spray tan, whatever you got. Bring it on. Now, Lauren, it seems like there's nice chemistry between the two of you already. How do you feel about having Kate as a competitor? Security, security. I wanted to win until she walked in and then I was like, oh, no, I'm going to vote for her. I did this thing like when you see someone and you think you know them and I saw her and trying to figure it out. That's Meredith. It's Meredith and then I like -- I literally freaked out. The only only person I remember doing that for was dolly parton so -- Good company. I had that same moment when I saw Sean spicers, I was like, I know him. It's totally out of -- The nice thing, Sean will be in charge of assessing audience size throughout the entire -- Oh! That's what I thought. No, he did not. Wait. We hear your mother-in-law is quite the dancer. Yes, she is. But you are not. No. No. You have a middle school story. I was kicked out of band in sixth grade and the quote was you the sense of beat of a steamroller. Oh, wow. This should be fun to watch. So watch out, I'm coming for you. What's your strategy? Work really, really, really hard every day. I can't wait to watch. Karamo is also with us. Thank you. Not afraid to bust a move. Not at all. That's what we do. I want the sequins, I want the moves, I want its all. Sparkles. I saw you raise your hand. I wear a sparkly bomber. I'm the only one with rhythm so -- Do you have a secret weapon move? Usually I twerk and we were about to twerk together. That's my twerking partner but I just was watching so I'm making sure that toes are pointed. That's right. Very good. Quick study. Love it. Whoa! Thank you. I can't do that. He's pretty flexible. Yeah, so I love that they're already teaching like straighten the legs, sorry, sorry. I'll do better next time. Get ready for a lot of that. I'm excited. You will be judged in every way, shape and form. It's okay. Ally, I understand you're doing this show for a number of reasons. Yes. You were a big fan growing up but also you say you want to stop the haters. Yeah, so I kind of, you know, I was in fifth harmony and I -- there was a lot of dancing and I feel like sometimes some of the dance moves were a little harder and some people would leave not so nice comments and it wouldn't feel good so this is an opportunity for me to not only prove them but to myself that I can really tackle this and I want to be able to help those people who fell like that too, like anything that they might feel that they are insecure about or they feel like uncomfortable with, that they can go and they can do it. I love that. Way to go. Going to take two seconds to look at -- can you hold up your hands? Mini mirror ball trophies. I was prepared. Mirror balls. I'm excited. Of course, I have dance and I can do some moves, you all, but ballroom and the cha-cha and the jive and rumba, I'm like, I've never done that in my life so I'm ready to do it. I'm excited for a challenge and to grow and just be part of the show is so amazing, I'm so excited. Do you have any words of wisdom? Really the key is just have fun. I mean, it really is. It's -- I think you'll find that what you're already doing, you're kind of bonding already that in the midst of a competition over the 27 seasons we've had already, it's been hell. No, I mean -- It's been great. I think you'll find that. We have a final contestant. We want to bring in -- let's have a song first. I need you oh I need you Oh, my goodness. Okay. Well, the reason why we're playing this is because living legend Mary Wilson is joining us. Live from across the pond. Mary, obviously you performed -- if she can hear me. Can you hear me? Yes. We know you performed for decades obviously with the supremes and as a solo artist and your daughter traveled the world right by your side. What does she think right now? I'm curious, of you doing the show. My daughter and my son and my 11 grandchildren are so thrilled that I'm on "Dancing with the stars" because for years they never allowed me to even have my gold records in the house. So now that they've watched "Dancing with the stars," hey, I'm a hit. Grandma is cool. Okay. Hey! I love it. Go, Mary. Mary's got the moves. This is going to be quite a season. We're so excited and have more

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{"duration":"7:42","description":"Hannah Brown, Karamo Brown, Lamar Odom, Sean Spicer and the entire celebrity cast of the new season of the hit show talk about preparing for the dance floor. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65094925","title":"'Dancing With the Stars' celebrity cast dishes on new season","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/dancing-stars-celebrity-cast-dishes-season-65094925"}