Judge has blunt response to guilty parents in college admissions scandal

Court documents revealed a federal judge said other guilty persons in the college admissions scandal "need to pay a substantial and conspicuous price for such unconscionable conduct."
4:57 | 11/19/19

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Transcript for Judge has blunt response to guilty parents in college admissions scandal
Now new developments in the college admissions scandal and what could be a sign of trouble for Lori Loughlin. Newly released court transcripts show the judge being highly critical of another defendant saying parents who are proven guilty have to pay a steep price and Eva pilgrim has details. Reporter: Good morning. Insight into what this judge is thinking. This is the same judge Lori Loughlin is going before. As she fights these charges -- this morning a warning to the parents fighting the "Varsity blues" college admission charges after a complete transcript reveals the stark message from a federal judge directed at one of the parents involved. The judge saying, you and other co-conspirators in this case who are proven to have done the same thing need to pay a substantial and conspicuous price for such unconscionable conduct. Those blunt words aimed at Toby Macfarlane, a parent who was sentenced to six months, the longest prison term to date of any of the parents involved. The former insurance executive admitted to paying Rick singer, the mastermind behind the plot, $450,000 in bribes to two usc coaches and administrator to get two of his kids into usc claiming his daughter was a top level soccer recruit and falsely describing his son as a 6'1" basketball standout even though he's really 5'5". His lawyer telling the judge he thought singer would use his influence, friendships, relationships, whatever he was going to do to get his kids into usc. The judge not buying it responding, so he thought he was making a gift to Mr. Singer who would miraculously get his kids into usc. Whether you call it a bribe or not, that sounds like a bribe to me. "Full house" star Lori Loughlin and her husband mossimo giannulli are accused of paying singer firely the same amount, $500,000 to get their two daughters into usc also as fake athletic recruits. A source tells us Lori and her husband are feeling really disscourged after this most recent sentencing because there are skim lates in their case. It's really got them worried about what's coming for them. Reporter: But they're fighting back. Recently pleading not guilty to a new bribery charge in addition to previous charges. Overnight, Andrea barbaraer one of her "Fuller house" co-stars speaking out about aunt Becky's absence from the show. It was really sad and we could feel her absence and she should have been there. She's doing great. She's doing as good as possible. Reporter: Now, this judge is also expected to do the sentencing for this new round of parents who recently took the plea deal, no question Loughlin and the other parents fighting these charges will be watching to see what he hands down, robin. Thank you. Chief legal analyst Dan Abrams about to talk about this. Same judge, very similar case with the new information. How does this play into possibly Lori Loughlin's case? The most critical thing is the judge, right, because if you've got this particular judge, we now know exactly what he's thinking on this and the facts are very similar. It's almost the same amount of money. It's two kids, it's faking the profiles, et cetera. Now, this was a guilty plea. So, remember, as of right now she hasn't even pled guilty so this was someone who accepted responsibility getting six months. You've got to believe then that if she were to take it to trial with the additional charge that's been thrown on her that if she was convicted she'd be talking now about a few years behind bars. A few years? Absolutely. If she takes this to trial with the additional charge, I wouldn't be surprised if she got two, you know, two year, let's say, two to three years if she was convicted of all the crimes that she's charged with. Is she past the point of no return on taking a deal. Absolutely not. Absolutely not. She could still enter a plea. Would she get the six months, probably not because she's got an additional charge and didn't accept responsibility immediately. They would definitely throw some additional month, wouldn't be years, months on to her sentence. If she could still enter a plea and her husband, of course, you're talking about both of he may be arguably more culpable than her. You may be talking about the likelihood of something in this range with a few months added on to it. If she takes it to trial asks for a jury, right? 34r50rly because this judge is known as one of the toughest sentencing judges in the district. I don't think this is a judge she wants particularly after those kinds of statement. Were you surprised at what the judge said. You know, look, all these judges are trying to make it clear to the public we're taking this seriously, right? They're handing down sentences which are all under a year, right. They want the public to see, I'm taking this seriously. This is awful. This is the worst thing I've ever seen and yet I'm going to give a sentence of six months. You know what I mean so it's like they're trying to make sure the public knows they're taking it seriously while still keeping it within reasonable legal sentences. Still a big gamble for Lori Of course, it is. It is a huge gamble. All right. Dan, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"Court documents revealed a federal judge said other guilty persons in the college admissions scandal \"need to pay a substantial and conspicuous price for such unconscionable conduct.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67127413","title":"Judge has blunt response to guilty parents in college admissions scandal","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/judge-blunt-response-guilty-parents-college-admissions-scandal-67127413"}